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1111Family Tree Software needed

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  • megavoltman
    Aug 3, 2010
      For the past few years I have been using Dorotree for all my genealogy research. It lets me use both Hebrew and English (completely bi-lingual), has Hebrew-Gregorian date conversion, yahrzeit reports, and other handy things for Jewish research.
      The problem is that the program does not work with Windows 7 (64 bit), and I've been waiting for almost 6 months for the company to fix this problem. Unfortunately the support team keeps pushing me off all the time and I am so disappointed with them, especially since their software cost double what other similar software cost. I believe 6 months is ample time to get their act together.
      So I would like to know if anyone can suggest a family tree program that could do most of what Dorotree does.
      Any help would be appreciated.
      Thank you