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1105Re: [Jewish Genealogy 2000] New Guy with his DNA R1A1 and last name search

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  • donna poissant
    Nov 7, 2009
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      your lucky you have a name I just have stories. My grandmother Sarah and her youngest son wherearrestedhe sent to Siberia andshe to prisonwherewhe died.  kap


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      Subject: [Jewish Genealogy 2000] New Guy with his DNA R1A1 and last name search

      I have been searching my family history for a while and I am looking for more info.

      Last name PACHAL

      My grandfather and his 6 brothers came to Canada from Prussa around 1860 when Germany was about to attack the country. One brother went back to fight against the Germans and was killed in action. There is a lake named after him in Saskatchewan Canada.
      Another brother started a Lutheran Church in that area out in western Canada.

      BUT this DNA results I recently had done talks alot about a Jewish heritage --the subject had come up before.
      They lived in Prussia and spoke German.

      I am R1A1 any thoughts about our name from anyone? We can not seem to find much info.


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