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This day In Elvis History March 1

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  • Charmaine Jensen
    1956- Elvis appears In memphis traffic court as a witness to the garage accident. The woman who drove the other car is charged with reckless driving. 1958-
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      1956- Elvis appears In memphis traffic court as a witness to the garage  accident. The woman who drove the other car is charged with reckless driving.

      1958- Just as the cast and crew of "King Creole" are about to leave by train for a week of Location shooting in New Orleans, Red West, who is on leave from the marines, shows up to join the gang. Elvis and his entourage stay on the tenth floor of the Roosevelt Hotel, a block from the French Quarter.   Security breaks down when The Mayor, against all of the Colonel's advice, proclaim's it "Elvis Presley Day" and a near riot ensues when Elvis fans come out to see him.

      1960- The army holds a press conference just before Elvis's departure from Germany, with over 100 reporters and photographers at the enlisted Men's Club In Friedberg. Elvis's commanding officer presents him with a certificate of merit citing his.. 'Cheerfulness and Drive and Continually Outstanding Leadership Ability"

      Meanwhile, In NY, The Colonel has worked out a new emendations to Elvis's RCA contract. Among other things, Elvis and The Colonel will recieve a three fourths of 1 percent recoupable royalty on top of the regular 5 percent royalty. The Colonel is granted explicit approval on all advertising, promotion, and publicity material, and with Elvis's signed agreement. The Colonel will recieve an annual payment of $27,000 in exchange for supplying photgraphs for record covers and, in general, "exploitational" support. RCA also agrees that payments made to musicians, vocalists, and arrangers on
      recording sessions will no longer be deducted from royalties.

      1963- While filming the performance of the song..."Marguerita" for "Fun In Acapulco", Elvis complains of feeling selfconcious in an untucked short sleeved shirt, explaining that he would never wear such clothing in real life. The outfit cannot be changed because a shot of his double leaving the bandstand has already been filmed.

      1965- This appears to be the date of a thoughtful interview Elvis gives to James Kingsley in which Elvis muses at length about how far he has come and what it all means..."I know what it's like to scratch and fight for what you want." he declares in a story that appears in the Rotogravure Section the Following Sunday with some of the first pictures ever officially permitted inside Graceland. "I Certainly haven't lost respect for my fans" he says. "I withdraw not from my fans, but from myself."

      1970- Elvis wraps up his Astrodome Stand with two more shows at 2 and 7:45 pm.

      Here a couple photos from one of the shows...




      Elvis holds a Press Conference after the Last Show at which he is presented with Gold Records for 5 of his 1969 Releases. He also recieves gifts of a Stetson Hat, a Limited edition Rolex "King Midas" Watch, and a Gold Deputy's Badge. The Colonel , not to be left out, gets a Badge for himself from Houston Sherrif Buster Kern.

      1971- A Surveillance System is installed at Graceland, with cameras placed at the gates and in several rooms of the house. These are hooked up to 4 moniters, which Elvis will come to see as a diversification of his TV viewing at times and which in the future occasionally serves as a substitute for Human Contact.

      1973- In an agreement first suggested by RCA the previous fall and worked out in it's details over the next few weeks with a March 1 date affixed, The Colonel arranges for the sale of Elvis's back catalogue to RCA Records. The idea for the sale originally came from RCA executive Mel Ilberman, who saw it as a way for the record company to gain control over the Presley material so as to be able to have it for various uses that were consistantly blocked by The Colonel. RCA has been thoroughly stymied by The Colonel's hands on management of what can and cannot be released. With the single one time payment of 5.4 million, RCA now purchases the rights to all material recorded before 1973 in perpetuity, with Elvis and The Colonel forfeiting all further royalties and control.

      At the same time, Elvis enters into a new management agreement with The Colonel, where all income deriving from recording will be split 50-50 from here on in, though touring will remain on a two-thirds/one-third basis in Elvis's favor.

      Elvis also enters into a new 7 year contract with RCA , entailing a yearly obligation of 2 albums and four singles for a guaranteeed annual payment against royalties of at least $500,000, which of course, is subject to the 50-50 agreement.

      In all, something like 10.5 million worth of business is done, with the Colonel making various special deals of his own all agreed upon by Elvis, for promotion of the records and tours, and for assisting RCA in the "developing of merchandising and promo concepts". Of the 10.5 million changing hands, The Colonel will recieve approximately $6 million and Elvis will make $ 4.5 million.

      1974- Elvis begins a 20 day/25 show tour at the Mabee Special Events Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

      This is Elvis's longest tour of the 70's and he turns in a lot of great shows on it. He is in great voice and good shape. Song Highlights from this tour include.. "Trying To Get To You", "Steamroller Blues" , "Polk Salad Annie", "Why Me Lord", "How Great Thou Art" , "Help Me" and "Let Me Be There".

      Here is a photo from Tulsa... http://www.elvisconcerts.com/pictures/s74030101.jpg

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