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1087JFK Assassination is the subject of a play in Los Angeles MAGIC BULLET THEORY

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  • h077y300d
    Nov 12, 2012
      This Ain't Your Father's Conspiracy Theory.
      www.MatrixTheatre.com www.facebook.com/magicbullettheory

      Ask not...

      November 22, 1963. America goes through the looking glass. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that someone murdered the President. Earl Warren had a take on it. So did Oliver Stone. Plenty of other kooks. Why can't we? Come and join our anti-hero Charlie Harrelson as he negotiates a trail littered with murder, betrayal, drugs, ghosts and yes, dear reader, Love.

      Thurs-Sat @ 8pm
      Sundays @ 7pm

      Tickets: $25
      Buy Online www.plays411.net/magicbullet or call (323) 960-7784

      produced by Annette Fasone, Mike Schneider, Mandi Moss & Alex Zola

      "...not only wildly entertaining but leaves the audience with provocative and disturbing questions... a wild rompy but gut-laughy time." -Buzzine

      "Directed by JJ Mayes with larky invention... satiric savagery..." -L.A. Times

      "Imagine the JFK assassination replayed by Monty Python." -L.A. Weekly

      Terry Tocantins as Charlie
      Cj Merriman as Marsha
      Rick Steadman as The Texan
      Bryan Krasner as Louie / Whykowski
      KJ Middlebrooks as Frank / Sanchez
      Vanessa Claire Stewart as Jackie
      Eric Curts Johnson as JFK
      Michael Holmes as Lee Harvey Oswald
      Marz Richards as Jack Ruby
      Leon Russom as Earl Warren
      Victor Isaac as Arlen Specter
      Lisa Anne Nicolai as Dorothy Kilgallen / Mary
      Curt Bonnem as Lee Bowers / Zapruder / Gov. Connolly / Doctor / Zangretti/Chimpmunk
      Monica Greene as Yalie #1
      Will McMichael as Yalie #2