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54Re: [JewishUC] Birth Stories

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  • Moonbeam
    Jan 17, 2005
      what a beautiful post on your LJ and a great idea for
      you to make the birth plan. Good luck to you and
      happy birthing!!!
      --- sandralmort <sandramort@...> wrote:

      > In the process of getting ready for this birth, I'm
      > going over the
      > past experiences. Until recently, I was thinking
      > about the
      > miscarriage and conception process. Today I went
      > through my hard
      > drive and pulled out Eva's birth story and the notes
      > from Raffi's,
      > finished editing Raffi's and posted them to my
      > livejournal.
      > Eva's birth story:
      > Raffi's birth story:
      > After this, I think I will probably be doing a birth
      > plan after all,
      > if for nothing else than to have something clear and
      > in paper to
      > discuss with my husband in case of transfer. If he
      > wants a copy of
      > it for his own reference, that's fine with me,
      > though I don't think
      > he needs it. I don't anticipate NEEDING it, but
      > what the heck, it's
      > something to do and it helps me through the planning
      > process. And
      > it's better than obcessing about not knowing where
      > the baby will be
      > born ;)
      > Sandra

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