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    Jul 20, 2005
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      I am a mum of two expecting #3 in the new year. I am planning my first
      homebirth, but it hasnt exactly been a raging success and I have just fired
      my midwife who seems to feel its ok to ignore my calls and just ring
      whenever it might suit her - even if it is weeks after I first called, or
      she promised to call back. So, I find myself in the unexpected and daunting
      position of now planning not only my first homebirth, but an unassisted oe
      at that. I joined hoping that I might find some useful advice and info and
      support from ladies who are in my position, or who have been there done that
      and know the ropes, so to speak.

      I am wondering why other mums choose to birth unassisted, any problems
      people have run into, did anyone or is anyone using a doula? My DH is more
      than a little upset about UC, he could only just get around a homebirth with
      midwife, so I'm thinking a doula might help?

      Otherwise, I am not Jewish, though I have been looking into it for awhile
      with the thought of maybe converting, but it is a journey our family is
      working thru together, slowly but surely, so I'm looking forward to chatting
      with some Jewish mums too!


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