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Jain Center Expansion/ Renovation Project Update

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    Dear Fellow Community Members, Jai Jinendra. This is the latest update on our long awaited “ Jain Center Expansion/ Renovation Project as presented last
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      Dear Fellow Community Members,


                  Jai Jinendra. This is the latest update on our long awaited � Jain Center Expansion/ Renovation Project" as presented last week. A more detail presentation will be made on Sunday, July 7th at the General Body meeting.


      Following are the major points of this most important project:

              Scope of the Project

              Estimated Costs & Timeline

              Financing Details


      Scope of the Project


      The overall project is divided into following three phases.

      Phase I:            New construction on vacant lot & completion of all parking requirements

      Phase II:           Remodeling of existing temple (addition of approx. 4400 sq. ft.)

      Phase III:          Improvement of the post office building


      Main Features:         

      1.      Approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of subterranean parking, 22,000 sq. ft. of 1st floor and 20,000 sq. ft. of 2nd floor construction (Existing construction, both floors together, is approx. 11,000 sq. ft.)

      2.      Outside walls clad in sand stone from India

      3.      Temple pillars and flooring made of marble from India

      4.      1st floor will have assembly hall with stage, wooden temple, kitchen, dining room, etc.  2nd floor will have classrooms, exhibition hall, priest room, offices, etc.

      5.      Assembly hall will accommodate 1,000 people - approximately 3 times as big as the existing hall, the new kitchen will also be approximately 3 times as big as the existing kitchen

      6.      Class rooms on 2nd floor will have folded partitions so that it can be converted into assembly hall when needed

      7.      Audio-Video system including a large screen TV  on the 2nd floor to view proceedings in the assembly hall

      8.      Total Parking for 152 cars (Jain Bhavan: 15, Post Office: 35, Volvo Site: 49, Subterranean: 53)


      Estimated Costs & Timeline

      The estimated cost of this ambitious project is approximately seven million dollars for Phase I and will take 15-18 months to complete. The anticipated cost of Phase II and III is about 20-25% of the Phase I cost at this time.


      Financing Details

                  Our goal is to pay for the construction using donations from our community members to be collected over time. These donations are expected from the Takhti and Other Pledges. Here is a summary of these pledges in millions of dollars:


      Donation Type  Total                Committed Amount      Remaining Amount

      Takhti Pledges              4.8m                            2.1m                            2.7m                           

      Other Pledges               2.2m                            0.3m                            1.9m

      Total Donations            7.0m                            2.4m                            4.6m


      To date we have collected $1.0 million donations from the committed Pledges. The Finance committee is busy at work to secure the remaining Pledges for Takhtis and Other Pledges such as $3,000 per family for three years etc. Your generous support at this critical time will ensure the success of this project.


      Since no General Contractor will sign up for such a project until we have all seven million funds available, our plan is to supplement the donations with Interest free loans from members and a Construction loan from bank. To date, we have secured $2.1 million Interest free loan and we are in process of securing $3.0 million in Construction loan. Please note that the bank loan will be used ONLY if and as needed and will be paid back before the Interest free loans as soon as additional donations are received. More details about the financing is available from our Finance committee if needed.


      We are very fortunate to have received the approval for expansion from the city of Buena Park as it is not easy for non-profit organizations to receive approvals from city since they do not generate revenues. We also have overcome many serious obstacles and it is in our best interest to proceed with this project as soon as possible. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity!




      Building & Finance Committee

      Jain Center of Southern California

      8072 Commonwealth Avenue

      Post Office Box 549

      Buena Park, California 90621-0549

      Phone: 714-670-0890

      Website: www.jaincenter.net  

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