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Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit Program at the JCSC-Friday, November 16th at 8:30 PM PST-No ticket required

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    Jai Jinendra: All of you may have seen either on the TV and or the Newspapers the suffering by the men and women of all ages as well as young children as
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2012
       Jai Jinendra:
      All of you may have seen either on the TV and or the Newspapers the suffering by the men and women of all ages as well as young children as result of the hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. The latest news is that the area is hit again with another storm with cold temperatures and lots of snow. Eastimated one half million peole are without electricity again.
      JCSC and ACC have a long tradition of taking a leadership role in organizing such fund raising events when ever the tragedy strikes all across the globe. JCSC members also have opened their hearts and especially the checkbooks in the past and donated generously to benefit the victims of such calamities.
      JCSC in keeping up with the priciples of the Anekantvad has organized a fund raising program, in collaboration with ACC for the benefit of the victims of the hurricane Sandy which struck almost the entire East Coast of the USA last week.
      The event is also supported by the local major Indian Community Organizations within greater Los Angeles area.
      The event is scheduled on Friday, November16th at 8:30 PM PST at the JCSC. The program will be a Musical Evening of Old and New Bollywood Songs and Dances presented by the Poly Tunes Orchestra, Fables Group of India.
      There is NO FEE or ticket to attend the program. We, however, expect a donation from the attendees. 
      A copy of the event flyer is attached for your information. Two different formats of the flyer are attached. One format is a Word document while other is a Jpeg. 

      The sponsorship for event is available. For sponsorship and or for additional information. please contact Vipin Vadecha @ 909-861-2677 or Jayana Shah @ 714-856-4256.
      Come one and come all for this event and support the fund raising for the benefit of Sandy's victims with your big kind heart along with your wallet (cash), credit cards and checkbook. JCSC members have a long tradition of helping and taking care of less fortunates.
      Please inform your family members, relatives, friends at work and the neighbors of the event and please request them to attend. 
      Let us all make a concerted effort and rise to the occasion to make the event a big success. We  know with your help and determination we can do it! 
      We look forward to seeing you all in large numbers on Fiday, November 16th at 8:30 PM PST at the JCSC.
      Thank you in advance for you assistance and cooperation.
      Event Organizing Committee



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