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63RE: [JewishUC] Welcome Ali!

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  • A S
    Jul 27, 2005
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      HI, thanks for the message! Sounds like your reasons for hbirthing are the
      same as mine - just it took me two hospital labours to figure it out. I was
      also made to birth on my back with #1!! Then they wanted to stitch my (in
      their words) 'superficial' tear for 'cosmetic' reasons!! Huh?? Like I'm
      posing for playboy?? Funny, I insisted on birthing upright for #2 and he
      was over a pound bigger and no tear whatsoever...hmmmm....

      Anyway, I am getting a doula for DH more than me, its a compromise!! I am
      looking forward to not having different strangers 'examining' me and hooking
      me up to monitors. I have group B Strep this time round, so I would also be
      imobilised by an IV line which is totally unecessary and I prefer to labour
      standing anyway.

      OK, well, look forward to chatting!

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      >Subject: [JewishUC] Welcome Ali!
      >Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 19:58:56 -0000
      >welcome to the group! hope to chat with you some time. **hugs**'
      >As for me, I used nobody in my birth. I felt better off alone.. but
      >if you feel like wanting someone with you, its *up* to you as you
      >have to listen to yourself...
      >I chose unassisted homebirth because in my experience with my first
      >baby, the attendants weren't helpful. they were bothering me all of
      >the time with their checkups, and forcing me to birth on my back. I
      >wouldn't want anyone to time my concractions and put time limits on
      >the birth process. This makes me so nervous! If I will take too
      >long, they might use interventions to hurry things along, and its
      >painful and dangeorus! Also there are law limits on birthing. If
      >your baby is breech they wouldn't deliver you. They would use c-
      >section (after attempting to turn down the baby)
      >In my own case, I had marginal previa, and some bleeding. I knew
      >they wouldn't let me birth normally. They would be too nervous and
      >might use interventions and protocols.. I felt safer to stay home
      >You can message me on yahoo if you want, my screen name
      >is 'nurturinghome'. Hope to hear from you soon!
      >--- In JewishUC@yahoogroups.com, "A S" <stirpip@h...> wrote:
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > I am a mum of two expecting #3 in the new year. I am planning my
      > > homebirth, but it hasnt exactly been a raging success and I have
      >just fired
      > > my midwife who seems to feel its ok to ignore my calls and just
      > > whenever it might suit her - even if it is weeks after I first
      >called, or
      > > she promised to call back. So, I find myself in the unexpected
      >and daunting
      > > position of now planning not only my first homebirth, but an
      >unassisted oe
      > > at that. I joined hoping that I might find some useful advice and
      >info and
      > > support from ladies who are in my position, or who have been there
      >done that
      > > and know the ropes, so to speak.
      > >
      > > I am wondering why other mums choose to birth unassisted, any
      > > people have run into, did anyone or is anyone using a doula? My
      >DH is more
      > > than a little upset about UC, he could only just get around a
      >homebirth with
      > > midwife, so I'm thinking a doula might help?
      > >
      > > Otherwise, I am not Jewish, though I have been looking into it for
      > > with the thought of maybe converting, but it is a journey our
      >family is
      > > working thru together, slowly but surely, so I'm looking forward
      >to chatting
      > > with some Jewish mums too!
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > > Ali
      > >
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