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57Re: [JewishUC] Circumcision

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  • slevi@rogers.com
    Mar 5, 2005
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      From: Keri-Lynn Hyman
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      Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2005 11:51 AM
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      I spoke to my Rabbi and he told me that circumcision is a commandment, but not one that is more important than other commandments such as keeping kosher, and not as important as the ten commandments. He said that an uncircumcised boy is just as Jewish as someone who doesn't keep kosher or keep Shabbat, and that he would welcome an uncircumcised boy (or man) in his congregation, just as he would welcome someone who hasn't observed other commandments. As well, he said that just as someone who hasn't kept kosher could still begin to keep kosher at any time, an uncircumcised male could undergo a Brit Milah at any time, if he so chose. So he personally would allow an uncircumcised male to become Bar Mitzvah in his congregation, and he would offiate at a marriage ceremony for him as well.

      He also said that unless he knew explicitly that a male is uncircumcised, he would assume what he believes to be the 'best', which in this case means that even if he could guess that a male is not circumcised from questions that the parents asked, not actually hearing about a Brit Milah, etc, he would still assume the male to be circumcised unless told or shown directly that he is not.

      He also pointed out that nobody ever is asked to drop their pants before joining a congregation, coming to the Bimah for an Aliah, or getting married.

      Hope this helps. It's a really tough decision.


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