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  • Patricia
    Sep 10, 2005
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      Hi, Sandra.
      I guess the odds of there being another Patricia from Uruguay are VERY
      VERY little. So, it's me here too!(sorry :)

      > Can I say that I think this is a big pile of horsepoop? I just (in
      > May) gave birth to an 11 pound 23" baby boy and it wasn't that much
      of a big deal. Yes, it's hard work, but not just cause for cutting
      you open without at LEAST a trial of labor!

      Yes, i know that...now.

      > I'm glad to hear it. Easier. Hmph. Let HIM take care of a toddler
      > while recovering from major abdominal surgery.
      LOL. I don't see why all of a sudden surgery is "simple". I had never
      thought of surgery as simple, it wasn't simple when i was little and i
      don't think it has "become" simpler now, but apart from the cs, i had
      another operation when dd was 3mos (gallbladder) and all the time i
      kept refusing it, i got the same crappy story about how easy
      everything was, until AGAIN i gave up and consented. I'm thinking it's
      another lie that is being spread as truth, that surgeries have now
      become a simple thing.
      Anyway, my rant of the day. Apologies

      Thank you for reading
      (and Ron and tiny Julia Abigail)
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