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EIDB really is spectacular

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  • abell07030
    a) The Ellis Island database, at http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp is really a
    Message 1 of 465 , May 22, 2001
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      a) The Ellis Island database,
      at<br><a href=http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp target=new>http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp</a><br><br>is really a magnificent database. I've already found
      the records for tons of my relatives.<br><br>Some
      observations:<br><br>- Going to
      <a href=http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp target=new>http://www.ellisisland.org/default.asp</a><br>works better than just going to
      <a href=http://www.ellisisland.org, target=new>http://www.ellisisland.org,</a> for some reason.<br><br>- You can register, but
      you can't donate money yet, so don't bother trying
      to.<br><br>- Roughly two-thirds of the "text manifests" come
      with scanned versions of the original manifests. Make
      sure to click on the Virtual Manifest button (or
      whatever it's called) whenever you see it. The VM will
      give you the juicy stuff: names of contact people in
      the old country and contact people in the
      U.S.<br><br>- The EIDB is so busy it will often limit you to a
      few searches before kicking you off. When you have to
      ration, try doing women first, because many have
      interesting maiden names or travel with cousins with surnames
      of interest.<br><br>- The results screens give you
      25 records at a time. If, say, you enter Blankleder
      and get 250 records, look at the end of the URL for
      the first results screen really carefully. Then,
      click "next page." Toward the end of the URL, you'll
      see that a number has changed to 25. You can jump
      around the results list by manually changing that number
      and reloading.<br><br>- Sometimes I can do wildcard
      and Soundex searches and sometimes I can't. I'm not
      totally sure what I'm doing right or wrong. I think I get
      to them by typing in enough of the name to eliminate
      other, common names (If you want Rososvk*s, type
      Rosovsk, not Ros.) Then, I think you click Close Matches
      and Alternate Spellings tabs. Maybe you have to go to
      the "Edit Names" screen and search once from there
      before the Soundex feature starts working. But, anyhow,
      Soundex searching is in there somewhere.
    • Alexandra
      I am looking for the surnames ZILBERMAN, KARP and EPSTEIN of Yarburg, Lithuania and JUDKOWSKY of Serednik, Lithuania. Alexandra
      Message 465 of 465 , Sep 13, 2003
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        I am looking for the surnames ZILBERMAN, KARP and EPSTEIN of
        Yarburg, Lithuania and JUDKOWSKY of Serednik, Lithuania.


        --- In jewishgenealogy2000@yahoogroups.com, jeffreyrstern wrote:
        > I have just begun to research my European roots.
        > Have learned that my maternal grandfather was from
        > Yurburg, Lithuania. The family name was eithrn Arnstein or
        > Arshtein. Looking for any possible relatives....
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