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59Welcome Ali!

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  • saragubits
    Jul 25, 2005
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      welcome to the group! hope to chat with you some time. **hugs**'

      As for me, I used nobody in my birth. I felt better off alone.. but
      if you feel like wanting someone with you, its *up* to you as you
      have to listen to yourself...
      I chose unassisted homebirth because in my experience with my first
      baby, the attendants weren't helpful. they were bothering me all of
      the time with their checkups, and forcing me to birth on my back. I
      wouldn't want anyone to time my concractions and put time limits on
      the birth process. This makes me so nervous! If I will take too
      long, they might use interventions to hurry things along, and its
      painful and dangeorus! Also there are law limits on birthing. If
      your baby is breech they wouldn't deliver you. They would use c-
      section (after attempting to turn down the baby)
      In my own case, I had marginal previa, and some bleeding. I knew
      they wouldn't let me birth normally. They would be too nervous and
      might use interventions and protocols.. I felt safer to stay home

      You can message me on yahoo if you want, my screen name
      is 'nurturinghome'. Hope to hear from you soon!

      --- In JewishUC@yahoogroups.com, "A S" <stirpip@h...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am a mum of two expecting #3 in the new year. I am planning my
      > homebirth, but it hasnt exactly been a raging success and I have
      just fired
      > my midwife who seems to feel its ok to ignore my calls and just
      > whenever it might suit her - even if it is weeks after I first
      called, or
      > she promised to call back. So, I find myself in the unexpected
      and daunting
      > position of now planning not only my first homebirth, but an
      unassisted oe
      > at that. I joined hoping that I might find some useful advice and
      info and
      > support from ladies who are in my position, or who have been there
      done that
      > and know the ropes, so to speak.
      > I am wondering why other mums choose to birth unassisted, any
      > people have run into, did anyone or is anyone using a doula? My
      DH is more
      > than a little upset about UC, he could only just get around a
      homebirth with
      > midwife, so I'm thinking a doula might help?
      > Otherwise, I am not Jewish, though I have been looking into it for
      > with the thought of maybe converting, but it is a journey our
      family is
      > working thru together, slowly but surely, so I'm looking forward
      to chatting
      > with some Jewish mums too!
      > Cheers
      > Ali
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