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  • Brenda Habshush
    Feb 12, 2011
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      Dear All,
      Joseph and Yona (Yanne) Zalman Viner both had fathers named Binyomin.
      Throughout the family men were named after Binyomin,yet Joe and Yanne were not brothers and it has not yet been discovered just how they were cousins.
      The families came from Riga (?) to Leeds UK. Joseph my maternal grandfather married Bashe Bershansky/Berzinsky) from Jonava.They had four children including my mother. Yona married Rachel(maiden name unknown) from Bukovina and fathered a large family in Leeds.
      We are trying to ascertain if these families originated in Riga.
      Sincerely Brenda Habshush.

      Researching Viner/Winer/weiner.