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Family Tree Match Frustration

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  • allbell
    Family Tree DNA finally, FINALLY got me my Mitochondrial Hyper Variable Region 2 test results, after about 10 months. English version: a couple of years ago,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2002
      Family Tree DNA finally, FINALLY got me my "Mitochondrial Hyper
      Variable Region 2" test results, after about 10 months.

      English version: a couple of years ago, I paid Family Tree DNA to give
      me the gene sequence for Mitochondria Hyper Variable Region 1. This
      means that the company looked at a stretch of the DNA inside my
      mitochondria, or cellular power plants. People usually get their
      mitochondrial DNA from their mothers, so comparing the mitochondrial
      DNA from two different people is a way to guesstimate how closely
      related they are through their mom's mom's mom's ..... etc.

      Mitochondrial DNA is sort of like an heirloom necklace handed down
      from mother to daughter over the eons.

      Anyhow, Hyper Variable Region 1 is one 400-bead section of the
      necklace. Looking at it can tell you roughly what millennium the most
      recent common matrilineal ancestor of you and another person lived in.
      I.e., did she live 5,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago or 50,000 years
      ago? This is really, really fun to find out, but more anthropological
      than genealogical.

      Hyper Variable Region 2 is another section of the necklace. I'm not
      sure how long it is, but looking at it together with HVR-1 can tell
      you roughly what century two people most recent matrilineal ancestor
      lived in. I.e., do they share a mom line relative born 300 years ago,
      500 years ago, etc.????

      Also: Family Tree DNA gave me the name of one guy, a Cohanim, who has
      the same HVR-1 necklace chunk that I have, but not the HVR-2 necklace
      chunk. Unfortunately, he didn't provide an email address. I think I
      figured out through Googling where he lives, though, so maybe I can
      call him on the phone and find out the surnames of his matrilineal
      ancestors that way. Or something. Anyhow, it's very frustrating to
      find out someone matches, and get his name, but not get any other
      information. Sigh.

      Now, Family T
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