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53Birth Stories

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  • sandralmort
    Jan 17, 2005
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      In the process of getting ready for this birth, I'm going over the
      past experiences. Until recently, I was thinking about the
      miscarriage and conception process. Today I went through my hard
      drive and pulled out Eva's birth story and the notes from Raffi's,
      finished editing Raffi's and posted them to my livejournal.

      Eva's birth story:

      Raffi's birth story:

      After this, I think I will probably be doing a birth plan after all,
      if for nothing else than to have something clear and in paper to
      discuss with my husband in case of transfer. If he wants a copy of
      it for his own reference, that's fine with me, though I don't think
      he needs it. I don't anticipate NEEDING it, but what the heck, it's
      something to do and it helps me through the planning process. And
      it's better than obcessing about not knowing where the baby will be
      born ;)

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