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922Kathy Westmoreland's New DVD just released

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  • June Moore
    Jul 23, 2007
      Kathy's new DVD, "Then and Now" was just released a few minutes ago,
      and is now available her website.

      For all of you that have been asking me over the years if any video
      or audio was available of Kathy and her daughter Lindsey together,
      you'll be happy to know, that this video contains one of each.

      The video clip ends the DVD, with the two performing in Pahrump,
      Nevada in 2005, as Lindsey surprises Kathy by joining her on stage
      for a totally unrehearsed duet of "Lay Down Beside Me", the song
      Kathy sang to Lindsey when she was a baby.

      The audio duet is a priceless clip performed in Holland with a 10-
      year-old Lindsey taking center-stage for "Love Isn`t Love Until You
      Give It Away", while Kathy does the back-up. The audio clip plays
      behind a slide show containing photos and facts you've probably never
      seen, including one of Kathy and Steve Martin doing their comedy act
      at Knotts Berry Farm while they were still in high school together.
      The newspaper clipping with the photo reads --- Two Talented Teens ---
      if they only knew then how far these two would really go on their
      separate journeys --- .

      For Details on the new DVD and how to order:


      June Moore
      Kat's Personal Assistant

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