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This day In Elvis History January 1

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  • Charmaine Jensen
    1955 Elvis performs at the Grand Prize Saturday Night Jamboree at the Eagles Hall, in Houston ,Texas. Also on the bill are George Jones and Tommy Sands.
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      1955 Elvis performs at the "Grand Prize Saturday Night Jamboree" at the
      Eagles Hall, in Houston ,Texas. Also on the bill are George Jones and Tommy

      Elvis' new management contract with Bob Neal goes into effect.

      1956- Elvis flies from Shreveport with Red West to play a Grand Ole Opry
      Package headlined by Hank Snow and featuring Webb Pierce at the Kiel
      Auditorium in St.Louis.

      1958- Hank Snow's son, Jimmie Rodgers Snow, a fellow performer and friend
      from the Jamboree tours arrives for a visit. Elvis extended the invitation
      at the Opry, eleven days before.

      1959- At this time, Elizabeth Stefaniak moves into the hotel in Germany with Elvis and his household.

      She is now in charge of answering Elvis's fan mail.  She learns quickly from Red West and Lamar how to sign Elvis's name.

      1970- Every night until he leaves for L.A.Elvis screens movies at the
      Memphian. At this time, Elvis see's the movie "Patton". It makes a big
      impression on him and he memorizes the dramatic speech at it's beginning. He
      see's the movie many times over the year's and it is almost certainly the reason he seeks out retired World War 2 general Omar Bradley, a Beverly Hills Neighbor, later in the year.

      1972- There are more movies at the Memphian and The Crosstown almost every night up until he leaves for L.A on the 12th. But the screenings remain
      closed to all but the inner circle.

      1973 - Elvis spends the first 3 evenings of The New Year at the Memphian.

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