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877950th anniversary specials.

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  • ken griffin
    Nov 11, 2013
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      Been watching several of the 50th anniversary specials.The Smoking Gun was interesting but I had read the book by Bonnar Menninger,"Mortal Error" long ago.While I agree about an explosive tip bullet being used on the head shot,I simply don't think it came from George Hickey.I do agree that a full metal jacket bullet didn't do the head shot.
      I also watched the Fox News special 50 years of questions which  supported the theory that while Oswald may have fired from the 6th floor,the head shot came from the Dallas County records building.Found it interesting with their synopsis.
      I watched JFK: The Lost Bullet which used updated high definition copies of several of the home movies filmed in Dealy that day.The Zapruder,Hughes,Nix,Bronson,Muchmore,Towner,Paschall,Bell and Jeffries films were used.They failed to really show much of the Nix video which has been purported to show figures behind the picket fence but regardless the theory they supported was that all shots came from the 6th floor but they focused on the timing of the first shot.In the end they used the Towner video to say that LHO fired his first shot just as the Lincoln was under the 6th floor BUT they thought that the bullet struck the trafiic light pole.They gave it a good going over sense it is still the same pole that was there in 1963.Under closer examination of secret service re-enactment video made days after the assassination they discovered that the traffic light had a hole in it which they said may have been struck by the 1st shot.I looked at the pictures they had and even rewatched the video several times and found it very interesting to say the least because I hadn't even thought about that.Of course the traffic light has been changed several times so really taking a close look at it is impossible.IF the 1st shot was fired when they claimed it was,the total time of all shots according to the Towner and Zapruder films would be around 11-14 seconds.While I still think the head shot came from the front,I do think more research should be taken to take a really closer look at the Traffic light.
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