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Patsy Andersen's Newsletter

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  • Charmaine Voisine
    *Patsy Andersen has asked me to send out her Newsletter for her ~ her yahoo Newsgroup called patsynewsgroup disappeared unbeknownst to Patsy and she is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2006
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      *Patsy Andersen has asked me to send out her "Newsletter" for her ~ her yahoo Newsgroup called patsynewsgroup disappeared unbeknownst to Patsy and she is working at getting a new newsgroup up, so keep your eyes on her personal website for the location of this new "Newsletters News Group" at patsyandersen.com and I also will let people know as I know,  Thanks Charmaine Voisine *
      Patsy Andersen's Newsletter
      Hello Everyone,
      First, let me apologize for taking so long getting this small little newsletter out.  There have been computer problems, ( I now have a brand spanking new computer ), then I lost Mike as my webmaster and last, I have been out of town more than in town. We are working to get all back on schedule.
      I am going to do a Gospel Concert this coming Elvis week, so I certainly hope all will attend.  It is going to be a wonderful show with lots of surprises!  It will take place on Sunday afternoon, August 13, 2006, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM, at The Rose Theatre at the University of Memphis.  Ticket price hasn't been determined yet, but I will get this out as soon as possible along with the booked entertainers.
      In September, Jerry Presley and I were in England and Wales.  While there, some of the tourism personnel took me on tour of the City of Porthcawl.  They are very interested in the USA fans coming to Europe to celebrate their Elvis events with them. They suggested that I add another department to my company, which would include Group Travel.  I love the idea!  I have been working with several people about this becoming a reality.  The fans in Europe are such a terrific group of people and they certainly can throw a wonderful Elvis party.  I know that many fans have expressed a desire to travel to other Elvis events, but couldn't afford to go alone and didn't want to go alone.  If I could arrange the group tours, then everyone would receive discounts and arrangements would be made from tickets for the events, transportation, and touring the area that we are visiting.  I want to do this not just for visiting other countries, but also for visiting Elvis events/fundraisers here in the USA.  Please let me know what you think of this idea and if your friends would be interested in this type of group travel.
      Jerry Presley has just completed a new album called "Desirable" and it is one fantastic sound.  It will be on sale on my website soon.  Also, if you would like to join Jerry's Fan Club, please contact Debbie Lorenzen, President, at jerrypresleyclub@....  She will keep you "in the know" about Jerry's performance schedule, locations, and new music.  A quote from WS Holland (Drummer for Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash), "Boy, you have the voice, the sound, and the look.  Now, get some original music and I'll go out on tour with you!" Not a bad compliment from a guy who has been with the very best. Check out Jerry Presley's site at jerrypresleyshow.com.
      Next year will be the thirtieth anniversary of Elvis' death, I would love to see Graceland mansion put out a USA stamp.  The house meets all the criteria, so let's all write and see if we can get the stamp committee to agree that Graceland is truly the White House of Rock and Roll.  The address is:
      Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee, c/o Stamp Development;
      U.S. Postal Service; 475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW; Room 5670;
      Washington, D.C. 20260-2437.
      I will be producing an Elvis Gospel Concert on Sunday, August 13, 2006, 2:00PM-4:30PM, the location will be The Rose Theatre on the campus of The University of Memphis.  I can't tell all the entertainers yet as I don't have contracts signed, but this show promises to be a very exciting show with lots of surprises.  I will get the ticket prices and the how to order to you very soon.  This show will be very Elvis fan friendly and very enjoyable (I PROMISE) with Elvis' friends and those he admired.
      As most of you know, I produced the 'Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony/Show' last August 4th, 2005.  It turned out to be a very disappointing experience and I am now asking that you not attend any of Henry Harrison's Rockabilly events.  He doesn't honor or keep his word.
      Scotty Moore has his record collection, which belonged to Elvis at one time, for sale.  If you or someone you know of  might be interested, please have them contact me at patsy_andersen@... .
      Yahoo is apparently having problems and my news group has disappeared, so I am starting a new one which means you need to sign up again.  I am sorry about this inconvenience, but I don't know what happened to patsynewsgroup.  We are working to get the new group on my site so please check in at patsyandersen.com. 
      I also had the pleasure recently of meeting Mr. Morgan Freedman and what a gentleman he is.  I also saw Lisa (Presley) and spoke with her for a couple of seconds. She looked great and was very nice asking if I was okay.  I assured her that I was and all is good. My next letter will be more informative and some great pictures. Thanks to all and especially Charmaine for helping me get this letter out.
      Love to all,
      to check out my web page go here


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