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56Re: [JewishUC] Circumcision

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  • Keri-Lynn Hyman
    Mar 5, 2005
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      I understand your dilemma. I felt like that with my
      youngest son. I spoke with my Rabbi and he only
      managed to say one thing that convinced me. If he (the
      baby) plans on being Jewish he'll need to have it
      done, and it's less involved to do it as a baby rather
      than wait until adulthood (anethesia, longer
      recovery...). I wanted to save my son having to go
      through that. So we decided to go ahead.

      I will tell you that it was in no way a joyous
      occasion for us. Both my husband and myself were sick
      and cried for days. But we still stand by our
      decision. And we rejoiced mightly when our last baby
      was a girl.

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