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  • John Lloyd Scharf
    I can recommend FTDNA and that is particularly so for this group.
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 8, 2008
      I can recommend FTDNA and that is particularly so for this group.
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      > > I am new to this group and therefore what do you do?
      > If you've really posted to JewishGen and elsewhere, and you can afford
      > it, I'd try to get mtDNA (and, if you're a guy, or can get a father,
      > brother or paternal uncle or nephew to help Y chromosome) testing from
      > Family Tree DNA.
      > I haven't made a great, on-tree connection, but I think I now have
      > evidence that some people who match me might share a connection about,
      > say, 300 years back, and maybe some others share a connection about
      > 500 to 700 years back.
      > Also: I have a distant possible cousin who hired a researcher in
      > Belarus to look about late 1700s and early 1800s revision lists. I
      > don't know what the research cost, but those revision lists were
      > really helpful. They helped push our tree in that line back to the
      > early 1800 for sure, and maybe back to the 1750s with a little bit of
      > guesswork.
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