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New DVD Released Today -- the one that will have everyone talking

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  • June Moore
    Just released, Kathy s brand new DVD Kathy Talks About Elvis . As stated before, this is Kathy s very candid conversation with her friend Diana, and nothing
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      Just released, Kathy's brand new DVD "Kathy Talks About Elvis".

      As stated before, this is Kathy's very candid conversation with her
      friend Diana, and nothing is left out. This is the DVD everyone will
      be talking about.

      Kathy made this tape for only one reason, and as she states on the
      DVD, that's because
      she doesn't want to go to her grave, without clearing up all the

      Included in this DVD are two slide shows of Elvis and Kathy, taken by
      famed Elvis photographer Keith Alverson, while in the back ground,
      she sings,
      "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me," the song she sang at his
      funeral, and a very rare clip of her singing "We've Never Been This
      Far Before" (I've never even hear her sing before, so you know it's

      Here's a clip taken from the new DVD I put on the website. I chose
      this particular clip because I love what she says about Elvis, and I
      guarantee, if these words from Kathy, don't rock your Monday,
      nothing will.



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