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40Re: Warm maternity clothes

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  • Liora
    Dec 20, 2004
      --- In JewishUC@yahoogroups.com, "Sandra Mort" <sandramort@s...>

      > Hello! I was hoping someone here might have an idea for me. I'm
      having trouble finding thick warm tights to wear under the dresses
      I've been wearing since moving to Baltimore. I can't find maternity
      plus size (size 22/24) tights and it's getting COLD. I really would
      rather not go back to pants for a lot of reasons, least of all because
      the community doesn't look well upon it... but I'm cold!!!


      > Thank you,

      > Sandra

      Hi Sandra,

      maybe cutting the rubber band in a big sized tight could do the trick?

      Or sewing a leggins in your size?

      Hope you're getting warmer soon:))

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