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  • Brenda Habshush
    Feb 11, 2011
      Dear All,
      Harry Israel Bernstein born Leeds UK (?) 1894 was the eldest son of Simon and Annie (nee Lightman) Bernstein.
      In 1915 Harry was sent to Brooklyn,N.Y at the age of 22yrs.
      In 1917 he signed a WW1 draft card on which was written the names of his parents. He did not serve in the army.He changed his surname to Burns (spelling ?)
      In about 1944 news there was news of Harry's death. It was never discovered where he is buried (NY,Chicago ?) and his whereabouts previously.
      His youngest sister,Muriel Ross/Rosenberg (nee Bernstein) aged 96yrs) living in Leeds,is still asking about Harry.
      Hopefully....Brenda Habshush (Bernstein/Burns)