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65Re: [JewishUC] introduction

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  • Sandra Mort
    Sep 9, 2005
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      > My name is Patricia (27) and I am South American, from a tiny country
      > between Argentina and Brazil called Uruguay.

      Wow, that's pretty cool! I know another Patricia on different list
      from Uruguay... oh, wait. Maybe it's you there, too ;)

      > An ultrasound which revealed that my baby was going to be "at least "
      > about 11 pounds made the drs decide that a C/s was necessary bc dd was
      > "too big" (macrosomia, sp?) and waiting longer would b "dangerous".

      Can I say that I think this is a big pile of horsepoop? I just (in
      May) gave birth to an 11 pound 23" baby boy and it wasn't that much of
      a big deal. Yes, it's hard work, but not just cause for cutting you
      open without at LEAST a trial of labor!

      > We haven't started TTC yet, but we've been told by the dr who did the
      > cs I could VBAC but the chief of staff (his boss) told us our dr.
      > "must have said that to make u happy and not get u nervous, but it's
      > almost certain the next ones will be C/s" since it's "easier"!!!! And
      > we disagree.

      I'm glad to hear it. Easier. Hmph. Let HIM take care of a toddler
      while recovering from major abdominal surgery.
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