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  • klezmer101
    Jun 13, 2002
      "Frish" is Yiddish for "Fresh" - it is an occupational name. It
      probably refers to a peddler of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is
      very unlikely the name has anything to do with the Netherlands.

      --- In jewishgenealogy2000@y..., allbell <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Someone asked through email about the surname Frischman.
      > I'm not sure, but it seems to me that this might be a name that
      > "person from Friesland," which is a quirky old province of the
      > Netherlands.
      > Frisch is a world used to describe the people and language of
      > Friesland.
      > Maybe having this name is a sign that your first ancestor with the
      > name was someone who worked as a trader in Friesland and maybe
      > regions along the northern European coast in the Middle Ages.
      > On the other hand, the Frischmans listed in the JewishGen Family
      > Finder seem to come from all over Central Europe. Maybe this means
      > that there's somewhere else where Frischmans can come from, and/or
      > that the Dutch Frischmans followed the trade routes to Central
      > and ended up there. Or that I'm completely wrong.
      > Suggestion: try to find some men who are (apparently) unrelated
      > Frischmans and get them to participate in the Family Tree DNA
      > Then, you will know for sure whether the Frischmans are all related.
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