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51Re: [JewishUC] Has birth to be painful?

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  • Lindsey
    Jan 11, 2005
      I certainly don't think so! Mine was... but it could have been worse. All that hurt
      was my back (though pretty badly- like when I've had bad menstrual cramps, which I
      think are a sign of poor health, and it hurt in my back). Back labor is (always?
      usually?) caused by the baby not being in the best position, which my sweet Chaya
      was not (she came out facing my right leg). What I would recommend to prevent this
      particular physical cause of birth pain is seeing a Chiropractor who deals with
      pregnant women. (Look at icpa4kids.com) They can help all your bones and muscles be
      in the right place, which gives the baby more room to turn (my Chaya was very
      cramped as I have mild scoliosis).

      I also found hypnobirthing to be very helpful. My husband took the class with me,
      and we just worked out with the instructors ahead of time that he be warned when a
      birth video was going to show a woman naked. Most did but once they brought him in
      to see part of a video that didn't show the mother unclothed. They were very
      accomodating, but of course each teacher can be different.

      I really have to say though, that besides the back labor, I only would have had some
      VERY odd sensations, and maybe a *little* pain. Have you looked into/ read about the
      fear-tension-pain cycle? Childbirth Without Fear is a GREAT book to look into with
      regards to that.

      Hope that helps!

      PS- I have to say that even with (yes, not despite) the back labor my birth was so
      beautiful and awesome!

      --- Liora <alumit@...> wrote:

      > Our Rabbi (a Chabadnik) could not believe that we had planned our
      > birth at home. He thinks that every birth is very painful.
      > What do you think?

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