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Coincidence or something more

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    Coincidence or something more Who picked the route for the November 22nd, 1963 motorcade that would take then President John F. Kennedy past the Texas School
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      Coincidence or something more
      Who picked the route for the November 22nd, 1963 motorcade that
      would take then
      President John F. Kennedy past the Texas School Book Depository
      where Lee Harvey
      Oswald worked? Was the route picked BEFORE or AFTER Oswald got the
      job there?
      Who set the date of September 11th, 2001 for the annual meeting of
      an investment
      group called THE CARLYLE GROUP, a very prominent member of which is
      President George Herbert Walker Bush? Moreover,who chose Washington,
      D.C. as the
      location for that meeting? Clearly if former President George
      Herbert Walker
      Bush was going to be staying in Washington D.C. anytime after the
      of his son, George W. Bush, as President of the United States, you
      did not have
      to be a rocket scientist to know where former President George
      Herbert Walker
      Bush was going to be staying in Washington D.C. The White House
      would be the
      only logical place in Washington, D.C.
      for former President Bush to stay.

      President Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. He had escalated the
      situation in
      Vietnam from a situation in which some 800 so-called
      "advisors" to the South Vietnamese regime had been serving under
      Eisenhower to the creation by President Kennedy
      of the US Special Forces and the Green Berets and the deployment of
      some 40,000 such "advisors" to South Vietnam to support the
      enormously unpopular
      Roman Catholic regime of Ngo Dinh Diem and Madame Nhu, et. al. South
      Vietnam, a
      nation which was 90% Buddhist saw a situation in which Buddhist
      monks were
      setting themselves on fire in the streets to protest that regime.In
      order to win
      the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese people
      the Roman Catholic regime would have to go. So too would the Roman
      Catholic Presient of the United States of America who had escalated
      the war in Vietnam. The Vietnam War could not continue with Diem and
      Nhu in
      power in Saigon or with Kennedy in power in Washington because as
      Catholics all, the continuation in power of Diem and Nhu in Saigon,
      and, or, JFK
      in Washington, would make it impossible to win the hearts and minds
      of the South
      Vietnamese people, 90% of whom were Buddhists.

      If America were not tied down in the Vietnam War it could more
      easily be counted
      on to come to the aid of Israel when it was attacked by its arab

      Yasir Arafat's so-called "PLO" was founded in 1964, years BEFORE
      Israel re-united Jerusalem and liberated arab controlled parts of
      Judea and
      Samaria and took control of the Golan Heights from Syria.

      The real goal of Arafat and his so-called "PLO" was the destruction
      of Israel.
      So-called "East Jerusalem", and parts of Judea and Samaria were in
      arab hands in
      1964, as was the Golan Heights.

      But President John F. Kennedy stood in the way of the eventual arab
      attacks on
      Israel because had he not been assassinated he would have to have
      pulled out of
      the very war he had escalated in Vietnam, because as a Roman
      Catholic he could
      not have successfully prosecuted that war. Pulling out of Vietnam
      would have
      made America more likely to be able to defend Israel when the arab
      attacks came.

      President John F. Kennedy, (JFK), was too young to die of old age
      and too rich
      to be bribed into resigning.

      With Kennedy dead the war in Vietnam could proceed. With the war in
      going on America could be seen as much less likely to come to
      Israel's aid when
      the arabs eventually attacked it because America would be tied down
      in Vietnam.

      Far more Americans would come to be stationed at any one time in
      Vietnam than
      are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined today.

      American deaths in the Vietnam war were often in the neighborhood of
      Americans each week as the war proceeded some years after Kennedy's
      death with
      no end in sight to that war.

      The man most historians believe shot and killed President Kennedy
      was one Lee Harvey Oswald.

      Oswald's uncle was one Dutz Murretti or Dutch Murrett.

      Murretti, or Murrett was a lieutenant in the crime family of Carlos
      Mafia boss of New Orleans. New Orleans, part of Louisiana,
      was part of the original Louisiana Purchase from France in the 19th
      Century. It
      was a former French colony.

      Marcello imported heroin which had been refined into heroin in
      France. The heroin had originally been grown as opium in the Golden
      Triangle of
      South East Asia which included Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

      Consider this tidbit about Tom Clark, former US Attorney General,
      (AG), he helped
      set up the internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War
      Two, and
      later served as a US Supreme Court Justice,
      and some other friends and relatives of Ramsey Clark.

      Tom Clark was the father of Ramsey Clark.

      Ramsey Clark has represented, among others: YASIR ARAFAT and his so-
      THE 1973
      CRIMINALS,etc.etc. etc.

      Ramsey Clark founded the so-called INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER
      (IAC), a pro-Saddam Hussein, pro-arafat group that later was to give
      rise to
      another group called "ANSWER" along the same lines, opposed to the
      liberation of
      Iraq and Afghanistan, opposed to Israel, etc.etc. etc.

      "In his Texas days, the politically ambitious elder Clark was
      cultivated as a useful connection by New Orleans Mafia kingpin Carlos
      Marcello, and many feared Clark's new job would afford organized
      crime access to higher levels of power. AG Clark was repeatedly
      mired in
      corruption scandals.*** In 1947, after he had four convicted Chicago
      mob bosses
      sprung from prison before their terms were complete, Congress
      appointed a
      committee to investigate-and was effectively road blocked by Tom's
      refusal to
      hand over parole records. Roselli was a Las Vegas based Mafia figure
      and a link
      in the CIA-Mafia chain. He had close ties to three Mafia bosses
      associated with
      the Kennedy assassination: Sam Giancana of Chicago, Santos
      Trafficante of
      Florida, and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. According to columnist
      Anderson, Roselli told him that mob leaders had ordered Jack Ruby to
      kill Lee
      Harvey Oswald because they were afraid he might crack and reveal
      their part in
      the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. In July 1976, shortly
      before Roselli
      was to be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee, his body
      discovered floating in Dumfoundling Bay in Miami. He had been
      strangled and
      stabbed; his legs had been sawed off and stuffed into an empty oil
      drum along
      with the rest of his body. It is believed that Roselli was killed by
      working for Trafficante because he was talking too much about the
      assassination. Conspiracy Crime and Cover-Up (p. 44): Here Scott
      discusses links
      between Ruby, Roselli, and Ramsey Clark. One of Ruby's close
      personal friends
      and character witnesses for his liquor license was Hal Collins (22 H
      brother-in-law of prominent local attorney Robert L. Clark, the
      brother and
      uncle respectively of U.S. Attorneys General Tom and Ramsey Clark (CD
      4.371)Robert L. Clark and his law partner Maury Hughes. arranged
      the...parole in
      1947 of John Roselli.

      SEE ALSO: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3341739/

      "JFK: The day that changed America IN WHICH RAMSEY CLARK
      What do you make of the idea that Oswalds uncle, Dutz
      Murret, could have been the connection between Marcello and Oswald

      "The authors also reveal a Mafia chieftain, who employed Jack Ruby
      and Oswald's uncle, confessed to federal officers he had been
      directly involved in Kennedys murder."

      What we believe, based on a variety of accounts is that Carlos
      Marcello was the
      key importer of heroin, refined in Marseilles, France, grown as
      opium, chiefly
      in the so-called GOLDEN TRIANGLE in Southeast Asia, of Vietnam,
      Laos, Cambodia
      and Thailand, and shipped to Marcello's New Orleans crime family for
      distribution to other Mafia families in the United States.

      If Martin Luther King, Jr. had NOT been assassinated he would have
      been able to put the lie to the false claim by RFK, Robert F.
      Kennedy, that he
      was the candidate of what was then known as "the black community",
      as the
      African-American community was known in 1968, because Dr. King had
      endorsed Gen
      McCarthy for President two weeks before Dr. King was assassinated.

      We believe that it was essential for those who wanted the Vietnam
      War to
      continue, and along with it the supply of opium from the Golden
      Triangle to
      continue to flow to France, where it was refined into heroin, and
      then sent on
      to Marcello in New Orleans, to make sure that Gene McCarthy was NOT
      the nominee
      of the Democrats for President in 1968 because McCarthy was 7 points
      ahead of
      Nixon in the polls, and if nominated by the Democrats McCarthy would
      have gone
      on to win the election and end the war in Vietnam.

      Moreover, McCarthy was good friend of Israel, as was Dr. King,
      and in fact Dr. King and McCarthy were good friends of one another.
      McCarthy had a close and very warm and friendly relationship with
      Israeli Prime
      Minister Golda Meir.

      So to split the anti-Vietnam war part of the Democrats in 1968 it
      was essential
      to first assassinate Dr. King, so that RFK could falsely claim to
      represent the
      so-called "black community", and then to assassinate RFK, after he
      had taken the
      California Presidential Primary, and before McCarthy could beat RFK
      in New York
      State, because beating a dead Bobby Kennedy was no victory. Beating
      a live
      Bobby Kennedy in his adopted "home" state of New York, as Gene
      McCarthy was set
      to do in 1968, would have meant that RFK would have to have obeyed
      the wishes of
      his constituents, withdrawn from the race, and thrown his support to
      McCarthy, who would then have been able to have been nominated for
      President by
      the Democrats in 1968, and gone on from there to win the election
      and end the
      Vietnam War.

      With America no longer tied down in Vietnam, not filling up South
      Vietnam with
      half a million American troops, not seeing 500 Americans killed each
      WEEK in
      Vietnam, America would have been able to go to the aid of Israel
      when it was
      eventually attacked.

      "Sometime late in the afternoon of that April day, Dr King was
      visited by his
      good friend Dr Ralph Abernathy. Just before they left to go out for
      dinner, King
      stepped out on the balcony of room 306 of the Lorraine Motel and as
      he lent over
      the veranda rail to talk to his driver, he was shot through the
      right cheek by a
      30.06 rifle bullet, which severed his spine and exited through his
      chest in a
      hole big enough for a man to put both fists through

      Four days after King was killed, John McFerren, a black man,
      reported to the FBI
      in Memphis, that he had overheard a telephone conversation prior to
      the day of
      the murder, in which the speaker had said: "….kill the SOB on the
      balcony. You
      will get your $5000… don't come here, go to New Orleans and get your
      money." The
      man on the telephone was identified as one of the owners of Liberto,
      Liberto and
      Latch Produce Store. He was Frank Liberto, brother of
      Salvatore "Jack" Liberto,
      the man who attended the Churchill Farms conference on September 11,
      1962 with
      Carlos Marcello, Becker and Ruppolo.

      According to a New Orleans-based journalist William Sartor, James
      Earl Ray, the
      alleged killer of Dr. King, had attended a meeting at either The
      Town and
      Country Motel or the Provincial Motel, another New Orleans mob
      hangout, on
      December 17, 1967. At this meeting were Charley Stein,
      Salavatore "Sam"
      DiPiazza, Lucas Dileo and Salvatore LaCharda. These men were either
      or in some way connected to Carlos Marcello. Later, Ray claimed he
      left New
      Orleans on December 19 with $2500 in cash and the promise of a
      further $12,000
      to "do a big job, early in the new year."

      In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations confirmed the
      mob ties of
      the men and their links to Marcello. In 1961, a FBI intelligence
      disclosed that William Hugh Mavis, a prominent Klan member and
      imperial wizard,
      had told a Klan gathering in October that racial problems in the
      South would
      only be eliminated by the murder of Dr. King, and that he
      had "underworld
      associates who would kill anyone for a price."

      Salvatore Liberto was heavily involved in the New Orleans Mafia-
      produce markets and Sam DiPiazza was a king hitter in the gambling
      outlets of
      Marcello's empire. It was not beyond the realm of possibility that
      funded Ray as he stalked Dr. King through the South in the months
      leading up to
      April 4.

      The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that there
      was a 95%
      probability King was killed by a conspiracy. In 1993, a man called
      Lloyd Jowers
      went on the Prime Time Live television show and stated that he hired
      the killer
      of Dr. King as a favour to New Orleans mob boss Carlo Marcello...He
      was adamant
      that the killer was not James Earl Ray....

      In May, 1968, as Robert Kennedy was getting into first gear in his
      run as
      Democratic candidate for the presidency, Jimmy Hoffa ex-teamster
      boss was in
      prison in the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg. He was overheard
      discussing a
      plot to kill Robert Kennedy with Carmine Galante, the feared
      underboss of the
      Bonanno crime family of New York. There were rumours of a $750,000
      contract out on Kennedy should he receive the Democratic nomination.

      There was no doubt that if Robert Kennedy became president, he a)
      would re-open
      the investigation on his brother's death, and b) rejuvenate his
      efforts to
      destroy organized crime....

      Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged killer of Robert Kennedy, worked as a
      groom at the
      Santa Anita race track... Jack Ruby,...who shot Oswald dead...was
      part of the
      Civello set-up in Dallas that was controlled by Marcello....Robert
      Kennedy was
      shot and fatally wounded as he was walking through the kitchen of
      the Ambassador
      Hotel, in Los Angeles....

      Norfio Pecora and Joe Poretto, two of Carlos' top men, were each
      married to a
      sister of D'Aston Smith, a close associate of Marcello.

      He was a good friend and confidant of ...one of" (an American
      "closet advisors and confidants.....He...used his influence to help
      secure a
      presidential pardon for imprisoned labour leader Jimmy Hoffa, who
      was a very
      good friend of Carlos Marcello."

      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "was shot from the bushes behind Jim's
      Grill, not
      from the bathroom window. And he was shot as a result of a
      conspiracy that
      brought a man called Frank Liberto -- who was a [Carlos] Marcello
      operative in
      Memphis, he ran a wholesale food place -- in to see Loyd Jowers whom
      he knew.
      Jowers owed him a very big favor. And in addition to that he paid
      $100,000 and that was to take complete use of that Grill facility
      for planning
      and staging of the assassination and the room upstairs that Raul
      (who was
      controlling James Earl Ray) would have James rent and then keep out
      of most of
      the afternoon.

      The final stages of the assassination logistically were planned in
      Jim's Grill


      "Ray denies that he personally killed Martin Luther King. However,
      he says that
      he may have been partly, but unwittingly, responsible. He claims he
      was duped
      into a gun-running scheme by a mysterious man with CIA and mafia
      contacts named
      "Raoul." The gun-running scheme enabled Raoul to manipulate Ray into
      position as
      the conspiracy's patsy.

      Ray was not apprehended until June 8, after traveling from Memphis
      to Toronto to
      London to Portugal and back to London, where he was arrested at
      Heathrow Airport
      while en route to Belgium. While taMartin Luther King his tour of
      Canada and
      Europe, Ray spent $25,000, even though he had no known source of
      income. So who
      was the trigger man? Researcher Philip Melanson suggests
      that "Raoul" may
      actually be a man named Jules Ricco Kimble, currently serving two
      life sentences
      for racketeering and murder. Kimble, an associate of the Ku Klux
      Klan and New
      Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, claims that he knew James Earl Ray
      and that he
      took part in a conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King."


      "Compare the January 1969 show trial with another spectacle
      organized by the first Ba'thist regime in 1963 and designed to
      counter the
      continuing popularity of the ousted president, 'Abd al-Karim Qassem,
      certain sectors of the Shi'ite population of Baghdad.

      In the first week of the coup, the citizens of al-Thawra, a suburb
      of Baghdad, had fought the army and Ba'thist militia in some of the
      bloodiest street battles in the history of the country. They refused
      to believe that Qassem had been overthrown....The Ba'ath...dealt
      with this emotive imagery by televising a lengthy film clip
      displaying Qassem's bullet-ridden corpse. Night after night, they
      made their gruesome point. The body was propped up on a chair in the
      studio. A soldier sauntered around, handling its parts. The camera
      would cut to scenes of devastation at the Ministry of Defence where
      Qassem had made his last stand. There, on location, it lingered on
      the mutilated corpses of Qassem's entourage...Back to the studio,
      and close-ups now of the entry and exit points of each bullet hole.
      The whole macabre sequence closes with a scene that must forever
      remain etched on the memory of all those who saw it: the soldier
      grabbing the lolling head by the hair, came right up close, and spat
      full face into it. The fear that the Ba'th were trying to instill in
      this and other instances was brutally direct. The centuries-old
      message was simple: he is dead, you had better believe it, we can do
      the same to you. The fact that it was on television extended its
      reach..." Pages 58-59.
      Source: Republic of Fear The Inside Story of Saddam's Iraq by Samir
      al Khalil Pantheon Books, New York 1989 ISBN 0-679-73502-X

      The piece immediately below is EXCERPTED from PAKISTAN'S DAILY TIMES
      "By Khalid Hasan January 4th, 2007

      WASHINGTON:...author Robert Scheer... believes that the former Iraqi
      president...knew a great deal..."

      end of piece EXCERPTED from PAKISTAN'S DAILY TIMES

      What did Saddam Hussein know about the assassinations of Dr. Martin
      Luther King,
      Jr., President John F.Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy? What do
      you think he
      knew about them?

      "The Ba'ath leadership gave the orders for Qasim's assassination...On
      October 7th,1959, a six-,man assassination squad was waiting...the
      night before one member of the squad had fallen ill. A new recruit
      was drafted in...his full name was Saddam Hussein al-Takriti."
      Page 22

      "The Ba'athist led forces...participated in the coup of 8th February
      1963...Immediately after the coup, Saddam Hussein returned to Iraq,
      where he was appointed as the head of Al-Jihaz Al Khas, known
      popularly as Jihaz Haneen (the Yearning Apparatus), the clandestine
      intelligence organization of the Ba'ath Party. Saddam proceeded to
      turn it into an instrument of terror....on 18th November (1963) the
      army seized power in a swift military coup...the new leadership of
      the Ba'ath Party...was arrested. However, some of its members
      immediately collaborated with the new regime..." Pgs 25-26


      "7th October 1959 A Ba'athist assassination squad fails to kill
      Qasim. A member of the team, twenty-two-year old Saddam Hussein,
      escapes to Syria and then to Egypt...8th February 1963 A Ba'athist
      coup overthrows Quasim amidst several days of terrible street
      fighting...18th November 1963 Following bitter infighting
      between...factions of the Baath, Arif overthrows the Ba'athist
      regime..." Pages 312-313

      "Saddam...inherited from his uncle an admiration for Nazi
      principles...he was attracted to the ideas of the Ba'ath nationalist
      movement. The movement had been established in Damascus in 1943"
      (when Syria was a French colony and Hitler ruled France) "by two
      Syrians, Greek Orthodox Christian Michel A'flaq and Sunni Muslim
      Salah al-Bitar. Their philosophy was based on the ideology of German
      national socialism" (Nazism) "and on Italian fascism." Page 199

      "After the Ba'ath Party came to power in February 1963...Saddam was
      promoted into the Regional Command Council and it was soon found
      that this was his metier. He was put in charge of a special force
      responsible for terror and assassination and was an interrogator and
      torturer in the Qasr al-Nihayyat (`The Palace of the End').
      Eyewitnesses say Saddam excelled in creating new methods and
      revealed a sadistically inventive mind. He designed new instruments
      of torture and then experimentd with them on his victims. ...By the
      summer of 1963, Saddam was urging the party to put him in charge of
      creating a special security apparatus modelled on the Nazi SS. This
      was the Jihaz Haneen....following nationalisation of banks and
      certain foreign companies in 1964, the Ba'ath Party instructed
      Saddam to assassinate the president Abd al-Salam Arif. The proposed
      assassination was designed to trigger off another Ba'ath coup.
      Critics say it was a plan on behalf of the CIA but according to some
      Ba'athist defectors the CIA did not have direct contact with the
      Ba'ath itself but with army officers who were co-ordinating a joint
      coup with the party. The main contact with the Americans was Iraq's
      own ambassador in Washington, Dr. Nasser al-Hanni." Pages 201-203

      "The second part of the plot was carried out by the Jihaz
      Haneen...Members of the Iraqi Jewish community...were...arrested.
      Eleven of them were among the first fourteen `spies' to be pubicly
      hanged on 27th January 1969....The public hangings turned into a
      national holiday with live television and radio coverage, and the
      Ba'ath Party organized the transport of some hundred
      thousand `workers and peasants' from outside Baghdad to join
      in...Families picknicked under trees while watching the hangings.
      This public orgy of death went on for twenty-four hours..." Page 206

      Source: Unholy Babylon-The Secret History of Saddam's War by Adel
      Darwish and Gregory Alexander St. Martin's Press, New York 1991
      ISBN 0-312-06530-2

      Before we get to the piece which speculated about what Saddam
      Hussein "knew"
      ,further on in this post, which was EXCERPTED from PAKISTAN'S DAILY
      TIMES we can
      certainly speculate that indeed Saddam knew lots of things about
      lots of things.

      January 15th is observed as a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in the United States
      of America.
      How many Americans know that January 15th is the birthdate of the
      late Dr.Martin
      Luther King, Jr.? Far too few we fear, even though January 15th is
      observed as a
      NATIONAL HOLIDAY in the United States of America BECAUSE it is the
      birthdate of
      the late Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.

      November 22nd, 1963 was the day on which then President John F.
      Kennedy was
      assassinated in Dallas, Texas. How many Americans can remember that
      day? How
      many know what happened on that day?

      April 4th, 1968 was the day on which Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr. was
      at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. How many Americans can
      that day? How many Americans know what happened on that day?

      On the night of June 4th, 1968 Robert F. Kennedy was asssassinated
      at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. How many
      Americans can
      remember that day? How many Americans know what happened on that day?

      Did Saddam Hussein, Yasir Arafat, or any other such person have a
      role in any or
      all of the assassinations mentioned above?

      If so, what roles were played by any such people?

      On April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated while standing
      on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
      " Martin Luther King on anti-Zionism
      From M.L. King Jr., "Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend," Saturday
      Review XLVII (Aug. 1967), p.
      Reprinted in M.L. King Jr., "This I Believe: Selections from the
      Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
      ". . . You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are
      merely 'anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the
      high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green
      earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews-this is God's
      truth. Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and
      remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full
      agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-
      and ever will be so.
      Why is this? You know that Zionism is nothing less than the dream and
      ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land. The
      Jewish people, the Scriptures tell us, once enjoyed a flourishing
      Commonwealth in the Holy Land. From this they were expelled by the
      Roman tyrant, the same Romans who cruelly murdered Our Lord. Driven
      from their homeland, their nation in ashes, forced to wander the
      globe, the Jewish people time and again suffered the lash of
      tyrant happened to rule over them.
      The Negro people, my friend, know what it is to suffer the torment of
      tyranny under rulers not of our choosing. Our brothers in Africa have
      begged, pleaded, requested-DEMANDED-the recognition and realization
      our inborn right to live in peace under our own sovereignty in our
      How easy it should be, for anyone who holds dear this inalienable
      right of all mankind, to understand and support the right of the
      Jewish People to live in their ancient Land of Israel. All men of
      good will exult in the fulfillment of God's promise, that his People
      should return in joy to rebuild their plundered land. This is
      Zionism, nothing
      more, nothing less. And what is anti-Zionist? It is the denial to
      the Jewish
      people of a fundamental right that we justly
      claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of
      the Globe. It is discrimination against Jews, my friend, because they
      are Jews. In short, it is anti-Semitism. The anti-Semite rejoices at
      any opportunity to vent his malice. The times have made it unpopular,
      in the West, to proclaim openly a hatred of the Jews. This being the
      case, the anti-Semite must constantly seek new forms and forums for
      his poison. How he must revel in the new masquerade! He does not hate
      the Jews, he is just 'anti-Zionist'! My friend, I do not accuse you
      of deliberate anti-Semitism. I know you feel, as I do, a deep love of
      truth and justice and a revulsion for racism, prejudice, and
      discrimination. But I know you have been misled-as others have
      been-into thinking you can be 'anti-Zionist' and yet remain true to
      these heartfelt principles that you and I share. Let my words echo in
      the depths of your soul: When people criticize Zionism, they mean
      Jews-make no mistake about it."
      Highly Recommended url:
      February 4th, 2000

      NEW YORK-Ambassador Shmuel Sisso, Consul General of Israel in New
      York, in conjunction with the Jewish Community Relations Council and
      the Jewish National Fund, joined with Martin Luther King III on
      Thursday night, Feb. 3, to celebrate unity between Israel and
      African-Americans on the occasion of Black History Month. The event
      honored King and Dr. Vera King Farris, President of Stockton College
      and a leading scholar in Holocaust studies. Speaking to about a 100
      guests, Ambassador Sisso said that those attending the gathering
      "share the burden on the shoulders of every man, woman and child who
      has ever been persecuted, whether because of their skin or their
      religious beliefs." He added that friendship and education are the
      instruments with which to battle the pathology of hate, citing Dr.
      Martin Luther King's vision for creating a more just society. Martin
      Luther King III, citing his father, said that "injustice anywhere is
      threat to justice everywhere." He called for Jewish and African
      Americans to continue in his father's path, stressing the importance
      of the relationship between the two groups. Dr. Farris, who recently
      received an honorary degree from the Ben- Gurion University in Be'er
      Sheva, and who has visited Israel many times, thanked Ambassador
      with a greeting in Hebrew, and continued: "It was Martin Luther King
      Jr. who told me I could have a vision, and mine was the Holocaust."
      She recounted the activities of Stockton College Holocaust research
      center, which has worked to ensure legislation in the state of New
      Jersey mandating Holocaust education. The event concluded with a jazz
      ensemble performing "We Shall Overcome", during which guests stood up
      and joined in the singing, while clasping hands. This annual occasion
      is part of the State of Israel's recognition of the exceptional
      contributions of individuals in the African-American community, in
      whose name trees are planted in the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial
      forest in Israel, located near Nazareth. For further information,
      please contact the press office of the Consulate General of Israel in
      New York at (212) 499-5407.

      "Andrew Young's Bigoted Comments "Offensive, Hurtful and Shameful"

      New York, NY, August 18, 2006 (c.e.) The Anti-Defamation League
      (ADL) said
      Andrew Young's derogatory comments about Jews, Koreans and Arabs were
      "offensive, hurtful and shameful."

      Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following

      Andrew Young's comments that Jewish, Korean and Arab
      shopkeepers "ripped off"
      African-American communities and should be displaced by Wal-Mart,
      which he
      represented, were offensive, hurtful and shameful. That a leader of
      the civil
      rights movement and one who knew discrimination firsthand would make
      comments, demonstrates that even people of color are not immune from
      bigoted, racist and anti-Semitic.

      Wal-Mart did the right thing by quickly distancing themselves from
      Mr. Young's
      remarks, whom they had engaged, ironically, as an image-builder for
      their brand

      The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading
      fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract
      prejudice and bigotry."

      Item immediately below is EXCERPTED from THE NEW YORK TIMES.
      August 18, 2006
      Wal-Mart Image-Builder Resigns
      ...Andrew Young, who was hired by Wal-Mart to improve its public
      image, resigned
      from that post last night after telling an African-American
      newspaper that
      Jewish, Arab and Korean shop owners had "ripped off" urban
      communities for
      years, "selling us stale bread, and bad meat and wilted vegetables."

      In the interview, published yesterday in The Los Angeles Sentinel, a
      weekly, Mr.
      Young said that Wal-Mart "should" displace mom-and-pop stores in

      "You see those are the people who have been overcharging us," he
      said of the
      owners of the small stores, "and they sold out and moved to Florida.
      I think
      they've ripped off our communities enough. First it was Jews, then
      it was
      Koreans and now it's Arabs."

      Mr. Young, 74, a former mayor of Atlanta and a former United States
      representative to the United Nations, .... resigned as chairman of
      Families for Wal-Mart, a group created and financed by the company
      to trumpet
      its accomplishments....

      His remarks drew forceful condemnation from Arab, Jewish and Asian

      The national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H.
      Foxman, called
      the comments "very hurtful."

      "The sad part," he said, is that "even people of color and even
      minorities who
      suffered discrimination and prejudice are not immune from being
      bigoted and
      racist and even anti-Semitic."

      In the six months that Mr. Young was under contract with the Wal-
      group, he traveled the country promoting the retailer, meeting with
      groups and writing opinion pieces for local newspapers.

      "I am more of a spokesman than the chairman of Wal-Mart," he
      remarked, referring
      to his work on behalf of the company.

      Wal-Mart executives moved quickly last night to distance themselves
      from Mr.
      Young's remarks. "Ambassador Young's comments do not reflect our
      feelings toward
      the Jewish, Asian or Arab communities or any other diverse group," a
      spokeswoman, Mona Williams, said.

      "Needless to say, we were appalled when the comments came to our
      attention," Ms.
      Williams said. "We were also dismayed that they would come from
      someone who has
      worked so hard for so many years for equal rights in this
      country....We also
      support his decision to resign."

      Margaret Fung, executive director of the Asian American Legal
      Defense and
      Education Fund, said, "Andrew Young should know better than to
      resort to
      derogatory ethnic stereotypes about Korean storeowners in black

      Khaled Lamada, former president of the Arab Muslim American
      Federation and
      currently director of outreach for the Muslim American Society, said
      that Mr.
      Young's statements were "not fair" and that they "shame" the Muslim

      Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
      in Los
      Angeles, said "these are stereotypical remarks that any leader of
      the civil
      rights movement should run away from rather than utter."...

      Over the last two years, Wal-Mart efforts to open stores in Los
      Angeles, Chicago
      and New York have been blocked. Because of Mr. Young's background,
      Wal-Mart had
      looked to him to ease its entry into such cities."

      "Saudis, Arabs Funneled Millions to President
      Clinton's Library
      The Saudi royal family and the governments of Dubai, Kuwait, and
      Qatar donated at this "Trustee" level, as did the governments of
      Brunei and Taiwan. Also listed as trustees are three Saudi
      businessmen - Abdullah Al-Dabbagh, Nasser Al-Rashid, and Walid

      Other notables at the "Trustee" level include the deputy prime
      minister of Lebanon, Issam Fares; Hollywood director Steven
      Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw, and an heir to the Wal-
      Mart fortune, Alice Walton.

      The next tier down is labeled "Philanthropists." …On the level below
      that are the "Humanitarians." Based on benchmarks available from
      other sources, the "Humanitarians" seem to have given between
      $100,000 and $500,000. In their ranks are the King of Morocco,
      Mohammed VI, as well as a Pakistani-American businessman from
      California, Farooq Bajwa…

      The U.S.-Islamic World Conference gave at the Humanitarian level…
      according to the information available on the computer screen in the
      Clinton Library here….

      …A Washington Post editorial on Thursday decried the lack of
      disclosure of the Clinton Library's funders, calling
      it "outrageous." Said the editorial,"the presidential libraries,
      though built and endowed with private funds, are public property,
      run by the National Archives. The public has a right to know who's
      underwriting them." source: http://www.nysun.com/article/5137?

      Item immediately below is excerpted from:
      "ADL Letter to Wal-Mart
      RE: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
      September 21, 2004

      H. Lee Scott, Jr.
      President & CEO
      Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
      702 Southwest 8th Street
      Bentonville, AK 72716

      Dear Mr. Scott:

      We have received voluminous messages of concern from across the
      country that the
      notorious anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders
      of Zion is
      being sold by Wal-Mart on its online catalog of books.

      The "Description" of the book on your Web site suggests it may not
      be a forgery.
      In fact, there is no question that the Protocols is a forgery,
      created by a
      Czarist official in the early 20th century to promote the conspiracy
      theory that
      Jews are plotting to control the world. Historians, jurists and other
      authorities have publicly attested to its fraudulence.

      The Protocols has been the major weapon in the arsenals of anti-
      Semites around
      the world, republished and circulated by individuals, hate groups and
      governments to convince the gullible as well as the bigoted that
      Jews have
      schemed and plotted to take over the world. For too many it
      continues to have
      resonance today, at a time when there is an explosion of global

      We look forward to your response


      Abraham H. Foxman,
      National Director"

      Mr.Foxman is the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
      "The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading
      organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services
      counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry."

      Two weeks before he was assassinated on April 4th, 1968 Dr. Martin
      King,Jr. had endorsed the Presidential candidacy of Eugene,
      (Gene),McCarthy, a
      liberal Democratic Senator from Minnesota, who was seeking the 1968
      Presidential nomination on a platform opposed to the U.S. war in

      McCarthy was 7 points ahead of Republican Presidential contender
      Richard M. Nixon. Nixon would go on to win the Presidency in
      November of 1968
      Lyndon Johnson's Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey. Humphrey
      supported the
      IndoChina War. Humphrey had been Johnson's 2nd choice to be his Vice
      Johnson had sought to emulate the 1960 formula which won for John F.
      Kennedy, of
      a Northern Catholic and a Texas Democrat. He first asked Gene
      to his Texas ranch where he test McCarthy's willingness to do
      something morally
      repugnant to him. He asked McCarthy to participate in his "deer
      The so-called "hunt" consisted of shooting a deer tied to a
      pole or
      a tree.
      McCarthy refused to "hunt" the deer, even though other
      seeking to
      win favor from then President Johnson had participated in
      the "hunt". Needless
      to say McCarthy did not get the job as (LBJ's),Lyndon Baines
      Johnson's Vice
      President. McCarthy would go on to write his poem entitled:
      Deer", to memorialize the event. Johnson then invited McCarthy's
      Minnesota Senator, Hubert H. Humphrey to the ranch where Humphrey
      dutifully took
      the gun, shot the deer, and got the job as LBJ's Vice President.

      The story of how Hubert H. Humphrey got the Presidential nomination
      is somewhat
      more complicated. It required a split in the left of the Democratic
      Party to get
      the otherwise leftist, but pro-war Humphrey nominated. Had Martin
      King,Jr. NOT been assassinated the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy
      could never
      have gotten off the ground. RFK claimed, wrongly, that he was the
      candidate of
      what were then known as "Black" Americans, and are now
      known as
      "African-Americans". A live Dr. King could have refuted that
      incorrect claim,
      having endorsed Gene McCarthy for President. So Dr. King had to be
      murdered to
      split the Democratic Party. Once Dr. King was assassinated Bobby
      Kennedy (RFK)
      could go on to wrongly claim that he was the representative
      of "Black"
      Americans. However Bobby Kennedy also needed to die to stop Gene
      McCarthy from
      being nominated. Teddy Kennedy was the Kennedy Senator from
      so like Hillary Clinton, Bobby Kennedy (RFK) moved to New York State
      and ran for
      Senator and won. However Gene McCarthy's anti-war supporters in New
      York State
      would go on to produce a victory for McCarthy in the June 1968
      Primary. As the Democratic Senator from New York RFK would have to
      have obeyed
      the wishes of his consitutents and dropped out of the Presidential
      race to
      endorse Gene McCarthy. However RFK was murdered before
      Gene McCarthy could beat him in that primary. RFK was murdered by
      Sirhan,who we believe was working directly for arafat. He was
      murdered on the
      first anniversary of the Six Day War in June of 1968, two months
      after Dr.King
      was murdered. Beating a dead Bobby Kennedy later that month in New
      York State
      was no victory. Nor could a dead Bobby Kennedy go on to endorse Gene
      RFK was murdered just after he had won the California Democratic
      After his death RFK's delegates went every which way. A live Bobby
      Kennedy could
      have marshalled those delegates for Gene McCarthy.
      December 15, 2001 -- JERUSALEM - Yasser Arafat personally ordered the
      execution of two American diplomats in 1973, a former U.S.
      intelligence officer says. James Walsh said he knew of a tape
      recording in which Arafat calmly discussed an attack on the Saudi
      Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. In February 1973 gunmen had burst
      into the embassy and seized American Ambassador Cleo Noel and his
      charge d'affaires, George Curtis Moore. The Black September terrorist
      organization took responsibility for the assault and demanded the
      release of Sirhan Sirhan, the imprisoned assassin of Robert F.
      Kennedy, and other jailed Palestinians. Walsh, then a member of the
      National Security Agency based in Cyprus, said his organization
      intercepted a conversation between Arafat and Black September in
      the PLO chairman ordered the killing of the Americans and a Belgian
      diplomat. Walsh told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the
      conversation was never disclosed by U.S. officials because it would
      compromise American eavesdropping resources. Walsh said the NSA had
      intercepted a series of phone calls between Arafat and the Black
      September kidnappers. Officials in Jerusalem said the United States
      had been informed of the conversation through another channel. They
      said then-Prime Minister Golda Meir told then-President Richard Nixon
      that Israel had also intercepted a conversation between Arafat and
      kidnap leader Khalil al-Wazir, in which they discussed killing the
      Cousin of Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan suspected in kibbutz
      "By Margot Dudkevitch Nov. 13, 2002 Security forces arrested a
      of Palestinian terrorist suspects in Judea and Samaria on Tuesday as
      manhunt continued for Tanzim terrorist Sirhan Sirhan, blamed for the
      shooting attack in Kibbutz Metzer on Sunday night November 10th,
      Security sources confirmed Wednesday that they suspect that Sirhan, a
      resident of Tulkarm, carried out the attack and Palestinian reports
      claimed that his uncle was among those arrested on Tuesday by
      forces. The suspect is related to Sirhan B. Sirhan, the Jerusalemite
      who assassinated US Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968. Kennedy was shot
      dead in 1968 at Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel by Sirhan Sirhan, a
      25-year-old Palestinian immigrant who said he felt betrayed by
      Kennedy's support for Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967. At the time,
      Kennedy was a Democratic senator running for president. Israeli
      security sources said they believe the gunman in the Kibbutz Metzer
      attack is a cousin of the Kennedy assassin, and may have been named
      after his infamous relative. The Kennedy assassin is serving a life
      sentence in a California state prison. His lawyers have suggested
      if he was released from prison he could return to the Palestinian
      territories. Sirhan has been denied parole 10 times and prosecutors
      say his return to Judea and Samaria could further enflame the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Meanwhile, the Tanzim Al-Aksa Brigades
      on Tuesday vowed to continue attacks against Israeli civilians and
      soldiers, after claiming Sunday's attack at Metzer in which five
      people were killed."
      Full&cid 37076677290
      "Tanzim - Arafat loyalists schooled in the first intifada n 1995
      Fatah leadership instituted its own militia, the Tanzim. It has also
      served as a pro-Arafat offensive force. Fatah was founded by Mr
      and a handful of close comrades in the late 1950s. The group came out
      into the open in 1965; under Mr Arafat's effective leadership it
      became the strongest and best-organised of the Palestinian factions
      and it has remained so ever since."

      "Teamster's Hoffa firmly in Kerry camp
      By William L. Watts, CBS.MarketWatch.com
      July 27, 2004."
      "Who Shot Martin Luther King? The federal government, and Tennessee
      authorities, aggressively pushed the lone-gunman theory-although this
      explanation was rejected out of hand by millions of Americans. At
      Ray's sentencing, as the state was telling the jury what the evidence
      would have been at a trial, Ray interrupted the proceedings to say he
      did not agree with the statement of Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney
      general, that there was no conspiracy. Three days later Ray tried to
      withdraw his plea of guilty, even though that would subject him to a
      possible death sentence. The court refused. From that day forward
      there has been a tug-of-war between conspiracy believers and
      lone-gunman advocates. In 1979 the House Select Committee on
      Assassinations issued a report saying there probably was a

      Clark also dutifully backed
      the official findings that Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan each
      acted alone in the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.*** Carlos
      Marcello biographer John Davis asserts that the kingpin continued to
      funnel money to (Ramsey) Clark('s father Tom Clark) when he, (Tom
      Clark) sat on the high court.*** (
      http://www.holysmoke.org/wb/wb0093.htm "FBI records indicate that
      when in 1961 Carlos Marcello had become one of Bobby Kennedy's
      for deportation, the New Orleans don contacted Santo Trafficante.)
      (Ramsey) Clark was complicit with Hoover's COINTELPRO. Following the
      1967 riots in Newark and Detroit, he directed the FBI to investigate
      whether the unrest was the result of some "scheme or conspiracy." He
      instructed Hoover to develop "sources or informants in black
      nationalist organizations, SNCC and other less publicized groups."
      result was Hoover's extensive "ghetto informant program. "In 1968,
      Clark prosecuted Dr. Benjamin Spock for advocating draft resistance.
      "As late as 1968, while campaigning for Lyndon Johnson in Wisconsin,
      Clark was shouting at anti-war protesters to take their grievances to
      Hanoi rather than Washington," wrote John B. Judis in a 1991 expose
      Clark in The New Republic. In June 1980, with America mesmerized by
      the Iran hostage crisis, he joined a forum on "Crimes of America" in
      Tehran-the first of many such junkets. The '80s saw him globetrotting
      to schmooze with any dictator who happened to be on the White House
      shit-list. After the US bombing of Libya in 1986, he met with Col.
      Moammar Qadaffi in Tripoli...."
      http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/06/21/clark/print.html "At
      the end of 1998 Clark attended a human rights conference in Baghdad,
      Iraq, where in his keynote speech he pointed out how "the governments
      of the rich nations, primarily the United States, England and
      dominated the wording of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
      which showed "little concern for economic, social and cultural
      rights." The social and cultural rights claimed by his Iraqi hosts
      include the right to hang opponents in public at the airport, or
      poison thousands of Kurds and torture and execute any opponent of the
      regime. And on the legality of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the silence
      is deafening.." http://shadow.autono.net/sin001/clark.htm
      International Action Center-IAC- Founder Ramsey ) "Clark represented
      PLO leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the
      elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the
      hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by Palestinian terrorists in
      1986." http://stopterror.org/lawsuits.html "The PLO, PA and other
      related defendants are being represented by former US Attorney
      GeneralRamsey Clark."
      "PLO attorney and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark."
      "Attorney General Ramsey Clark and nine other Americans in Iran to
      attend "Crimes of America Conference. Tuesday, 3 June 1980 Former
      Attorney General Ramsey Clark condemns past U.S. involvement in Iran.
      Wednesday, 4 June 1980 Rogue U.S. delegation led by former Attorney
      General Ramsey Clark meets with Iranian President Abolhassan
      Bani-Sadr. Thursday, 5 June 1980 Ramsey Clark reportedly agrees to
      help Iran form a commission to document U.S. "crimes" against that
      country. In Tehran, demonstrators call for spy trial of American
      hostages unless Shah is returned Saturday, 7 June 1980 (Carter
      Administration) Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti asks for
      investigation of former attorney general, Ramsey Clark, and nine
      Americans who violated ban on travel to Iran. Tuesday, 10 June 1980
      President Carter calls for prosecution of Ramsey Clark for attending
      Iran's "Crimes of America" conference." ...Clark also represented
      PLO leaders in
      a suit brought by the family
      of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown
      overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by Palestinian
      terrorists in 1986.Another Clark client was Karl Linnas, an ex-Nazi
      concentration camp guard in Estonia (where he had overseen the murder
      of some 12,000 resistance fighters and Jews), who was being deported
      from the US to the USSR to face war crimes charges. Clark again lost
      the case, but again went to bat for his client in the public arena,
      questioning the need to prosecute Nazis "forty years after some
      god-awful crime they're alleged to have committed." "In a recent
      issue of the
      New Republic magazine Clark is
      criticized for "serving as a flack for a number of despots,"
      the late Ayatollah Khomeini and defending the virulently anti-Semitic
      Lyndon LaRouche. Clark is currently defending the Palestine
      Organization against a suit by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, an
      American murdered by Palestinians who took over the cruise ship
      Achille Lauro.
      "The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work?
      Lisa Pease The Clark Panel was the medical panel convened almost
      immediately after Ramsey Clark had been approved for his appointment
      as Attorney General in 1967. The panel was clearly convened to put to
      rest the growing doubts caused by the exposures of Mark Lane, Harold
      Weisberg, other researchers and even in late 1966, LIFE magazine
      itself. All of the above talked about the evidence of conspiracy, and
      the implication is that the medical evidence would either show
      conspiracy, or else, signs of tampering. What brought it to a crux
      Jim Garrison's all-out investigation of the assassination, which, in
      1967, was making official story proponents very nervous. One of the
      key questions raised by the New Orleans DA was this: Why hadn't the
      Warren Commission members examined the autopsy photographs and

      Had Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy NOT been
      assassinated Eugene McCarthy, who was 7 points ahead of Nixon in the
      polls, would have been nominated by the Democratic Party as its
      Presidential candidate in 1968 and gone on to win the White House.
      Gene would have ended the Vietnam War promptly in 1969. Gene McCarthy
      was a good personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. He
      was a friend of Israel. Gene would probably have been re-elected in
      1972. There probably would NOT have been an arab surprise attack on
      Israel on October 6th, 1973 with Gene McCarthy in the White House and
      the US NOT tied down in Indochina. Nor would MILLIONS of Vietnamese,
      Laotians and Cambodians have been killed as the war dragged on and on
      under Nixon. Gene would have tilted towards India rather than
      during his administration, so there would have been no Bangladesh
      massacre of East Pakistani Bengalis by West Pakistani Punjabis, a
      slaughter that some estimate took THREE MILLION LIVES! In our view
      ARAFAT ordered the assassinations of BOTH BOBBY KENNEDY AND DR.
      LUTHER KING. The cost to the African-American community of the death
      of the most Gandhian leader it ever had is incalculable in terms of
      wasted human lives. Dr. King was also a friend to the Jewish
      community. Imagine a world in which there never had been a split
      between the Jewish community and the African American community.
      Instead of Jesse Jackson assuming the mantle of the slain Dr. King,
      and going on to lead the charge against the Jewish community after
      Jimmy Carter fired Andy Young for shaking hands with an arafat
      observer at the UN, and going on to make his infamous "Hymietown"
      remark, Martin Luther King would have led the African-American

      FROM BCCI,
      IRAQ AND

      A united African-American and Jewish community
      would NEVER have permitted the nomination of Jimmy Carter in 1976.
      Nor would the
      outgoing President McCarthy.

      Next some thoughts to throw out for speculative discussion....
      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a friend of Israel and of Jews in
      general. When he was murdered Jesse Jackson sought to take his
      place. (Jackson was remarkably calm for someone who ostensibly could
      have come under fire as he cradled the dying Dr. King in his arms on
      April 4th, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, had it been me I would have
      jumped under the nearest thing I could jump under to get out of the
      line of fire. Jackson had ties to Farrakhan, SharKKKpton,
      et.al.Jackson was also infamous for his
      "Welcome to Hymietown" remark. Some in the 1960s Black Panther
      Party leadership were involved with the PLO and others in the arab
      world, as of course is/was Farrakhan.
      There was even a Rainbow group, composed of Panthers, Young Lords ( a
      Puerto Rican gang) and The Patriots (a bizarre group in Chicago and
      NYC that word dungaree "uniforms" and read from Lin Piao's Little Red
      Book while indulging in strange drugs and self-criticism sessions,
      Panthers also used some of those strange drugs, the Patriots in NYC
      were by someone later accused, and I believe acquitted of torturing
      and murdering a Panther he suspected of being an FBI informant).

      For more on that and on Hillary Rodham Clinton's "alleged"
      connections to The Patriots
      just google an article entitled: Politics and Bedfellows An Age Old
      Story Told Once Again

      Some Panthers later became members of the BLA, the Black Liberation
      some of whose members engaged in shootouts with Police and or FBI
      agents, which resulted in deaths/murders. Not all Panthers became
      terrorists however. More germaine to the mainstream was the infamous
      incident involving Andrew Young, a Carter
      era rep to the UN and a handshake with a PLO delegate for which Young
      was fired for being out of policy. Young's "crucifixion" was as
      usual, blamed on Jews with Jesse Jackson leading the charge against
      Jews. Jackson's Operation Push (according the articles published in
      the Village Voice and elsewhere) received $5 million from Iraq and
      another $5 million from Libya. Mohammed Ali also (through someone
      close to him, but not named here), had ties to Saddam and Khaddafi,
      as of course did Farrakhan. Jackson
      was even guarded by elite members of the Nation of Islam's bodyguards
      called "The Fruit of Islam". Jackson later officially mellowed out
      and became more mainstream but the Andy Young incident was a terrible
      turning point in the entire situation. Young actually, or allegedly,
      received $100,000 from BCCI, with $10 MILLION from BCCI going to
      Jimmy Carter for the Carter Library.

      So here is the question, or thesis, what have you? Was the infamous
      incident involving Andrew Young's infamous "handshake" with arafat's
      so-called "PLO" Observer at the United Nations deliberately staged
      in advance between Young and arafat's man, so that Carter could fire
      Young and Jackson could use the Carter firing of young as a "casus
      belli", a cause for war, between the African-American community and
      the Jewish community in the United States?

      If it was staged who else in addition to Young and the
      so-called "PLO" Observer at the United Nations, and of course arafat
      himself, without whom arafat's so-called "PLO"
      Observer at the United Nations would not have the temerity to go to
      the bathroom without permission from arafat, and Jesse Jackson and
      Jimmy Carter could have been involved in it or was the "alleged"
      plot limited to that group?

      Remember that item in an earlier post that read:
      "JIMMY CARTER - WAS "BUOYED BY THE INTIFADA": During his presidency,
      Carter frequently pressured and criticized Israel. After leaving the
      office, Carter continued to exhibit a strong pro-Arab bias. A 1998
      book (The Unfinished Presidency) by Prof. Douglas Brinkley, director
      of the
      Eisenhower Center at the University of New Orleans, concerning
      post-presidential activities, revealed that Carter was "buoyed by
      the Intifada
      [and] passed on to
      the Palestinians through Arafat, his congratulations" (p. 247);
      Carter privately believes "that the Israeli government ran an
      apartheid state"
      (p.239); Carter claims that Yasir Arafat has been "unfairly maligned
      in the
      Western press" (p.121); and Carter "drafted on his home computer the
      wording for a generic speech Arafat was to deliver soon for Western
      ears" (p. 341).

      "The one who killed Kennedy was trained
      for three years"
      "Salem then asked (Sheikh Omar Abdul)
      Rahman what he thought of the
      plan to bomb [the Federal Building].
      Rahman responded, 'Well, uh, a
      little bit later. We'll talk about
      this.' When Salem indicated that
      the plan was currently in motion,
      Rahman responded, 'It doesn't
      matter. Slow down. Slow down a little
      bit. The one who killed Kennedy
      was trained for three years.'"
      see also "February
      1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center
      in New York City"
      "Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and nine other militant Muslims (Sudanese,
      Egyptian, American, and Jordanian citizens) were convicted of
      conspiracy and other charges"
      "A number of important circumstantial links connect Arafat to the
      Trade Center bombing. One of the convicted bombers, Ahmad Ajaj, who
      entered the U.S. with Ramzi Yousef, had been arrested in Israel for
      smuggling arms to Hamas and the PLO's Fatah. Sultan El Gawli, a close
      friend of bomber El Sayyid Nosair, had served prison time for buying
      plastic explosives for the PLO." "Former Army Sergeant Admits Link to
      Osama bin Laden ***Mohamed was taken into custody in October 1998 on
      charges of lying to federal agents investigating bin Laden's network.
      He had lied about his connections to bin Laden and associated
      organizations and to the Department of Defense about his previous
      associations and travel history, according to charges filed by the
      Justice Department in 1998 Investigators have said videotapes of
      Mohamed training at a special warfare center at Fort Bragg and
      classified military documents he had access to turned up in some very
      suspicious places. The FBI found them in the home of Sayyid Nosair, a
      suspected terrorist later convicted in a plot to blow up American
      1996 ...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed satisfaction
      with the sentences handed down to Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine
      his followers for conspiring to carry out a campaign of terrorism
      against New York City landmarks and officials. David H. Strassler,
      National Chairman and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director,
      the following statement: We are satisfied that justice has been
      in the case of Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and his followers in their
      to wage a war of urban terrorism in New York City to promote their
      extremist political agenda. We are also gratified that El Sayyid
      Nosair will finally serve time for the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane.
      the investigation, prosecution and sentencing of the individuals
      involved in this plot, the American law enforcement and judicial
      systems demonstrated that the United States will not tolerate
      terrorism and extremism. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New
      York City Police Department, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the jury and
      Judge Michael Mukasey must be commended for uncovering this terrorist
      ring and bringing them to justice. Strong counterterrorism
      and effective law enforcement are the major antidotes to terrorism
      here in the United States and around the world . We hope that the
      House of Representatives will act quickly and pass the Comprehensive
      Antiterrorism Act which has been stalled for months.
      The ADL, through its Leon and Marilyn Klinghoffer Memorial Foundation
      and William and Naomi Gorowitz Institute on Terrorism and Extremism,
      works to combat the threat of terrorism through educational,
      political and legal means. The Anti-Defamation League, founded in
      1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism
      through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and
      "After the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the CIA helped train
      the mujahedeen, whose leader was Osama binLaden, responsible for
      attacks against U.S. soldiers in Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and
      the mastermind behind the bombings of the two US embassies in
      and Kenya last August. The training camps in Khost,
      Afghanistan ,which
      were attacked last August by the U.S. to retaliate for the embassy
      bombings, were built with American assistance. The Afghan rebels
      received about $3 billion from the CIA. Ali A. Mohamed, an Egyptian
      working for the CIA, but actually one of Bin Laden's men, had been
      admitted to the U.S. under a special visa program controlled by the
      CIA. This was the same man who was linked to El Sayyid A. Nosair,
      convicted of killing Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990, and taking part in
      broader plot to blow up the World Trade Center and other New York
      landmarks.." http://radiobergen.org/wye/wpc.html
      With America tied down in Vietnam it had to have been thought in the
      arab world that America would not be able to intervene to save Israel
      when the inevitable arab attack on Israel came.RFK was killed on the
      first anniversary of the Six Day War "
      http://www.idf.il/english/history/sixday.stm the inevitable arab
      attack came some years later with THE 1973 YOM KIPPUR WAR
      http://www.adl.org/Israel/Record/yomkippur.html The same gang that
      bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 murdered Anwar Sadat in 1981 on
      the 8th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. That same gang hit the
      Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament for Saddam Hussein when Egypt
      broke ranks
      with Iraq over the invasion of Kuwait.

      "Sheik 'Umar Abd al-Rahman (also known as Omar Abdel Rahman) is the
      guide of Egypt's militant Jihad organization. In 1981 he issued a
      fatva, or
      religious edict, sanctioning the assassination of President Anwar al-
      Sadat. His
      followers have also been responsible for the assassination of the
      speaker of
      Egypt's Parliament, Rifat Mahjub." source:



      Check out the Birds of A Feather Photo Album at

      where you can see photos of the likes of Webb and Kerry
      Webb and Hillary, etc. and the other photo albums

      support the fine work of
      groups like



      aljazeerah had a recent piece which included praise for Carter,
      including a statement
      which said: "LONG LIVE JIMMY CARTER" at the bottom of the piece from
      the contact email address of editor@...
      editor AT aljazeerah.info was given it is nice to see Carter and
      aljazeerah, Birds of A Feather,if you will, flocking together. We
      hope that you will check out the Birds of A Feather Photo album at
      where you can see a photo of
      "...after New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani returned a $10
      million gift to the city from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after
      the prince
      criticized Israel in published comments, McKinney issued a public
      supporting the prince"

      "Jimmy Carter thanks Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal for the
      gift of five million dollars"

      How did the terrorists know where former President George Herbert
      Walker Bush would be on September 11th, 2001? Perhaps the following
      may explain how<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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