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Consolidated E Mails for the WE December 8th

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    Jai Jinendra: There are 12 E Mails consolidated for your review for this week. The new E mails are shown in the RED FONTS. The consolidated E mails are as
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      Jai Jinendra:
      There are 12  E Mails consolidated for your review for this week. The new E mails are shown in the RED FONTS. The consolidated E mails are as follows:

      Consolidated E Mails List



      1.Religious Programs at JCSC during December 2012

      2. Namaskar Maha Mantra Shibir (Part 2) January 26-27, 2013

      3. Volunteers Needed to fill in for Mr. Bhikhubhai Patel while he is on vacation starting Dec 25th,2012

      4. Tender Care Community Outreach Program (TCCOP) Update for the month of November 2012

      5. 2012 Donation Tax Deduction

      6. Donations to JCSC by giving capital appreciated stocks/share you own

      7. JCSC fund raising event for the Sandy’s victims published in Gujarat Samachar

      8. Children Cultural Program preparations for the celebration of Mahavir Janm Kalyanak on Sunday, April 21st

      9. Nomination for the National Award for the Bidada Sarvodaya Trust

      10. An appeal for Bone Marrow

      11. 2013 JAINA Convention in Detroit , Michigan July 4-7 2013

      12. Jain Yatra 2013 Shri Shikarji and nearby Teerths



      1.Religious Programs at JCSC during Nov 2012




      Ongoing programs and events:

      JCYC &JSG Pathshala/Adult Swadhyay-10:30am-12:00Noon-12/2,12/16.

      Monthly Snatrapuja & Navkarmantra Jaap-12/15-sponcered by Kalpesh & RoopaJhaveri.

      Chaudas Pratikraman(Start at 6:30pm) 12/12,12/27.

      Dev Vandan-Maun Ekadasi-12/23,Sunday,10 am(pl.note the time change from calender)
      - Monthly Bhavna Bhakti from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, on Dec 28th, Fri, 2012.
      There will be Prabhavna at Bhavna-Bhakti. Please Contact
      Dr Mahendra Shah at 714-369-8701 or
      E-mail @
      mahendra.shah@...If anybody wants to sponsor for prabhavna or those who wants to sing.
      -Weekly evening swadhyay-every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:30pm to 10 pm.

      -Tithi program (includes annual& life time)-daily Asthprakari puja at 7:30am to 9:30 am,
      Arti-Mangal Divo at 8:15 pm on week days and 7:30 pm on Sat/Sun/holidays.
      -Chundadi-daily in puja clothes, in the morning with receipt only.

      Annual Tithi Program:

      12/1-Amish & Mona Gandhi-to celebrate birth day of their son Manav Ghandhi.

      12/8-Manibhai & Savitaben Mehta-to celebrate birth day of Savitaben Mehta.

      12/12-Vipul & Prerna Udani-to celebrate birth day of Vipul Udani.

      Life Time Tithi Program:

      12/14-Dr Jaykumar & Ramila Shah-tribute to Punyatithi of Lilaben Harilal Shah.



      2. Namaskar Maha Mantra Shibir (Part 2) January 26-27, 2013


      Those of you who attended the "Namaskar Maha Mantra" Shibir on October 20, 2012 and those of you who did not or could not attend that Shibir are going to get another chance on January 26/27 (Sat/Sun), 2013. We have received several requests for a Shibir of this kind from our members. This is in continuation of the Part 1.

      After knowing the vast, deep and profound meaning of this "Maha Mantra", many of you must have experienced better understanding and as a result when chanting the "Navakar Mantra" felt you could do with more "BHAV" (

      Param Pujya Panyasji Maharaj Saheb has done profound thinking on "Navakar Mantra" and fortunately (
      આપણામહદપુણ્યનાઉદયે) we have his writings available to us. We have, therefore, decided that we should try and explore some more for our own spiritual benefit (આઘ્યાત્મિક લાભ). This also will help us become a better person and our relationship with those who come into contact with us will improve for better.

      We are hopeful that you will take advantage of this opportunity to enrich by attending the Shibir with such enthusiasm that you all had shown last time.

      This is a TWO DAY Shibir and like last time, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner will be served on BOTH days.

      Please click on the following link OR fill out the attached form to RSVP for Shibir.


      Thank you




      3. Volunteers Needed to fill in for Mr. Bhikhubhai Patel while he is on vacation starting Dec 25th,2012:



      We need volunteers' help to do daily ritual religious duties from 7 am to 11 am in the morning and 7pm to 9 pm in the evening.If you are willing for this duty,please write your name,ph.no,.e-mail add,any or all day from Mon-Sun,with the convinient time slot in the notice board near chandlo-counter or tell your availibility to Salil Bhojak.In the past we had the same situation and it has worked out nicely.




      4. Tender Care Community Outreach Program (TCCOP) Update for the month of November 2012


      Subsidiary of ACC ( Anekant Community Center )

      We are happy to report that we have joined hands with different shelters now, which offers us more opportunities to serve and help. Every other Sunday (mostly on Pathsala days, we will serve Lunch/Grocery to a shelter in Buena Park, where they house about 50 homeless people and serve various needs of the community. You can sponsor a Sunday lunch for only $51.00 Please contact us, together we can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasions meaningfully.

      We are continuing our weekly routine of serving breakfast and monthly dinners and visiting lonely patients and providing grocery when needed.

      We want to thank our sponsors from last month:

      1. Kajal & Hitesh Sheth

      2. Hina & Dhiren Shah

      3. Shobha & Harshit Badani
      4. Mainal & Sanjay Shah
      5. Sachi & sailesh Jain and Kokila & Bipin Shah for Long Beach Dinner

      On December 16th we will be collecting New Toys.

      If anyone is interested in sponsoring an event or help us in any of our missions please contact us. If you wish, please send check payable to ACC, and mail to:

      5405 Alton Parkway , Suite #5A-292
      Irvine , CA 92604
      Thank you in advance for your contributions.

      Please call 714-856-4256 or contact any of us at the following:
      Smita Doshi: smitadoshi@...<mailto:smitadoshi@...>
      Sachi Jain: sachijain311@...<mailto:sachijain311@...>
      Darshna Shah: dshsh50@...<mailto:dshsh50@...>
      Jayana Shah: jsdesigner@...<mailto:jsdesigner@...>
      Prafulla Shah: prafullashah@...mailto:prafullashah@...


      5. 2012 Donation Tax Deduction



      If you are planning to make donation towards your pledges or convert interest-free loan to donation for outstanding pledges before the year end in order to take tax deduction advantage in 2012, please take care of it as soon as possible or prior to December 31, 2012.

      You can take care of your donation payments in either of the following ways.

      1. In person: Kishor Shah, Treasurer or Pramod Shah, Secretary

      We will be available mostly on Sundays during December 2012 between 10 AM to 2 PM.

      2. Mail check to: (Prefer to receive mail by December 28, 2012)

      Jain Center of Southern California

      Attn: Treasurer

      P. O. Box 549

      Buena Park, CA 90621-0549

      Thank you for your continuous support to JCSC.

      Kishor Shah, Treasurer

      Email: kishor.shah@...

      Tel: (949) 395-0007


      6. Donations to JCSC by giving capital appreciated stocks/shares you own



      Just a reminder to our members that JCSC now has a Brokerage Account with TD Ameritrade. JCSC will be able to accept donations in Common Stock or Shares. JCSC members can minimize their capital tax liability by donating their much appreciated stocks/shares directly to the JCSC brokerage account with TD Ameritrade. Listed below are the necessary details to donate and transfer Shares from any financial institutions to JCSC brokerage account with TD Ameritrade:

      • Account # 864038267
      • DTC Code # 0188 (This number is required to transfer shares from your financial institution to JCSC account with TD Ameritrade).
      • JCSC Tax ID # 33-0612037 if needed.

      We encourage everyone to take advantage of this new avenue to support the JCSC by donating your much appreciated stocks/shares and minimize your tax liability for next year. If you have any questions regarding how to proceed with donation by Shares, please feel free to contact JCSC Treasurer Kishor Shah or Secretary Pramod Shah at their email below:



      On behalf of our Executive Committee we appreciate for your continuous support to our Jain Center [JCSC].


      7. JCSC fund raising event for the Sandy’s victims published in Gujarat Samachar



      Attached is the article in the Gujarat Samachar dated 12-02-2012 about JCSC fund raising event for the Sandy ’s victims.


      8. Children Cultural Program preparations for the celebration of Mahavir Janm Kalyanak on Sunday, April 21, 2013 


      Mahavir Janam Kalyanak will be celebrated at the Southern California Jain Center on Sunday April 21, 2013. As you know, Mahavir Janam Kalyanak is one of our biggest festivals and Children Cultural program is a major part of this day. We need to make sure that we are ready for a good, entertaining and professional program for that day.

      If you wish to perform during this cultural program, please review the below guidelines…

      1) No movie songs. Also, do not repeat items performed within past 3 years.


      2) Minimum # of 8 participants. No Solo items.


      3) A child can only participate in 1 performance.


      4) The number of plays/skits (any kind of mic set-up) will be limited to 3 and will be selected after the audition.

      5) Time limit for Dance/song is 5 minutes AND for Skit/Drama is
      10 minutes.


      6) Each and every item will go through a selection process by the Selection committee. Judges decision will be final.


      7) Sequence of the events will be determined based on the variety of items and NOT by the age of Participants.


      8) Deadline to submit/register for participation is Sunday, December 16, 2012. Please specify and submit the following…..

      • Item type, Length and participants names
      • # of mics & stage/AV set-ups and a draft if performing a skits/plays
      • Original disk of the song/dance
      • Team lead for each item with contact information, only with whom we will communicate regarding the item. 

      Please Register by sending an email to the contacts below by the December 16th deadline. We will email a confirmation receipt back.


      Other Tentative dates for which attendance is mandatory are----------


      Audition : Sunday, January, 20th 2013 @ 1:15 pm

      1st Rehearsal : Sunday, March, 17th 2013 @ 1:15pm

      Dress Rehearsal : Sunday, April 14th, 2013 @ 1:15pm

      Komal Desai on 949-784-4800 ppdkpdspd@...
      Kokila Doshi on
      714-851-6685 kdoshi31@...  


      9. Nomination for the National Award for the Bidada Sarvodaya Trust


      One of our own NGO Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust has been nominated to receive National Award at the hands of President Shri Pranav Mukherjee on 3rd December at New Delhi .  This is matter of great pride and honour for this medical trust & its selfless services to mankind & humanity. 

                  Heartiest congratulation to the entire team of dedicated persons under the dynamic chairmanship of Shri Bachhubhai Rambhia, who has worked selflessly for this Institution.  We wish him good health & long life to serve the community at large.  It indeed is a matter of Honour for our entire Kutchhi Community, Team of Bidada Sarvodaya Trust & all the Donors who have made this possible.  Please refer the attachment enclosed.



      10. An appeal for Bone Marrow


      This email is on behalf of the Doshi family and many other Jain families alike who suffer from medical condition requiring Bone Morrow Transplant.  


      Mr. Bharat & Pushpa Doshi's daughter, Ekata, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in May 2011. Recently they were advised by her doctor that there is a high likelihood that her CLL is becoming more aggressive and if this happens, she will need a bone marrow transpla

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