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bg2paradise go & insult elsewhere!

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  • vickijh28
    bg2paradise, I have a very good humour but when it comes to vindictive people like yourself I just don t bother, I neither see you funny nor interesting! I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1 2:10 AM
      I have a very good humour but when it comes to vindictive people like
      yourself I just don't bother, I neither see you funny nor interesting!
      I am a very sensitive person, so what's wrong with that? Would you
      rather me be like you? I have a heart and I feel down if others are
      down, that's just me, I care for people and their feelings is that a
      crime? As for me whining, no, I was merely expressing my thoughts in
      a civil and respectable manner! My self-esteem is very high, if you
      knew me then you would see it, would you rather me insult people with
      a dry humour? Cause believe me I can joke and offend just like you
      did, and say "oh lighten up girl I was only joking" that is the
      biggest bull I have heard!
      Point is you came crashing in on a conversation that you weren't
      involved with like a bull in a china shop insulting views all along
      the way!
      You merely asked me a question if I had OCD!? I even had to look that
      one up because I have never heard of it, the surprise I had when I
      saw it is a common illness amongst JW's along with many others!
      the mind boggles! Do you usually ask people such personal "questions"
      when you haven't spoken to them before!
      Then you then try to justify yourself by saying you're not a witness!
      I couldn't care less what you were, I have my opinion of you now
      anyway so it doesn't matter, as for Arron he is a witness and a very
      pleasant one at that, I commend him for being a fair and nice person!
      April has now shown me that she is a decent respectable woman to,
      most of the witness's I have spoken with have been pleasant, there's
      good and bad in everything I agree!
      I apologise because I'm humble enough to do so! are you???
      I find it funny that it was only a few of us posted, then the big
      guys get sent over and make things even worse LOL, was the military
      set on me? The Hitler type attitude doesn't scare or ridicule me, it
      just shows me what I knew all along!
      I have to agree with reno1247 the JW's are held by fear by the
      organisation and they have low self esteem and confidence, for they
      are unable to clarify or use their own minds, the watchtower
      organisation does all their thinking for them! I know, I saw my
      friend change into a very vengeful argumentative "robot" but
      thankfully she moved on and didn't inform the witness's of where she
      and her family went, I'm pretty sure she left that mind controlling
      organisation but was too embarrassed to admit what I was questioning
      all the way along, she was even told to get rid of her cat by the
      watchtower!!! why??? The answer was because they are unclean animals
      and take too much time away from the field service! I've never heard
      such rubbish in all my life! LOL, if this isn't mind control then you
      tell me what it is!
      Try looking at my posts in context I never have blamed
      your "exasperation" on ALL the JW's just the majority of them!
      As for beliefs being explained over and over again, may I ask where??
      I've seen dldavis007 post several times asking how you believe Jesus
      to be Michael the archangel (a similar doctrine to the trinity I'd
      say) and NO ONE has answered him, so don't keep giving me that bull
      that the answers have been made, because they haven't!!!
      bg2paradise I no longer wish to talk to you as you intimidate and
      take everything out of context, then you refer to it as all a joke!
      yer right ok whatever!
      Get a life and insult people who find you funny, cause I just find
      you plain rude and argumentative, just like my friend use to be!

      Take care
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