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The Guns of November 1963

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    The Guns of November 1963 Who shot JFK, RFK, MLK Were those assassinations linked? If so why? How? Who was involved? We present some theories. What are the
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      The Guns of November 1963

      Who shot JFK, RFK, MLK
      Were those assassinations linked? If so why? How?
      Who was involved? We present some theories. What are the facts? What
      can you add to this discussion?
      JFK was a Roman Catholic, so were Diem and Nhu, the dictators who
      ran South Vietnam
      But South Vietnam was 90% Buddhist
      only 10% Roman Catholic
      and Buddhist monks were setting fire to themselves in the streets of
      South Vietnam in protest
      to "win the hears and minds of the Vietnamese people", there would
      have to be "some changes in personnel" in South Vietnam. Thus JFK
      signed on to the most famous cable of the Vietnam War, the so-called
      "HARRIMAN-HILSMAN MEMO" called such because of its connection to A.
      Harriman and R. Hilsman. it basically outlined the need to replace
      the Roman Catholic regime in South Vietnam.
      What JFK did not realize is that another "change in personnel",
      would be required. Just as the Roman Catholic regime in South
      Vietnam could not "win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese
      people", so too a Roman Catholic President of the United States
      could not hope to do so, given the Vietnamese resentment of the
      French Roman Catholic colonialists, as well as of Diem and Nhu.
      So JFK had to go too.
      Lee Harvey Oswald was the nephew of Dutz Murrett or Dutch Morretti,
      a lieutenant in the Carlos Marcello crime family
      which ran the
      underworld in New Orleans. RFK was trying to deport Marcello. New
      Orleans was part a former French colony, part of the Louisiana
      purchase from France.
      Marcello was THE major importer of heroin, refined into heroin in
      Marseilles, France, and grown as opium in Turkey and IN THE GOLDEN
      TRIANGLE of South East Asia.
      He then distributed the stuff to the other MAFIA families in the USA.
      If America lost in South Vietnam and got kicked out of the GOLDEN
      TRIANGLE, a major source of his dope would not be so easily
      Saddam Hussein was in charge of the OFFICIAL ASSASSINATION BUREAU in
      Iraq at the time. It was called the JIHAZ HANEEN.
      Today Saddam Hussein's lawyer is RAMSEY CLARK. Clark was attorney
      general of the US under President Johnson. Johnson became President
      when JFK was assassinated. He promoted Ramsey Clark from his high
      position in the US Justice Department to Attorney General.
      As Attorney General Clark's infamous CLARK PANEL ruled that JFK,
      RFK, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were all killed by lone assassins,
      no conspiracy in any of those assassinations.
      So said Ramsey Clark. Ramsey Clark's family "allegedly" had members,
      including his own father: TOM CLARK, a former Attorney General and
      Supreme Court Justice, who "allegedly" had deep ties to CARLOS
      Among other clients of RAMSEY CLARK: nazi war criminals, Rwandan war
      criminals, the Achille Lauro hijackers, the so-called
      "PLO", Arafat, Sheik Rahman's gang from the first World Trade Center
      bombing, the Sheik's son was found with bin Laden's terrorists in
      Afghanistan when the US liberated Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein,
      In 1973 Arafat took the US Ambassador to the Sudan Cleo Noel and his
      aide hostage in Khartoum, Sudan. Arafat demanded that the US release
      SIRHAN SIRHAN to him. When the US failed to do so Arafat ordered the
      hostages killed.
      The old saying is DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.
      Arafat may well have sent SIRHAN SIRHAN to assassinate RFK on the
      1st anniversary of the SIX DAY WAR,in which Israel re-united
      JERUSALEM and liberated the rest of Judea, and Samaria (the so-
      called "west bank") as well as Gaza and the Golan Heights.
      SIRHAN SIRHAN'S cousin, also named SIRHAN SIRHAN, was busted by
      Israel after a terrorist attack on Israel more recently. He was
      linked to a gang of terrorists called the TANZIM, under Arafat's
      direct control.
      According to Chris Matthews' MSNBC special on the JFK assassination
      RAMSEY CLARK was the first person into the EAST ROOM to see JFK's
      body when it was brought back from Dallas.
      Someone had to arrange the route of the JFK motorcade in Dallas.
      Someone had to bring the motorcade into the line of fire in front of
      the Texas School Book depository where LEE HARVEY OSWALD was working.
      If America lost in Vietnam and was kicked out of Vietnam it would no
      longer be tied down in Vietnam. It would then be able to defend
      Israel if it were attacked.
      The arab terrorists did not want to see America defeated in Vietnam.
      If America were defeated in Vietnam it might come to Israel's rescue
      when Israel was attacked.
      To make sure America was not defeated in Vietnam JFK had to be
      assassinated if the arab terrorists were to keep the US tied down in
      Vietnam and less able to come to Israel's rescue.
      In 1968 Gene McCarthy, a liberal Democratic US Senator from
      Minnesota ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
      Gene McCarthy was endorsed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. two weeks
      before Dr. King was assassinated. CARLOS MARCELLO has been linked to
      the King assassination according to a HISTORY CHANNEL cable
      television special.
      Gene McCarthy wanted to end the Vietnam war and bring the American
      troops home from Vietnam.
      If America left Vietnam it would be more able to come to Israel's
      rescue if Israel were attacked. Israel was attacked, by surprise in
      the October 6th, 1973 YOM KIPPUR WAR.
      To stop Gene McCarthy from getting the Democratic nomination the
      Democratic opposition to the Vietnam war had to be split.
      A live Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been able to tell what
      was then called "the black community" that he had endorsed Gene
      McCarthy for President. A dead Dr. King could not do so. Dr. King
      endorsed Gene two weeks before he was killed.
      Once Dr. King was killed RFK could enter the Democratic presidential
      race and claim that he was the candidate of what was then
      called "the black community".
      It was essential to divide the opponents of the Vietnam war in the
      Democratic party to stop Gene McCarthy from being nominated by the
      Democrats for President in 1968 if the war were to continue and
      Israel were to be unable to count on US support in the event of an
      arab attack.
      At the time RAMSEY CLARK was a pro-Vietnam war politician.
      He screamed "Tell it to Hanoi!" at opponents of the Vietnam war.
      So Dr. King was assassinated. James Earl Ray said that he did not
      agree with RAMSEY CLARK about the King assassination not being part
      of any conspiracy.
      James Earl Ray is dead. Dr. King is dead.
      RFK had to be assassinated after he had taken California but BEFORE
      the New York State Democratic primary.
      RFK was a US Senator representing New York state in 1968. He was a
      Democrat. If he had lost the New York state Presidential Democratic
      Primary to Gene McCarthy in 1968 RFK would have to have dropped out
      of the race and endorsed Gene McCarthy for President.
      McCarthy was 7 points ahead of Nixon in the Polls.
      If McCarthy had been nominated he would have won the election and
      withdrawn US forces from South Vietnam. This would have meant that
      the US would be more able to defend Israel from the eventual arab
      PEARL HARBOR style sneak-attack that would actually occur on October
      6th, 1973 as the YOM KIPPUR WAR. It was called the YOM KIPPUR WAR
      because it was launched on YOM KIPPUR, the most sacred day in the
      Jewish religion which occurred on October 6th, 1973.
      So RFK had to be assassinated to stop Gene McCarthy, who was a good
      friend of Israel and of Israel's Prime Minister, Golda Meir, from
      pulling the US out of Vietnam, because the arab terrorists needed
      America to remain tied down in Vietnam, and thus less able to come
      to Israel's defense.
      A dead Bobby Kennedy could not be defeated by McCarthy in the New
      York state 1968 Democratic Presidential Primary. Only a live Bobby
      Kennedy could be defeated. Only a live Bobby Kennedy could then have
      been forced to drop out of the race and endorse Gene McCarthy for
      McCarthy was going to beat RFK in that primary. McCarthy was
      immensely popular in liberal New York State. It was McCarthy's good
      showing in the New Hampshire 1968 Democratic presidential primary
      that had forced President Johnson to announce that he would not seek
      re-election on March 31st, 1968.
      "Who Shot Martin Luther King? The federal government, and Tennessee
      authorities, aggressively pushed the lone-gunman theory-although this
      explanation was rejected out of hand by millions of Americans. At
      Ray's sentencing, as the state was telling the jury what the evidence
      would have been at a trial, Ray interrupted the proceedings to say he
      did not agree with the statement of Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney
      general, that there was no conspiracy. Three days later Ray tried to
      withdraw his plea of guilty, even though that would subject him to a
      possible death sentence. The court refused. From that day forward
      there has been a tug-of-war between conspiracy believers and
      lone-gunman advocates. In 1979 the House Select Committee on
      Assassinations issued a report saying there probably was a
      "Testimony Of Dr. William Kemp Clark The testimony of Dr. William
      Clark was taken at 11:50 a.m., on March 21, 1964, at Parkland
      Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of
      President's Commission. Mr. Specter. Would you
      stand up please,
      Dr. Clark, and raise your right hand? Do you
      solemnly swear that the
      testimony you will give before the President's Commission on the
      Assassination of President Kennedy in this deposition proceeding will
      be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you
      God? Dr. Clark. I do.Mr. Specter.
      You may be seated. Dr. Clark. Thank you. Mr. Specter. The President's
      Commission is investigating all facts related to the Assassination of
      President Kennedy, and you have been asked to testify in this
      deposition proceeding relating to the medical treatment received by
      President Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital and all facts
      thereto. Dr. Clark, have you received a letter from the President's
      Commission enclosing a copy of the Executive Order establishing `the
      Commission' and a copy of a Senate and House Joint Resolution about
      the Commission, and a letter relating to the taking of testimony by
      the Commission? Dr. Clark. I have. Mr. Specter. And are you willing
      proceed with this deposition today, even though 3 days have not
      elapsed between the time you received the letter and this morning?
      Clark. Yes. Mr. Specter. Would you state your full name for the
      record, please? Dr. Clark. William Kemp Clark. Mr. Specter. Will you
      outline in a general way your educational background, please? Dr.
      Clark. Yes. I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, 1944.
      I graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
      in 1948. I interned at Indiana University Medical Center and was a
      resident in surgery there from 1948 to 1950. I spent 2 years in the
      Air Force and then took my residency in neurological surgery at
      Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This was from 1953
      1956, at which time I came to the University of Texas, Southwestern
      Medical School, as chairman of the division of neurological surgery."
      "The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work?
      Lisa Pease The Clark Panel was the medical panel convened almost
      immediately after Ramsey Clark had been approved for his appointment
      as Attorney General in 1967. The panel was clearly convened to put to
      rest the growing doubts caused by the exposures of Mark Lane, Harold
      Weisberg, other researchers and even in late 1966, LIFE magazine
      itself. All of the above talked about the evidence of conspiracy, and
      the implication is that the medical evidence would either show
      conspiracy, or else, signs of tampering. What brought it to a crux
      Jim Garrison's all-out investigation of the assassination, which, in
      1967, was making official story proponents very nervous. One of the
      key questions raised by the New Orleans DA was this: Why hadn't the
      Warren Commission members examined the autopsy photographs and
      X-rays?" On April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated while
      on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
      " Martin Luther King on anti-Zionism
      From M.L. King Jr., "Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend," Saturday
      Review XLVII (Aug. 1967), p.
      Reprinted in M.L. King Jr., "This I Believe: Selections from the
      Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
      ". . . You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are
      merely `anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the
      high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green
      earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews-this is God's
      truth. Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and
      remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full
      agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-
      and ever will be so.
      Why is this? You know that Zionism is nothing less than the dream and
      ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land. The
      Jewish people, the Scriptures tell us, once enjoyed a flourishing
      Commonwealth in the Holy Land. From this they were expelled by the
      Roman tyrant, the same Romans who cruelly murdered Our Lord. Driven
      from their homeland, their nation in ashes, forced to wander the
      globe, the Jewish people time and again suffered the lash of
      tyrant happened to rule over them.
      The Negro people, my friend, know what it is to suffer the torment of
      tyranny under rulers not of our choosing. Our brothers in Africa have
      begged, pleaded, requested-DEMANDED-the recognition and realization
      our inborn right to live in peace under our own sovereignty in our
      How easy it should be, for anyone who holds dear this inalienable
      right of all mankind, to understand and support the right of the
      Jewish People to live in their ancient Land of Israel. All men of
      good will exult in the fulfillment of God's promise, that his People
      should return in joy to rebuild their plundered land. This is
      nothing more, nothing less. And what is anti-Zionist? It is the
      denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly
      claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of
      the Globe. It is discrimination against Jews, my friend, because they
      are Jews. In short, it is anti-Semitism. The anti-Semite rejoices at
      any opportunity to vent his malice. The times have made it unpopular,
      in the West, to proclaim openly a hatred of the Jews. This being the
      case, the anti-Semite must constantly seek new forms and forums for
      his poison. How he must revel in the new masquerade! He does not hate
      the Jews, he is just `anti-Zionist'! My friend, I do not accuse you
      of deliberate anti-Semitism. I know you feel, as I do, a deep love of
      truth and justice and a revulsion for racism, prejudice, and
      discrimination. But I know you have been misled-as others have
      been-into thinking you can be `anti-Zionist' and yet remain true to
      these heartfelt principles that you and I share. Let my words echo in
      the depths of your soul: When people criticize Zionism, they mean
      Jews-make no mistake about it."
      Highly Recommended url:
      February 4th, 2000
      NEW YORK-Ambassador Shmuel Sisso, Consul General of Israel in New
      York, in conjunction with the Jewish Community Relations Council and
      the Jewish National Fund, joined with Martin Luther King III on
      Thursday night, Feb. 3, to celebrate unity between Israel and
      African-Americans on the occasion of Black History Month. The event
      honored King and Dr. Vera King Farris, President of Stockton College
      and a leading scholar in Holocaust studies. Speaking to about a 100
      guests, Ambassador Sisso said that those attending the gathering
      "share the burden on the shoulders of every man, woman and child who
      has ever been persecuted, whether because of their skin or their
      religious beliefs." He added that friendship and education are the
      instruments with which to battle the pathology of hate, citing Dr.
      Martin Luther King's vision for creating a more just society. Martin
      Luther King III, citing his father, said that "injustice anywhere is
      threat to justice everywhere." He called for Jewish and African
      Americans to continue in his father's path, stressing the importance
      of the relationship between the two groups. Dr. Farris, who recently
      received an honorary degree from the Ben- Gurion University in Be'er
      Sheva, and who has visited Israel many times, thanked Ambassador
      with a greeting in Hebrew, and continued: "It was Martin Luther King
      Jr. who told me I could have a vision, and mine was the Holocaust."
      She recounted the activities of Stockton College Holocaust research
      center, which has worked to ensure legislation in the state of New
      Jersey mandating Holocaust education. The event concluded with a jazz
      ensemble performing "We Shall Overcome", during which guests stood up
      and joined in the singing, while clasping hands. This annual occasion
      is part of the State of Israel's recognition of the exceptional
      contributions of individuals in the African-American community, in
      whose name trees are planted in the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial
      forest in Israel, located near Nazareth. For further information,
      please contact the press office of the Consulate General of Israel in
      New York at (212) 499-5407.
      Had Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy NOT been assassinated Eugene
      McCarthy, who was 7
      points ahead of Nixon in the polls, would have been nominated by the
      Democratic Party as its
      Presidential candidate in 1968 and gone on to win the White House.
      Gene would have ended the Vietnam War promptly in 1969. Gene McCarthy
      was a good personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. He
      was a friend of Israel. Gene would probably have been re-elected in
      1972. There probably would NOT have been an arab surprise attack on
      Israel on October 6th, 1973 with Gene McCarthy in the White House and
      the US NOT tied down in Indochina. In our view ARAFAT ordered the
      cost to the African-American community of the death of the most
      Gandhian leader it ever had is incalculable in terms of wasted human
      lives. Dr. King was also a friend to the Jewish community. Imagine a
      world in which there never had been a split between the Jewish
      community and the African American community. Instead of Jesse
      Jackson assuming the mantle of the slain Dr. King, and going on to
      lead the charge against the Jewish community after Jimmy Carter fired
      Andy Young for shaking hands with an arafat observer at the UN, and
      going on to make his infamous "Hymietown" remark, Martin Luther King
      would have led the African-American community. (JIMMY CARTER
      got ten million dollars from the infamous arab CIA DRUG BANK
      BCCI for the CARTER LIBRARY, Andy Young allegedly Got $100,000 from
      BCCI, Jackson allegedly got $5 million dollars for
      his OPERATION PUSH from Iraq and allegedly got another $5 million
      Dollars from Libya)..

      "The Ba'ath leadership gave the orders for Qasim's assassination...On
      October 7th,1959, a six-,man assassination squad was waiting...the
      night before one member of the squad had fallen ill. A new recruit
      was drafted in...his full name was Saddam Hussein al-Takriti."
      Page 22
      "The Ba'athist led forces...participated in the coup of 8th February
      1963...Immediately after the coup, Saddam Hussein returned to Iraq,
      where he was appointed as the head of Al-Jihaz Al Khas, known
      popularly as Jihaz Haneen (the Yearning Apparatus), the clandestine
      intelligence organization of the Ba'ath Party. Saddam proceeded to
      turn it into an instrument of terror....on 18th November (1963) the
      army seized power in a swift military coup...the new leadership of
      the Ba'ath Party...was arrested. However, some of its members
      immediately collaborated with the new regime..." Pgs 25-26
      The November 18th, 1963 coup in Iraq happened just four days
      before JFK was assassinated. The coup leaders retained
      Saddam Hussein in his post as head of the official
      Iraqi Assassination Bureau The Jihaz Haneen.
      Who Are The Enemies of Civilization
      We would like to know what YOU think.. If you were a fan of Ian Fleming and James Bond you might have
      said SPECTRE or SMERSH. If you were a fan of Maxwell Smart you might have said CHAOS.
      If you are on drugs or know someone who is on drugs you might say it is
      organized crime.
      If you are a person who sells her or sometimes his favors for money you might
      say organized crime.
      If you are a citizen whose officials have been corrupted by organized crime so
      that a child knows where to buy drugs you might say organized crime.
      If you are a potential victim of Persian nuclear weapons you might say Russia,
      which is arming Persia with them. If you are a potential victm of Pakistani nuclear
      weapons you might say China, which armed Pakistan with them.
      If you are an Israeli you might say the so called P.A. run by arafats deputy the HOLOCAUST DENIER
      ABU ABASS A.K.A. ABU MAZEN. You might also says Syria and Persia and Hezbollah and Hamas,
      and Saudi Arabia, about to be armed by the USA with a $60 billion dollar American arms supply deal to
      Saudi Arabia.
      Please tell us who you think the enemies of civilization are.
      Press ReleaseIsrael / Middle-East ADL Identifies Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups In America
      New York, NY, October 14, 2010 … They organize mass demonstrations featuring extreme anti-Israel and anti-Zionist messages. They seek to undermine the Jewish state by spreading malicious propaganda. They pursue boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns against Israel.

      They are the 10 most influential and active anti-Israel groups in the United States, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

      "While there are hundreds of groups that organize and participate in various anti-Israel activities, we have identified the largest and most well-coordinated anti-Israel groups," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "These groups are not promoting peace, they are spreading propaganda to assault Israel's legitimacy. We want to Americans to know who these groups are and what it is they really stand for, which is to delegitimize the Jewish state."

      In a new online report, ADL takes a close look at the top 10 anti-Israel groups operating in the U.S. The League examines the dynamics of the U.S. anti-Israel movement and the ability of the most prominent groups to organize events, attract supporters and forge relationships with other like-minded organizations.

      The Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups, as identified by ADL, are:

      • Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)
      • Al-Awda
      • Council on American-Islamic Relations
      • Friends of Sabeel-North America
      • If Americans Knew
      • International Solidarity Movement
      • Jewish Voice for Peace
      • Muslim American Society
      • Students for Justice in Palestine
      • US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

      "These groups demonize Israel through various public campaigns. Their messages are one-sided and fail to take the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into account," said Mr. Foxman. "They unfairly attack Israel while ignoring Palestinian terrorism and incitement. They apply a different standard to Israel than other countries, condemning it for implementing policies to protect its citizens."
      Like what you read here?
      Sign up to receive HeADLines, the League's weekly e-newsletter
      The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.
      Do you know of other anti-Israel groups? Please let the ADL
      know about them. Please post your comments regarding them.
      Please also let us know about fake groups, i.e. so-called
      Messy an eck (they spell it somewhat differently) "Jews",
      which are groups which pose as Jews so that they can convert
      Jews to their own religion. Some of those groups
      even hold fake "Jewish Singles" events to attract Jews
      to them so that they can attempt to convert them.
      We endorse:
      The statement below is from Jews for Judaism
      "About Jews for Judaism: Our Challenge and Mission: The Challenge
      The Challenge of Missionaries and Cults
      Jews for Judaism is the only international, full-time counter-
      counter-cult, educational, outreach and counseling organization
      dedicated to
      countering the multi-million-dollar efforts of deceptive missionary
      and cult
      groups that target the Jewish community for conversion.
      Here, from the Jews for Judaism counter-missionary Handbook, The
      Response to
      Jewish Missionaries, is a look at the challenge facing the Jewish
      According to recent Gallup and Harris polls, there are over 70
      million "born
      again" Christians in North America, many of whom are convinced that
      in order for
      Jesus to return, the Jewish people must first be converted to
      Christian denominations such as the Southern Baptist Convention --
      which passed
      a resolution in 1996 targeting Jews for conversion -- and the
      Assemblies of G-d,
      as well as countless other Christian groups worldwide, contribute
      more than $250
      million annually to aggressively evangelize Jews. These evangelical
      have established special "Hebrew Christian synagogues" to attract
      Jews. Such
      "synagogues" have grown in number from 20 to over 400 in the last
      twenty years.
      Missionaries convince their recruits that they are not complete as
      Jews until
      they accept Jesus as the Messiah, and that a Jew retains his or her
      identity after converting to Christianity. According to a 1990
      Council of Jewish
      Federations population study, over 600,000 Jews in North America
      alone identify
      with some type of Christianity. Over the past 25 years, more than
      275,000 Jews
      worldwide have been converted specifically by missionaries who use
      tactics that masquerade Christian beliefs in the guise of Judaism.
      The Gospel is
      preached by "Messianic rabbis" wearing yarmulkas (skullcaps) and
      (prayer shawls) at "Shabbat" and "High Holiday" services.
      These "Hebrew
      Christians" promote their Christian faith by using a new
      name: "Messianic
      These groups have influenced evangelical churches to adopt the same
      techniques. For the first time in history, Jews are welcomed into the
      church and
      told that they can retain their Jewish identity. Church members then
      the Jew to "someone Jewish who has accepted the Lord." This method of
      proselytizing increases the number of contact people, who serve as
      conduits to
      the "Hebrew Christian" missionaries, to include Christian associates
      at work, at
      school and in social settings.In addition, new programs such as the
      theme park in Orlando, Florida, called The Holy Land Experience, and
      conferences like "To the Jew First in the New Millennium" are virtual
      grounds to teach Christians how to effectively evangelize their Jewish
      Contrary to popular perception, it is not only emotionally unstable
      Jews who
      fall prey to the missionaries' efforts; in fact, all Jews are
      Missionaries often target college campuses, hospitals, drug
      programs, seniors' residences, and shopping malls in Jewish
      neighborhoods, as
      well as the Israeli community, Soviet immigrants and intermarried
      couples. They
      deliberately misquote, mistranslate and misinterpret Jewish
      scriptures and
      rabbinical texts in an attempt to "prove" that Jesus was both the
      Jewish Messiah
      and G-d. Their delegitimization of Judaism, in concert with their
      exploitation of Jewish symbols, religious artifacts and even
      traditional music,
      serve to confuse the potential convert, making him or her more
      These missionary groups -- over 900 in North America alone -- are
      worldwide, and can be found in almost every Jewish population center.
      governing bodies in this movement have considerable political clout;
      one has
      even been granted "observer" status at the United Nations. Several
      groups have
      founded "Messia-nic Jewish" day schools for children and "yeshivot"
      where they
      produce ordained "Messianic rabbis." There are over 100 "Messianic
      congregations" in Israel, and over 38 in the former Soviet Union.
      These groups
      prey almost exclusively upon uneducated, unaffiliated and alienated
      Jews."(Meshugeneh means crazy in Yiddish (so-called Messy an eck Jews,
      they spell it
      somewhat differently, are not really Jews, they are Xtians
      pretending to be Jews
      to convert Jews to their Xtian religion.)

      The material directly below is excerpted from:
      Democrats' Platform for Revolution
      By John Perazzo
      FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, May 05, 2008

      Obama was trained by the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation
      (IAF) in Chicago and worked for an affiliate of the Gamaliel
      Foundation, whose modus operandi for the creation of "a more just and
      democratic society" is rooted firmly in the Alinsky method. As The
      Nation magazine puts it, "Obama worked in the organizing tradition of
      Saul Alinsky, who made Chicago the birthplace of modern community
      organizing.…" In fact, for several years Obama himself taught
      workshops on the Alinsky method.....A People's Organization, said
      Alinsky, can build a wide-based membership only if it focuses on
      multiple issues ...
      One example of such an organization today is the International Action
      Center (IAC), founded by Ramsey Clark and staffed by members of the
      Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party. To broadcast the notion of
      American evil as widely as possible, IAC has created numerous "faces"
      for itself, each one serving as a unique portal through which the
      organization can reach a portion of the public. But in the final
      analysis, there is no difference between any of these nominally
      distinct groups, among which are International ANSWER, the Korea
      Truth Commission, No Draft No Way, Troops Out Now, Activist San
      Diego, the People's Video Network, the Mumia Mobilization Office, the
      New York Committee to Free the Cuban Five, the National People's
      Campaign, the Association of Mexican American Workers, Leftbooks, the
      Rosa Parks Day headquarters, and the People's Rights Fund. These
      groups are concerned with such varied issues as racism, the Iraq War,
      American war crimes, the military draft, Cuban spies, the allegedly
      wrongful incarceration of a convicted cop-killer, the Arab-Israeli
      conflict, poor working conditions, immigrant rights, "vigilante" hate
      groups, poverty, civil rights violations, economic inequality, and
      globalization. And for the most part, all of these groups are
      composed of the very same people.
      Alinsky cautioned organizers to judiciously choose to initiate only
      those battles which they stood a very good chance of winning. "The
      organizer's job," he said, "is to begin to build confidence and hope
      in the idea of organization and thus in the people themselves: to win
      limited victories, each of which will build confidence and the
      feeling that `if we can do so much with what we have now, just think
      what we will be able to do when we get big and strong.' It is almost
      like taking a prize-fighter up the road to the championship -- you
      have to very carefully and selectively pick his opponents, knowing
      full well that certain defeats would be demoralizing and end his
      Alinsky also taught that in some cases the mission of the People's
      Organization could be aided if the organizer was able to get himself
      arrested and thereafter exploit the publicity he derived from the
      arrest. "Jailing the revolutionary leaders and their followers,"
      Alinsky said, "… strengthens immeasurably the position of the leaders
      with their people by surrounding the jailed leadership with an aura
      of martyrdom; it deepens the identification of the leadership with
      their people." It shows, he said, "that their leadership cares so
      much for them, and is so sincerely committed to the issue, that it is
      willing to suffer imprisonment for the cause."[88] But Alinsky
      stipulated that organizers should seek to be jailed only for a short
      duration (from one day to two months); longer terms of incarceration,
      he said, have a tendency to fall from public consciousness and to be
      During the 1960s Alinsky was an enormously influential force in
      American life....Though Alinsky died in 1972, his legacy has lived on
      as a staple of leftist method, a veritable blueprint for revolution --
      to which both Democratic presidential candidates, who are his
      disciples and protégés, refer euphemistically as "change."
      end of material excerpted from:
      We found the piece excerpted from directly above interesting.
      Does Obama know Ramsey Clark, et.al.? We would like to know.
      More on Ramsey Clark, et. al. is below:
      Kerry Lawyer Represented Saddam,Arafat,Nazi,Terrorists,LaRouche
      "Ramsey Clark Endorses John Kerry
      By Cliff Kincaid
      March 1, 2004
      One of the leading "America bashers" on the political scene today
      has endorsed John Kerry for president....Ramsey Clark
      http://www.law.harvard.edu/students/orgs/forum/rclark.JPG said he's
      voting for Kerry because he would take U.S. foreign policy in a new
      direction...."I think John Kerry is a great human being," Clark told
      this reporter. "I knew him when he was—I call a youngster—in his
      20s...." Clark has been labeled a "traitor" for his habit of showing
      up in countries hostile to the U.S. A lawyer, he has represented
      accused terrorists and war criminals.Clark served as LBJ's Attorney
      General in the 1960s and then participated in the anti-Vietnam War
      movement in the early 1970s with Kerry, just back from the war, who
      accused his fellow soldiers of war crimes and genocide. Clark was a
      lawyer for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and Kerry was a major
      leader of the group. A photograph at the time shows Clark on the
      same stage with Kerry. Clark and Kerry were strongly against the
      Reagan policy of supporting the anti-communist "Contra" freedom
      fighters in Nicaragua. The policy, though opposed by a liberal
      Congress, resulted in the holding of elections in Nicaragua, the
      electoral defeat of the Communist Sandinistas, and an end to the
      communist insurgency in El Salvador.More recently, Clark has been
      collaborating with the communist Workers World Party (WWP) in
      staging "anti-war" demonstrations against U.S. Iraq policy. Brian
      Becker, a member of the WWP secretariat, helped organize those
      protests...Cliff Kincaid is Editor of the AIM Report."
      "The Source Behind the Interview
      CBS News is acknowledging that anchorman Dan Rather had help in
      getting his
      exclusive interview with Saddam Hussein from none other than Ramsey
      Clark, the
      onetime U.S. attorney general who has since been on the outer fringe
      of the
      American left. Clark, who bitterly opposed the Gulf War in 1991, has
      accused the United States of war crimes in that conflict.... He
      visited with
      Saddam Hussein over the weekend, as he has done several times before,
      according to CBS News, put in a good word for Rather, whom he has
      known for a
      long time."
      Source: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0%2C2933%2C79634%2C00.html
      On September 17th, 2001 Dan Rather appeared with David Letterman on
      Letterman's CBS TV show. The tearful appearance by Rather with
      showed a clearly overwrought and emotional Dan Rather discussing the
      11th,2001 attack on America. You can see photos of that appearance
      On September 18th, 2001 the first of the anthrax letters was mailed.
      There are
      those who speculate that the real target of the anthrax attacks was
      Dan Rather,
      who was perhaps a "man who knew too much", about too many things
      from the
      Kennedy assassination in 1963 to Saddam Hussein, to Afghanistan, and
      knows what else. Did Saddam Hussein see a tape of Dan Rather's
      seeming nervous breakdown about 9/11 on September 17th, 2001 on
      David Letterman's show and
      decide to order the anthrax attack on Dan Rather to close Dan
      Rather's mouth
      forever? We do not know. We have no forged or fabricated documents to
      back up such a theory. But the theory is out there.
      "CBS: Traces of anthrax in Dan Rather's office
      October 22, 2001 CBS News anchor Dan Rather
      NEW YORK (CNN) -- Preliminary testing found trace amounts of anthrax
      in CBS News anchor Dan Rather's anteroom and office areas, but
      Rather had shown no signs of exposure, CBS News announced Monday."
      Iraq behind US anthrax outbreaks
      Britain's GPs put on full alert over deadly disease War on
      Terrorism: Observer special
      David Rose and Ed Vulliamy, New York
      Sunday October 14, 2001 The Observer
      American investigators probing anthrax outbreaks in Florida and New
      York believe they have all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack - and
      have named Iraq as prime suspect as the source of the deadly
      spores.Their inquiries are adding to what US hawks say is a growing
      mass of evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved *** with the 11
      September hijackers....Leading US intelligence
      sources, involved with both the CIA and the Defence Department, told
      The Observer that the 'giveaway' which suggests a state sponsor for
      the anthrax cases is that the victims in Florida were afflicted with
      the airborne form of the disease. 'Making anthrax, on its own, isn't
      so difficult,' one senior US intelligence source said. 'But it only
      begins to become effective as a biological weapon if they can be made
      the right size to breathe in. If you can't get airborne infectivity,
      you can't use it as a weapon. That is extremely difficult. There is
      very little leeway. Most spores are either too big to be suspended in
      air, or too small to lodge on the lining of the lungs.' As claims
      about an Iraqi link grew, senior health officials in Britain revealed
      they warned all the country's GPs last week to be vigilant about the
      disease. 'I think we have to be prepared to think the unthinkable,'
      said the Government's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Liam Donaldson. The
      Department of Health confirmed the Government is conducting an urgent
      review of Britain's ability to cope with chemical or biological
      attacks. It also emerged last night that three people who worked in
      the Florida buildings at the centre of anthrax scares are now in the
      UK and undergoing tests for the disease. ***In liquid form, anthrax
      useless - droplets would fall to the ground, rather than staying
      suspended in the air to be breathed by victims. Making powder needs
      repeated washings in huge centrifuges, followed by intensive drying,
      which requires sealed environments. The technology would cost
      millions. US intelligence believes Iraq has the technology and
      supplies of anthrax suitable for terrorist use. 'They aren't making
      this stuff in caves in Afghanistan,' the CIA source said. 'This is
      prima facie evidence of the involvement of a state intelligence
      agency. Maybe Iran has the capability. But it doesn't look likely
      politically. That leaves Iraq.' Scientists investigating the attacks
      say the bacteria used is similar to the 'Ames strain' of anthrax
      originally cultivated at Iowa State University in the 1950s and later
      given to labs throughout the world, including Iraq. According to
      sources in the Bush administration, investigators are talking to
      Egyptian authorities who say members of the al-Qaida network,
      and interrogated in Cairo, had obtained phials of anthrax in the
      Republic. Last autumn Mohamed Atta is said by US intelligence
      officials to have met in Prague an agent from Iraqi intelligence
      called Ahmed Samir al-Ahani, a former consul later expelled by the
      Czechs for activities not compatible with his diplomatic mission.The
      Czechs are also examining the possibility that Atta met a former
      director of Saddam's external secret services, Farouk Hijazi, at a
      second meeting in the spring. Hijazi is known to have met Bin Laden.
      It was confirmed yesterday that Jim Woolsey, CIA director from1993 to
      1996, recently visited London"
      BLITZER: That's Osama bin Laden's group. Now you also have some
      new information, David, about Mohamed Atta. He's the suspected
      ringleader of the September 11th hijackings.
      ENSOR: Well, that's right. As you know, he was one of the suicide
      hijackers who died on September 11th on one of those aircraft. And we
      had previously reported on September 19th that he met with an Iraqi
      intelligence official somewhere in Europe. Well, I'm now able to tell
      you, based on information from U.S. sources, he met not once but
      with Iraqi intelligence officers in Prague in the Czech Republic:
      last year in June of 2000 and once in April of 2001."
      "LARRY KING: Senator Lieberman, we have 30 seconds. Your thoughts on
      JOE LIEBERMAN: My colleagues are absolutely right. And I think it's
      important to go back. Don't panic. Be prepared. We've been thinking
      about this for a while. But I want go back to what Bill Owens said.
      Iraq and Saddam Hussein have been working to develop chemical and
      biological weapons. They've used them against their own people. They
      used them against the Iranians during their war. Saddam really ought
      to be the next target of this war on terrorism, because he can do the
      unthinkable to us if we give him a chance.
      LARRY KING: Gentlemen, this is for all three you. I can't go by
      without asking it.
      Admiral Owens, are you concerned about this anthrax thing?
      FORMER VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS.: Well, I am concerned about
      it, Larry. I think we in the military have been following anthrax,
      as its been part of the story of Saddam Hussein, and the world of
      terrorism, for the last decade or so. And I think we always fear
      that something like this would start to be seen inside our borders."
      LARRY KING: We now welcome to LARRY KING LIVE Judith Miller, who has
      been helping us over the past five weeks report on this story, and
      has written a best-selling book, way up on the list, "Germs:
      Weapons and America's Secret War." But now, she becomes part of the
      story herself with a scare herself."
      NEW YORK TIMES,": I have always been concerned about Iraq. I share
      concern about Iraq's biological weapons program. I found it very
      indeed that Saddam Hussein was willing to give up information about
      nuclear program and his chemical program, but not the biological
      He had anthrax, botulinum toxin, other agents, perhaps, as well. And
      he fought very, very hard to keep weapons inspectors out and to
      that technology. So it is something I am concerned about."
      "Ex-U.N. weapons inspector: Possible
      Iraq-anthrax link
      October 15, 2001 NEW YORK (CNN) -- Richard Butler, the former U.N.
      weapons inspector,
      pointed Monday to a possible Iraq connection to the recent anthrax
      mailings, saying he did not believe
      terrorist groups could have made the deadly bacteria. ***"What we've
      got to be certain about above
      all is whether it came from a country supporting these terrorists as
      matter of policy, such as Iraq, which we know has made this stuff,"
      Butler said. "And there's a credible report, ***, that they may
      have given anthrax to exactly the group that did the World Trade
      Center." Mohamed Atta-one of the suspected suicide hijackers-had two
      meetings with Iraqi intelligence officers in Prague, Czech Republic,
      U.S. and Czech officials told CNN.*** Butler *** said Egyptian
      authorities believe that Iraq could have handed some anthrax over to
      one of the suspected terrorists in the September 11 attacks. "It's
      possible that many months ago anthrax, a small quantity of it, was
      handed over in Prague to Mohamed Atta ... and the person who handed
      over in Prague was an Iraqi," Butler said. "If that proves to be
      there's a connection. ***Butler, however, did mention something that
      would worry him-an outbreak of smallpox, perhaps caused by a
      act. "I'd be much more concerned about smallpox because it's
      contagious," Butler
      said. "And there is reason to think that Iraq, for example, and maybe
      some others
      were in the past attempting to bring back smallpox for use as a
      biological weapon."
      the International Action Center. Ramsey Clark FOUNDED the
      International Action Center.
      "Testimony Of Dr. William Kemp Clark ... before the President's
      Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy..."
      The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work? By
      Lisa Pease The Clark Panel was the medical panel convened almost
      immediately after Ramsey Clark had been approved for his appointment
      as Attorney General in 1967. The panel was clearly convened to put to
      rest the growing doubts caused by the exposures of Mark Lane, Harold
      Weisberg, other researchers and even in late 1966, LIFE magazine
      itself. All of the above talked about the evidence of conspiracy, and
      the implication is that the medical evidence would either show
      conspiracy, or else, signs of tampering. What brought it to a crux
      Jim Garrison's all-out investigation of the assassination, which, in
      1967, was making official story proponents very nervous. One of the
      key questions raised by the New Orleans DA was this: Why hadn't the
      Warren Commission members examined the autopsy photographs and
      Ramsey Clark also dutifully backed the official findings that Lee
      Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan each acted alone in the
      of the Kennedy brothers.*** Carlos Marcello biographer John Davis
      asserts that the kingpin continued to funnel money to (Ramsey)
      Clark(`s father Tom Clark) when he, (Tom Clark), sat on the high
      court.*** " http://www.holysmoke.org/wb/wb0093.htm
      RFK was killed on the first anniversary of the Six Day War.
      FBI records indicate that when in 1961 Carlos Marcello had become one
      of Bobby Kennedy's targets for deportation, the New Orleans don
      contacted Santo Trafficante.). International Action Center-IAC-
      Founder Ramsey ) "Clark represented PLO leaders in a suit brought by
      the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly vacationer who was shot
      and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by
      Palestinian terrorists in 1986."
      "The PLO, PA, and other related defendants are being represented by
      former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark." "PLO attorney and former
      U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark." Clark also represented PLO
      leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the
      elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the
      Achille Lauro cruise-ship by Palestinian terrorists in 1986."
      Another Ramsey Clark client was Sheik Rahman himself.
      ""In private legal practice since 1969, Mr. Clark has argued or
      briefed a number of ... cases before the Supreme Court. In addition,
      he has
      defended a rogue's gallery of clients, including convicted 1993
      World Trade Center bombing conspirator Sheik Rahman and presidential
      fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche."—National Press Club Luncheon With
      Ramsey Clark"
      Who is Dan Rather?
      "With the Zapruder film, came the frame by frame voice account of
      the assassination. It was the voice of an obscure KRLD-TV Dallas
      news reporter as the only journalist allowed to view the Zapruder
      film and report on it to the public. The voice was that of Dan
      Rather, and his frame by frame account of the head shot was that "
      the bullet clearly entered the back of the President's head as then
      the President's head lurched FORWARD with considerable force". His
      account was precisely the opposite of what the film clearly showed,
      and Dan Rather was lying to the public and the government was
      sanctioning this!! We all three agreed that fall evening in 1971,
      that Dan Rather was "going places". He did not disappoint us."
      Source: http://www.jfk-info.com/discus/messages/23/47.html
      "Dan Rather was spawned Halloween day, 1931, in Wharton, Texas. He
      was the CBS news reporter covering the Kennedy visit to Dallas on
      November 22, 1963. At the time, Rather was widely praised for his
      coverage of the assassination. However, over the years, as elements
      of the truth have been discovered, Rather's reporting has been
      revealed to be less than truthful. Consider this: Rather was the
      only newsman present at a private screening of the Zapruder film the
      day after the assassination. He described what was in the film over
      nationwide radio and was fairly accurate until he described the
      fatal head shot. Rather stated Kennedy's head "went forward with
      considerable violence," the exact opposite of what is in the film.
      Several months later, Rather was promoted to White House
      correspondent for CBS and by the 1980s, he was chief news anchorman.
      Now, since the film was immediately bought from Abraham Zapruder by
      Time-Life, and withheld from public viewing until 1975, that means
      for over a full decade, Rather's bogus account of the fatal head
      shot was taken as the gospel truth.
      Another questionable statement by Rather involves his location at
      the time of the assassination. In his book, "The Camera Never
      Blinks," Rather wrote how he was waiting to pick up news film from
      CBS cameramen in the Presidential motorcade. He wrote he was
      standing on the west side of the Triple Underpass and missed
      witnessing the assassination by only a few yards. However, recently
      discovered film footage of the west side of the underpass has now
      become public. This film plus still photographs show the Kennedy
      limousine speeding through the underpass and on to Stemmons Freeway--
      but no sign of Dan Rather.
      Why did Rather lie about the fatal head shot? Why did Rather lie
      about his whereabouts at the time of the assassination?"
      Source: http://members.aol.com/jfk55/jfk4.html
      Saddam Hussein and Ramsey Clark
      Iraq's Hussein won't offer condolences to Bush
      September 26, 2001
      BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi President
      Saddam Hussein said Wednesday
      he will not offer condolences to U.S.
      President George W. Bush for
      killed in terror attacks because the
      United States is "launching a war
      on us"
      and his condolences would be
      In a meeting with a representative of
      Russian President Vladimir
      Putin, Hussein
      said, "Bush wants us to pay our condolences, but if I were to do that
      I would not be respecting my people. Bush is the president of a state
      that is launching a war on us ... in a mean, terroristic manner.
      "And if I offered condolences to its president, this would be
      hypocrisy, and we are not hypocrites. Since offering condolences is a
      kind of courtesy between states, but we offered condolences to small
      organizations in America and to an American personality [Ramsey
      who came to extend condolences for America's calamities against us."
      Hussein's remarks were reported by the Iraqi News Agency.
      Ex-Atty. General Would Aid Saddam Defense
      Fri Dec 19,10:26 PM ET
      By JENNIFER C. KERR, Associated Press Writer
      WASHINGTON - Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said Friday
      that he would be willing to provide legal counsel to Saddam Hussein
      (news - web sites) if the ousted Iraqi leader requested Clark's
      "In his Texas days, the politically ambitious elder Clark was
      cultivated as a useful connection by New Orleans Mafia kingpin Carlos
      Marcello, and many feared Clark's new job would afford organized
      access to higher levels of power. AG Clark was repeatedly mired in
      corruption scandals.*** In 1947, after he had four convicted Chicago
      mob bosses sprung from prison before their terms were complete,
      Congress appointed a committee to investigate-and was effectively
      blocked by Tom's refusal to hand over parole records. "Roselli was a
      Las Vegas based Mafia figure and a link in the CIA-Mafia chain. He
      close ties to three Mafia bosses associated with the Kennedy
      assassination: Sam Giancana of Chicago, Santos Trafficante of
      and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. According to columnist Jack
      Anderson, Roselli told him that mob leaders had ordered Jack Ruby to
      kill Lee Harvey Oswald because they were afraid he might crack and
      reveal their part in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. In
      1976, shortly before Roselli was to be questioned by the Senate
      Intelligence Committee, his body was discovered floating in
      Dumfoundling Bay in Miami. He had been strangled and stabbed; his
      had been sawed off and stuffed into an empty oil drum along with the
      rest of his body. It is believed that Roselli was killed by someone
      working for Trafficante because he was talking too much about the
      Kennedy assassination. Conspiracy" "Crime and Cover-Up (p. 44): Here
      Scott discusses links between Ruby, Roselli, and Ramsey Clark. "One
      Ruby's close personal friends' and character witnesses for his liquor
      license was Hal Collins (22 H 928), brother-in-law of prominent local
      attorney Robert L. Clark, the brother and uncle respectively of U.S.
      Attorneys General Tom and Ramsey Clark (CD 4.371)Robert L. Clark and
      his law partner Maury Hughes. arranged the...parole in 1947 of John
      SEE ALSO: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3341739/
      "JFK: The day that changed America" IN WHICH RAMSEY CLARK STATES
      of the idea that Oswald's uncle, Dutz
      Murret, could have been the connection between Marcello and Oswald"
      "The authors also reveal a Mafia chieftain, who employed Jack Ruby
      and Oswald's uncle, confessed to federal officers he had been
      directly involved in Kennedy's murder. "
      From: "JFK, RFK, the Mob and Dallas by Ronald Goldfarb "Ronald
      Goldfarb who practices law in Washington, D.C., is an active literary
      agent and television producer. He worked for Robert F. Kennedy in the
      Department of Justice 1961-64. This book-Goldfarb's ninth-is a memoir
      of his experiences as a special prosecutor in the organized crime
      section." "Judith Exner, once close to mobsters John Rosselli and Sam
      Giancana, told talk show host Larry King on television in 1992 that
      she repeatedly carried satchels of money from JFK to Sam Giancana for
      his use in Kennedy's West Virginia primary. She said that Sam
      bragged to her, "Your boyfriend wouldn't be in the White House if it
      wasn't for me."*** After the assassination, Hoffa told Ragano that he
      was delighted. "Did you hear the good news They killed the
      son-of-a-b***h b*****d.", Hoffa rejoiced. Hoffa pulled down the flag
      that hung at half mast at Teamsters headquarters. Hoffa told one
      reporter, on the day Ruby killed Oswald, "Bobby Kennedy's just
      lawyer now." Several days after the assassination, he took Ragano
      aside, saying: "I told you they could do it. I'll never forget what
      Carlos and Santo did for me." Later, in New Orleans, Marcello, who
      waiting for approval of a huge Teamsters pension fund loan, told
      Ragano, "When you see Jimmy, you tell him he owes me, and he owes me
      big." He got his loan. Ragano's conclusion: "They had actually acted
      on the message I had delivered to them from Jimmy and now they wanted
      payoffs from him." Ragano says Trafficante told him, in a
      shortly before he died in 1987, "We shouldn't have killed John. We
      should've killed Bobby."
      "The House Assassinations Committee heard evidence that Ruby visited
      Las Vegas in the weeks prior to the assassination, and if he did, it
      was certainly to see McWillie, and it was also rumored he saw
      Rosselli at that time."
      "FBI records indicate that when in 1961 Carlos Marcello... had become
      one of Bobby Kennedy's targets for deportation, the New Orleans don
      contacted Santo Trafficante... who in turn called Frank to use his
      influence with `the President's father' on Marcello's behalf."
      This story has appeared (with little emphasis) in the Blakey-Billings
      book (which does not specify that a contact with Sinatra was made; p.
      242) and at 9 HSCA 70 (which does not specifically refer to JFK's
      father). "
      "Have you heard THE ULTIMATE JOHN KERRY AD? Click the link below and
      will play"
      Source: http://www.marksimone.com/
      "Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman called
      President Bush a "strong and consistent supporter of Israel,"
      Source:By George Bennett
      Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Thursday, October 14, 2004
      "Ramsey Clark William Ramsey Clark (born December 18, 1927) served
      as the 66th United States Attorney General under President Lyndon
      Johnson. He is the son of Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark....Born
      in Dallas, Texas, Clark served in the United States Marine Corps in
      1945 and 1946,...He
      served in the United States Department of Justice as Assistant
      Attorney General of the Lands Division from 1961 to 1965, and as
      Deputy Attorney General from 1965 to 1967....On March 2, 1967,
      President Johnson appointed him Attorney General of the United
      States. He served in that capacity until January 20, 1969.Clark is
      well-known for having unconventional political views and for
      providing legal counsel to numerous controversial figures, including
      former Nazis
      Karl Linnas
      and Jack Riemer, Liberian political figure Charles Taylor during his
      1985 fight
      against extradition from the United States to Liberia, and in 1989
      to Lyndon
      LaRouche, who faced charges of conspiracy and mail fraud....Clark
      has also
      represented Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, a leader of the Rwandan
      genocide. He also
      represented PLO leaders in a lawsuit brought by the family of Leon
      the wheelchair bound elderly tourist who was shot and tossed
      overboard from the
      hijacked Achille Lauro cruise ship by Palestinian terrorists in
      1986. Prior to
      the start of the second Gulf War, Clark was retained by the state of
      serving as legal counsel for the Hussein regime. Clark is affiliated
      VoteToImpeach, an organization advocating the impeachment of
      President George W.
      Bush. He has been an opponent of both Gulf Wars. It is also widely
      claimed that
      his association with Lyndon LaRouche in the early 1990s went beyond
      counsel to advocacy. He is the founder of the International Action
      Center, which
      has much overlapping membership with the Workers' World Party. Clark
      and the IAC
      helped found the anti-war group ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End
      Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/encyclopedia/ramsey_clark

      "Hamas: Anthrax should be put in US water supply
      Atallah Abu Al-Subh, a columnist for the Hamas weekly Al-Risala based
      in Gaza, writes open letters to prominent figures, ideologies, and
      events. His most recent letter, No. 163, was titled "To Anthrax":
      "The truth is that I wondered how to begin! Should I greet you [i.e.
      anthrax], or should I curse you? Should I hold my tongue?... I will
      begin by saying: Oh Anthrax, despite your wretchedness, you have sown
      horror in the heart of the lady of arrogance, of tyranny, of
      boastfulness! Your gentle touch has made the US's life rough and
      "You have entered the most fortified of places; [you have entered]
      the White House and they left it like horrified mice ... The Pentagon
      was a monster before you entered its corridors... And behold, it now
      transpires that its men are of paper and its commanders are of
      cardboard, and they hasten to flee as soon as they see - only see -
      chalk dust!
      "Nevertheless, you have found your way to only eight American breasts
      so far ... May you continue to advance, to permeate, and to spread.
      If I may give you a word of advice, enter the air ... the water
      faucets from which they drink, and the pens with which they draft
      their traps and conspiracies against the wretched peoples."
      (The Middle East Media Research Institute translated the above op-ed
      piece which originally appeared in Al-Risala)

      Speaking of Hamas, we can recall when Howard Dean found
      himself under fire in 2004 as Kerry skewered him for calling members
      Hamas soldiers. Dean said, there is a war going on in the Middle
      East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war.-Kerry
      said: Dean insults the memory of every innocent man, woman, and
      child killed by these murderers. Hamas militants are not soldiers in
      a war - they are terrorists who need to be stopped. We thank
      Senator Kerry for those comments. We wish that he would speak up
      Hamas and Obama now instead of speaking for Obama.

      the item directly below is from:

      Hamas Endorses Obama
      Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:21 AM"

      The item directly below is excerpted from:The Times of India
      "Republican McCain says Obama is the candidate of Hamas
      26 Apr 2008, 0650 hrs IST,AFP
      WASHINGTON: Republican John McCain took a shot at Democratic
      presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Friday, saying he was the
      candidate for the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.
      "I think it's very clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of
      the United States," said McCain, his party's presumptive presidential
      nominee, in a conversation with conservative bloggers.
      According to a transcript posted on the website of the Weekly
      Standard magazine, he said: "I think that people should understand
      that I will be Hamas's worst nightmare ... If Senator Obama is
      favored by Hamas I think people can make judgments accordingly."
      The item directly below is excerpted from:

      Little Rock, Arkansas "It is just a fact that apparently the North
      American spokesperson is endorsing Senator Obama. People can make
      their own judgment from that," McCain said at a media availability
      today, referring to comments made by Ahmed Yousef, a top Hamas
      adviser Yousef told WABC Radio on April 13 that, "we like Mr. Obama,
      and we hope that he will win the election. I do believe he is like
      John Kennedy, a great man with a great principle."
      He also took aim at Obama on foreign policy, attacking him for his
      intention to hold diplomatic talks with Cuban and Iranian dictators,
      among other issues.
      "Those are issues and I will continue to talk about them, and they're
      important to the future of this nation because…he is very lacking in
      experience on national security issues. And I disgree with him from
      wanting to sit down with the President of Iran, to sit down with Raul
      Castro, to wanting to set a date to leave Iraq immediately," McCain
      said. "So anybody who believes that questioning his judgment on
      national security issues is not a big issue, as far as the judgment
      of the American people are concerned, obviously don't share my view
      about it's importance."

      Obama and the Jews
      marc zell , THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 21, 2008
      Less than two weeks before the critical primary elections in Ohio and
      Texas, Democratic voters have made it very clear: Barack Hussein
      Obama is for real.
      Leading in the popular votes cast, delegates pledged and total
      delegates (meaning principally the back-room machers euphemistically
      referred to as "superdelegates"), Obama has a decent chance to become
      the 2008 Democratic candidate for President of the United States.
      Obama has become a rallying point for millions of disgruntled voters
      who yearn for a new style of politics in the world's greatest
      Since the Republican race is all but over and Senator John McCain
      will likely win the nomination of his party in Minneapolis in early
      September, it is not idle speculation to consider an Obama-McCain
      contest in the November general election. Such a contest has
      potentially enormous consequences for Israel and the Jews.
      It is no secret that Obama's candidacy has been supported financially
      and politically by many prominent members of the American Jewish
      community. Even previously outspoken Clinton-supporting spokespersons
      for Democrats Abroad here in Israel have been hedging their bets
      recently in articles and interviews, suggesting that an Obama
      Administration would augur well for Israel. Incredibly, citing
      unenthusiastic, canned pro-Israel campaign statements, these dyed-in-
      the-wool Democratic sycophants would urge Jewish voters to cast their
      fate and Israel's wit<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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