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    The Story of Life and Fact of Islam: The story simply that Our god creates this universe, creates the man and appoint him as a successor on earth to worship
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      The Story of Life and Fact of Islam: The story simply that Our god
      creates this universe, creates the man and appoint him as a successor
      on earth to worship the creator only, note that God distinguished him
      on the other creatures with mind and honored him make him walk on two
      legs, perform the earth, its weather, its water, its mountains and
      cultivates it to be valid for the man, note the exact distance
      between the earth and the sun. the conditions necessary for
      initiating a planet valid for life complicated and very much and it
      is impossible to gathering together accidentally, why the earth only
      between milliars of stars and planets contains this great amount of
      water and oxygen? Why it is distinguished and different for all stars
      and planets and universe. This existence of creatures indicates to
      the existence of creator {cars for example refers to the human that
      manufacture it}. The proficiency of creature indicates to the
      capability of the creature and his skill, whom creates this universe
      with the accurate accounts, whom put the enjoyment in the sexual
      process to preserve the human, who made this tiny camera in the eye
      of the man, who learnt the birds defining the way of traveling by
      stars, who learnt bees making the hexahedron shapes, whom drew the
      face of the owl on the wing of the butterfly to frighten the enemy
      from rodents, made some insects and birds looks like twigs and leaves
      of the trees to hidden from the enemy, the clear fact that the living
      things has systems and very small designs can't be found
      accidentally, also can't be found a small shields or astrict watch
      accidentally who creates the universe with these accounts and
      systems. Without fail Our Almighty God. Our god sends messengers and
      prophets to remind people with the purpose that they creates for it
      (worshiping) send Adam, Noah, Israel, Mousa, Jesus, others and
      terminate with Mohamed peace be upon him the messenger of Islam, send
      them all with one message meaning that the God is the creator the
      sustainer the almighty the everlasting the pernicious the obnoxious
      the beneficial has all completeness didn't need to son or a partner
      but he has the completeness in science and completeness in the wisdom
      and the completeness in the capability consequently must the man
      worship his creator and didn't take a partner with him, gave the
      worshipper the happiness in the life and death where the human
      deviate from the curricula Allah send a new messenger to remind the
      human with the fact and the purpose that creates for it. What after
      your death: After death Allah didn't equalize between what worship
      him and respond to the message and what ignore this message, but this
      life we are living from 60-70 year approximately it is abstract an
      exam after the exam Allah will reward the followers of the message by
      paradise and eternity in it, the eternity happiness, will punish who
      ignore the message by The Fire eternity in it, the eternity
      wretchedness. Note: period of human life in the world 60–70 year the
      period of life in The Paradise or The Fire 60-70 miliar year but more
      than this it the eternity in the happiness or misery. Imagine: if you
      are in a train fell down and you will expose to the death how are the
      extent of your fair from the death and you desire to rescue from it,
      supposing your fair from eternal torture more and more and your
      desire to rescue from it more and more, know that Mohamed peace be
      upon him told us that Allah more merciful with their worshipper than
      mercy of mother on her kid can't be burn him. Correct Curricula of
      Islam: Following The Holy Qur'an (the book of the Muslims) and The
      Sunnah (that Mohamed peace be upon him said and did by inspiration
      from Allah) by the correct understanding that the messenger Mohamed
      peace be upon him understand, the companions of the prophets and the
      following generations. The defy for what accuse Islam for terrorism
      to come with one situation to Mohamed peace be upon him permit in it
      killing a woman in any war of his wars how he forbidden to kill
      women, kids, elders, monks, and the workers. By the same way when you
      face any indictment to islam by Qur`an and sunnah , you will know the
      fact and it will persuade you . Miracles and Proofs of Islam: If the
      prophet Mohamed peace be upon him was a liar, how he know the
      scientific facts which the new science discovered it and mentioned it
      in Qur'an (the book of Muslims) from 1400 years and the embryologist,
      astronomers and Physicians. - How he knew the stages of embryo
      formation and the details of creating him/her (sperm, leech, embryo,
      bones) (Surah no.23 verse14) (22, 5) (76, 2) (39, 6). - How he knew
      that the old living creature were big and describe the Ice Age. - How
      he informed us with the belt of splits which extends in the crust of
      the earth (Surrah no.86 verse12). - How he knew with the existence of
      volcanoes beneath seas (Surrah no.52 verse6). - How he knew the types
      of clouds and describes it accurately (classiness, cumulonimbus,
      press) (14, 78) (24, 43) (30, 48). - How he knew Brown vibration
      which occurs to the granules of the soil when the rain fell down (22,
      5). - How he knew that the mountains as wedges, and the deep roots in
      the earth (78, 7). - How he knew that the iron fell down to the earth
      on a shape of shooting star in the beginning of earth formation and
      make the atomic number and mass number has a relation with the number
      of surat El Hadid which describes this fact (57, 25). - How Nasa
      scientists discovered a belt of converted rocks and the motion of the
      planets in the moon indicates that it's on someday splits to two
      halves and it is from the miracles of Mohamed peace be upon him (54,
      1). - How he knew the properties of the stars and black punctures and
      the motion of planets and orbits (86, 3) (56, 75) (53, 1) (36,38-40)
      (21, 33). - How he informed us with the enlargement of sky (51, 47)
      (21, 32) (50, 6). - How he knew that the universe formed from nebula
      (11,41) (21, 30). - How he knew that if the man rise up he will have
      a hard breathing because the oxygen decrease (6,125). - How he knew
      the decreasing of the earth volume that happen from millions of years
      (13,41) (21,44). - How he knew that the dead sea is the lowest region
      in the earth (30,3) . - How he knew that the earth has a ball shape
      (39,5). You must know that he is honest, the messenger of God. You
      must know that Islam cancelled the previous religions as the Jesus
      cancelled Judaism. (It's amazing when this kind of information exist
      in the Qu'an) prof. hell sea scientist (This prophet provide us with
      accurate scientific statements from 1400 years and I had to agree my
      mind and confess that it is inspiration) T. Van San Professor of
      gynecology. (The only interpretation that these facts have been
      inspired to Mohamed from God) Keth Moore one of the greatest
      Embryologist. (Inevitably these facts came from creator omniscient
      with all thing and I become a Muslim) Tagason Anatomist. (It's no
      difference between this inspiration and medical knowledge) Joly
      Simpson Professor of Obstetrics. (That's can't be except inspiration
      from above) Albert Kohan Geologist. (This Qur'an describes The
      Universe from the higher point in the existence) Ushidi Kozai
      Japanese Astronomer. (Yes it is the inspiration no way forward the
      humanity excepts confessing that this Qur'an had been sent from God)
      Marshal Jonson Biologist. Who learnt Mohamed and informed him with
      all these facts documented from 1400 years in Qur'an that didn't
      change a letter in it from that day. If you read Qur'an you will know
      it's not poetry or prose and it is impossible to be from the speech
      of the humans if you said from the speech of the humans how he knew
      these facts and how he mentioned a word of (day) in Qur'an 365 time
      with the number of years days and word (Month) 12 Times by a number
      of years months. Mentioned the word (man) 24 times also (woman) 24
      times. Word (brother) 4 times also (sister) 4 times. Word (present
      life) 115 times also (the afterworld) 115 times. Word (life) and its
      derivatives 145 times also (death) and its derivatives 145 times. How
      the human can do all this and perfect all these numbers and mention
      all these facts. - The human come to the life and learns some
      religion didn't mean that this religion is the correct religion but
      the truth knows by proof and evidence. - What about Mohamed good omen
      in Gospel and Torah. (His speech the best speech, he is the great
      Mohamed) Da'od clarinet chapter16 paragraph5. (Inspiration from Arab
      countries direction) Asheia Book chapter 20 paragraph 14-16. God
      informed Mussa that will make for Beni Israel prophet from their
      brothers <Ismail Sons -,Arab> (I'll make for them a prophet from
      their brothers as you I make my speech on his mouth and say to them
      what I ordered him with it) Deuteronomy chapter 12 statement 18-19.
      (God came from Sinai and made the east for us from Saeer and glitter
      in Faran mountains) Deuteronomy chapter 33 statement 2. Revise the
      Genesis chapter21 statement 21-22 to know that Faran mountains are
      Hegaz mountains that Ismail brought up in it and Mohamed legated in
      it. From the miracles of Mohamed peace be upon him (Qur'an, Moon
      Splitting, treating the illnesses with the order of God, the night of
      the prophet ascension, trunk of palm tree weeping, emerging the water
      among his fingers, informing with invisible, stones and trees
      greeting). The digest : 1-This universe is a complete example for the
      power the judiciousness and the greatness of the god how create it .
      This universe is impossible to made by human because the human born
      as a weak baby eat drink and fear also urinate and married , All of
      this defects didn't suitable to god how create the universe by this
      perfect and great .

      2-People is two kinds … 1- How obey god and live in paradise
      forever . 2- How disobey god and live in hell forever . and you must
      choose where should you live in forever life .

      3- Just read the Qur'an then every thing will be clear the happiness
      the life and the destiny .

      http://www.islam-qa.com http://www.sultan.org
      http://www.prophetmuhammed.org http://www.islam-guide.com
      http://www.religionofislam.com/english/inde http://www.todayislam.com
      http://www.beconvinced.com http://www.thetruereligion.org
      http://www.it-is-truth.org http://www.islamunveiled.org
      http://www.discoverislam.com http://www.lordswrds.com
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      ... I will leave this first post up to support freedom of expression. Basically, anyone not selling some stupid multi-level marketing scheme, or the
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        --- In jewishgenealogy2000@yahoogroups.com, "mazyon20002000"
        <mazyon20002000@y...> wrote:
        > The Story of Life and Fact of Islam:

        I will leave this first post up to support freedom of expression.
        Basically, anyone not selling some stupid multi-level marketing
        scheme, or the equivalent, can have one free post here.

        But I will remove future posts of this type because the poster is not
        someone who has participated in our discussions about genealogy and,
        for all I know, the post is part of some weird and wacky Al Qaeda
        communications system, or something.

        On the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, any post about Middle
        Eastern, European or North African Islamic genealogy is completely
        welcome here, on the grounds that, if you push a Middle Eastern,
        European or North African Islamic family tree back far enough, it has
        a very good chance of hooking up to a Jewish family tree, and because
        I just haven't seen anything anywhere about ME/E/NA Islamic genealogy.
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