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  • Patricia
    Sep 8, 2005
      I have joined the list a few months ago but had never posted an
      introduction, so here it is...

      My name is Patricia (27) and I am South American, from a tiny country
      between Argentina and Brazil called Uruguay. My husband is British and
      his name is Ron (37) and a year and a half ago we were inmensely
      blessed with our little Julia Abigail (13/03/04).We
      are currently on the process of building our own house (dh does the
      building bit) in the seaside and moving there. That means that we are
      very often out there and computerless. We expect to
      move in a couple of months, but dh is having some trouble with all his
      alternative energy plans (i.e. windmill, etc), so I really don't know.

      The story of my pregnancy and birth is as follows: I had had a
      miscarriage bf (in 2000) and dh and I were planning for a m/w assisted
      homebirth for this one,which was quite complicated since there aren't
      many m/w available locally and also because both dh and I felt that
      the way to give birth was UC, so I could say we fought our way through
      mw and dr directed birth.

      An ultrasound which revealed that my baby was going to be "at least "
      about 11 pounds made the drs decide that a C/s was necessary bc dd was
      "too big" (macrosomia, sp?) and waiting longer would b "dangerous".

      By the time I hadn't slept for days and was feeling terrible, I
      thought I couldn't go on with the homebirth, couldn't get another m/w
      and was beginning to believe the whole diabetes thing and its dangers
      because I had got hugely fat and my belly was soooo big, and honestly,
      was too ignorant to know that it wasn't serious.

      My husband and I went back home, talked about it, prayed about it, and
      decided to go ahead with the c/s. It was definitely not my dream birth
      and I regret it often but we believe everything that happens is
      part of Hashem 's plan and we have accepted the birth as the inmense
      blessing it was.

      We haven't started TTC yet, but we've been told by the dr who did the
      cs I could VBAC but the chief of staff (his boss) told us our dr.
      "must have said that to make u happy and not get u nervous, but it's
      almost certain the next ones will be C/s" since it's "easier"!!!! And
      we disagree.

      Well, this is more or less it. Given my (almost) moving situation, I'm
      not sure I'll be able to, but I definitely hope to participate in this
      list often.

      Patricia Widd
      wife to Ron
      mom to lovely Julia Abigail,
      waving hello from the other hemisphere.
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