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545Re: What's in a Letter?

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  • digging4roots
    Feb 20, 2003
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      It's also a good idea to use the DM to find alternate name spellings.
      An easy way to do this is to plug the name into the CJSI (Consolidated
      Jewish Surname Index) at:

      For example, plugging in my families original name (for which I have
      so many different spellings all for one person as to be unbelievable),
      Goldglejt, I learned that the DM code for it is 583583.

      With that in mind, I took note of all the other names listed with the
      same DM code which could be remotely similar to mine and, when
      searching, tried these alternate names.

      Of course, this doesn't always work. My great-grandfather, whom
      everyone knew as Max (Motl) Gold, arrived under the name Abram
      Goldblum! (Turned out his name was Abraham Mordechai (Motl) Goldglejt.
      He dropped the Abraham when he naturalized and Americanized the Motl
      to Max. But how did he get the name Goldblum? I can only assume
      someone made a transcription error somewhere back in the old country.

      Go figure!
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