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  • June Moore
    Kathy has just opened a brand new Digital Music Store . We ve been quietly rearranging the music (there s close to two million downloads in all ) and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2006
      Kathy has just opened a brand new "Digital Music Store". We've been
      quietly rearranging the music (there's close to two million downloads
      in all ) and customizing the Elvis area and some of the others,
      like "Oldies", and others we thought Elvis fans would be interested

      The "BurnLounge" company is similar to Napster, only
      with "BurnLounge" most of the money goes directly to the artists
      themselves, so needless to say there all jumping on board and loving
      the new company.

      Kathy and I will be changing things around weekly (sometimes daily)
      to keep everything fresh and to make way for new music coming in

      Elvis of course, is what we're all about so we have 30 Elvis albums
      featured now on the shelves, some I've never even seen before. So
      will start downloading myself as soon as I send out this note letting
      all of you in on our new store.

      Interesting enough, Kathy worked in her father's record store when
      she was a teenager and still remembers when Elvis records first hit
      the shelves and hordes of teenagers filled the store wanting all the
      Elvis they could find. And now, all these years later she's the
      proud owner of her own "digital record store", where Elvis is STILL
      number one.

      The difference is, with the new "digital music stores" you can
      download only the songs you want.

      I tried counting how many actual different songs we had and got and
      quit at "365", but there are zillions altogether. Tons of both his
      hits and his obscure songs, some even have several versions to
      choose from.

      Part of the beauty of this is you can download only one song or you
      can download 100, it's all about "only your favorites" and you can
      download them all directly to your computer or a CD instantly.

      Yes for all you "Just Pretend" lovers, that ones among the 365 songs
      (in fact I put on the Elvis Favorites list so it would be easy to

      If any of you download your favorites then want to burn them on a CD
      but aren't sure how, just give me a yell and I'll walk you thru it,
      by email, or Instant Message (there's one on the site owned
      by "BurnLounge" just for online conversations called Bonfire and I'm
      dying to try it out, it works with ICQ, Yahoo or MSN.

      Never again, will you have to buy CDs where you only like one or two

      You can even throw in a Lisa, Cher, Hootie or U2 in with Elvis for
      awesome mixed Cds. Everyone is there, Michael Bolton, Elton, Madonna,
      Celine, Josh, everyone.

      Check it out.

      June Moore
      Kat's Personal Assistant

      For downloads of all your favorite music
      by all your favorite artists
      visit Kathy's New Digital Music Store

      For Interviews, articles, and all the latest news in the Elvis World

      Elvis and Kathy Yahoo Group
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