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17139The 1965 "Harlow" Movie

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  • fancies_diner
    Jul 15, 2014

       I recently went on youtbe and stumbled across the 1965 B&W film entitled "Harlow" I was curious so I thought I would watch it.

       I was extremely unhappy at the depiction and account of Jean's life. This movie was anything but true, poor sound quality, grainy picture, and choppy editing. 

      Sadly they took great actors like Ginger Rogers and Efrim Zimblest jr. and casted them in such a poor quality "B" rated film. Their performance was anything but their infamous self. I never thought I would see Ginger Rogers do such a mediocre performance.

       The only actress who had her character down was  Hermoine Baddaley who portrayed Marie Dreschler. She has the looks and personality down very well. even the voice was close but with a slight english accent (given she was from england).

       Over all this film is more of a horro film than  a story of Jean Harlow. They made Jean look like angry, tempermental, childish, spoiled child. 

      If you wish to see for yourself watch it but be forwarned its enough to dissappoint and make you angry at the rendition they did on the babys life.

      This has been a rare message from Fancie

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