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1090Re: Anybody here besides spammers?

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  • sun311usa
    Jan 2, 2013
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      He was up to something for sure. Its been said he was on the Cia payroll as well.

      --- In jfkassassinationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Ross" wrote:
      > I would like to get some points of view on a few questions I have. I watched the Zapruder film many times and to me it is clear that Governor Connally was shot after he twisted in his seat and yelled something to JFK and then he turned back around. Just before he gets all the way back to facing the front he winces and falls over toward his wife. Most people (even conspiracy people) place the Connally bullet just after Kennedy is shot through the neck the first time. He does lean forward a little, but this is because he's beginning to turn around in his seat to see what is wrong with Kennedy. Connally's own testimony is that he was not shot before he twists around in his seat but he is shot as he turns back to face the front. This absolutely proves another shooter because immediately after Connally winces and falls back toward his wife, the JFK headshot occurs. Not enough time for Oswald to shuck a shell, reaim and fire. The proof is right before our eyes, but there are still people (including conspiracists) who don't believe Connally could tell when he was shot and ignore his testimony.
      > Also, Oswald was interviewed by a US embassy officer in Moscow when he was trying to renounce his US citizenship. Oswald told the officer that he was going to tell the Soviets all he knew from his Marine career as a radar operator including military secrets and classified information. HE WORKED ON THE Navy base in Japan where a U2 spyplane was housed. Instead of arresting Oswald and holding him for treason, the Embassy Officer calls some reporters at the international news agency and tells them all about Oswald? The story is splashed across the pages of newspapers and TV, an embarrassment to the US and a threat to US security during the height of the Cold War? The US embassy in Moscow was running over with spies and traitors and they let a young Marine who has vital knowledge that could help shoot down a U2 spyplane (months later they did)just walk out of the Embassy after admitting he is going to divulge secrets? He must have been conducting some kind of covert mission and the US embassy was complicit.
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