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357Fun with JewishGen Moderators

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  • abell07030
    Aug 7, 2001
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      Of course, I no longer bother trying to post
      anything on anything moderated by JewishGen moderators,
      because those moderators are such stupid, narrow-minded
      idiots that it's useless, but some people still try to
      post stuff there.<br><br>I get one horrible, sluggish
      little mailing list, the Jewish DNA list, which was set
      up to support Family Tree DNA, a horrifically slow
      company that allegedly reads your Y chromosome DNA or
      mitochondrial DNA. The mailing list gets a handful of posts a
      month, if that.<br><br>A few people got on this week to
      one another about their mtDNA (mom line DNA test)
      results, and ask whether anyone had any similar results.
      <br><br>The mtDNA test involves, basically, looking at a
      specific set of 400 genetic beads, called nucleotids,
      located on a necklace in a cell part called a
      "mitochondria." Each bead has four possible types (A, C, G, or T,
      or you could say Azure, Coal, Gray and Taupe). Moms
      hand this particular to 400-bead necklace to their
      children. Sons can't hand it down. Most people have one
      particular necklace, the Cambridge necklace, and changing
      one bead in the necklace takes hundreds or thousands
      of years. So, if a woman today had the Cambridge
      necklace, plus one Gray bead where most people have Taupe,
      you know she probably inherited that necklace from
      one particular woman who lived tens of thousands of
      years ago. Chances are that any other who has that same
      genetic necklace is descended from the same
      woman.<br><br>Keep in mind that this is all very new and hard to
      explain, and there isn't even that much badly written
      explanatory material out there. It's also really hard to find
      mtDNA necklace family trees that show who passed which
      necklace to whom. (I.e., Moses' wife or
      Charlemagne's????)<br><br>The DNA list participants started speaking in terms
      of the typing system used by Oxford Ancestors, which
      breaks people down into broad categories such as
      "Helena" (H necklace type) and "Ursula" (U type).
      <br><br>Anyhow, because the U and H groups split off tens of
      thousands of years ago, the moderator said the discussion
      was about anthropology, not genealogy, and refused to
      let it continue.<br><br>Mind you, it's almost
      impossible for a clueless newbie to figure any of this out
      on his or her own, at all. So the moderator is
      saying, basically, fuck you to people who are figuring
      out, not even giving them a chance to figure out
      whether they can apply the info genealogically.
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