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Re: [Jewish Genealogy 2000] Surnames - Glatt/Hammer/Bier/Scheer/Ratner and others.

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  • donna poissant
    Carra welcome to the club of DEAD ends. Great at least you know the name on the other side of the world. My grandfather left my grandmother in Belarussia(
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2009
      Carra welcome to the club of DEAD ends. Great at least you know the name on the other side of the world. My grandfather left my grandmother in Belarussia( white Russia at the time ) because she did not want to leave her parents whom I assume were elderly. She and her youngest son stayed behind and left for england. The story goes she wound up in prison with her young son and he was sent to Siberia some how made it to the US in the 50s. GMa Died in Prison of TB ( but it could have been anything. ) One day by accident I came across what I thought where their names the only male and female who looked like mother and son. So good luck.

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      > Subject: [Jewish Genealogy 2000] Surnames - Glatt/Hammer/Bier/Scheer/Ratner and others.
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      > Date: Monday, May 25, 2009, 2:42 AM
      > Hello, everyone! I've been
      > researching Jewish genealogy for the past several years, and
      > I've hit something of a dead end. I've gone to all the usual
      > sites - Jewish gen, roots web, JRI, etc, and found a number
      > of distant cousins and new information, but I was hoping
      > someone around here might shed some new light on
      > information. Here are my surnames and some basic information
      > - we can compare notes more thoroughly if anyone thinks it
      > might be relevant. All of my relatives, as far as I'm
      > aware,  settled in the NYC area once they arrived in
      > the US.
      > GLATT - My great-great-great grandparents lived in Ulanow,
      > and most of their children were born there, although they
      > may also have lived in Sandok for a time. They would
      > probably have been born in the 1830s. My great-great
      > grandparents lived in Jarocin, and my great-grandparents
      > came from Lancut or Lezajsk, which is where my grandfather
      > was born. However, the Glatts of Ulanow spread out to other
      > areas, including Tarnobrzeg, Berlin and Braunschweig.
      > HAMMER - mainly Kozowa, but possibly Przemyslany before
      > that.
      > SCHEER/SCHER - Kozowa
      > HUTZ - Kozowa
      > ENGELBERG - No solid information, but probably Lezajsk.
      > RATNER/RATTNER - Kalusz, Ukraine (as opposed to Kalisz,
      > Austria)
      > BIER - Podhajce, Drisczow (which was a tiny town which may
      > have become part of Podhajce), possibly Strusow. Related to
      > a SEINFELD family from the same area, but not positive how.
      > ROSOVSKY - almost no information, somewhere in Russia. Only
      > known relative is Tessie Rosovsky, born about 1902.
      > Bsuzht? My great-grandfather entered the US under the name
      > Sandak or Sendak, but changed it to Silberblatt in the US -
      > it is possible that Zilberblatt had been his mother's maiden
      > name. It wound up being changed further to Silverblatt. On a
      > naturalization form, the town of birth was listed as Bsuzht,
      > Poland, as far as I could make out, but ancestry.com read it
      > as Baught. In either case, there is no town by that name -
      > any ideas as to what he might have meant?
      > Thanks for any help you can give me - hopefully, if any of
      > you share surnames with me, I can help you as well!
      > -Carra
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