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Consolidat ed emails for W/E 11 /03/2012‏ (Corrected )

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    Jai Jinendra, We apologize that some of the old dates / past events were included in this week’s consolidated emails. We are sorry for the confusion this
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      Jai Jinendra,

      We apologize that some of the old dates / past events were included in this week’s consolidated emails. We are sorry for the confusion this might have created.

      Following are the emails included for this week:

      1. Daylight Savings time Ends - time changes night of Sat-Sun – November 4, 2012

      2. JAYA - Bollywood Fitness and Health Event – Nov 3, 2012

      3. JCSC special calendar for Vikram Samvat 2069

      4. Diwali Program at the Jain Center – Nov 11-14, 2012

      5. Other Religious Activities/Programs at the JCSC during the month of October 2012



      1. Daylight Saving Time Ends – time changes night of Sat-Sun Nov 4, 2012

      Daylight Saving time ends this Sunday – Nov 4, 2012. This also happens to be the day when we have the JCYC Pathshala / JSG Class and Swadhyay. So, please adjust your clocks and arrive on time for these. Classes begin at 10AM.

      The clocks need to be 'put BACK' by one hour. An easy way to remember this is:

      "Spring Forward - Fall Back"

      So, you get that extra one hour of sleep tonight! Though the sun will set early
      and it will become dark faster.


      2. JAYA Bollywood Fitness and Health Event – Nov 3, 2012

      Come join us for an exciting Bollywood workout. Let’s have fun while exercising! This class will be conducted by Apra Bhandari from ADAA Dance Academy. You can find out more about Adaa at movewithadaa.com. She has worked in Bollywood with some of the biggest names. We will also have a physician and a registered dietitian to give you all some weight loss tips. Light lunch will be provided after the workout.

      Just drop in an email @ jaya.jcsc@... for this fun event!

      When: November 3rd, 10 to 12 at Jain Center

      Cost: $10 per family

      10:00 - 10:45 workout for kids ages 5-12
      10:45 - 11:15 Weight loss tips
      11:15 -12:00 workout for ages 13 & up
      (there will be a child's play room set up during the adult class for those that attended the first class)

      For questions you can call:

      Jigna Mehta: 949-679-7887
      Dr. Dipti Doshi: 562-229-4360
      Yagi Kankariya: 909-569-8102

      3. JCSC special calendar for Vikram Samvat 2069

      We are publishing and distributing JCSC calendar for next year from Diwali to Diwali to all members, dignitaries, other Jain centers on 11/13,Tuesday at Diwali Bhavna bhakti & on 11/14,Wednesday at New Year Celebration.

      We are trying to include all ongoing programs, special events, activities, tithis& dates, pictures, Sun-rise-Sun set timings, Choghdias, Derasar timings, address, phone. no, website and so many items as suggested.

      We do not have more sponsorship left at this time.

      Please contact Dr Mahendra Shah, Savita Mehta, Hemendra Doshi, Jayana Shah, Kalpesh Jhaveri for any clarification..

      4. Diwali Program at the Jain Center – Nov 11-14, 2012

      11/11-Sun-Dhan Teras-Dhan ni Murchha utarvi,

      11/12-Mon-Kali Chaudas-Mantra Sadhana Din-Pratikraman,

      11/13-Tue -Diwali-Shree Mahavir Swami Nirvana Kalyanak-

             7:30-9:30 am-Laddu Puja, Abhishek, different Puja, Aarti-with Nakro of $101 each.
             7:30-9:30 pm-Bhakti Bhavna, Aarti, Mangal Divo Aadesh for New year pledges.
             10:00pm-12:00am-&12-2 am-Mahavir Swami Nirvana Jaap.
             2:00am - 4:00am - Gautam Swami Kevalgyan Jaap.

      11/14-Wed-6:30 am-Dwar opening-boli

              7:00 am – Mangalik.
              8:00 am - Ashtprakari Puja-for each idol in Ghabhara & Panch Dhatu Pratimaji – boli.
              9:30 am - Snatra puja,aarti,mangal divo,shanti kalash,Shri Gautamswami Aarti – boli.
              8:30 am - 10:30 am-Navkarshi-by multiple sponcership for all expences of food.

      So far we have sponsorship by Dr Anila Guruji, Mahesh & Mala Sanghvi, Hemant Gandhi & Himat Oza.

      All boli items Aadesh will be given on 11/13, Tue, during bhavna bhakti.

      For Navkarshi sponsorship contact:
      kishor.shah@... or ph.h-949-360-9973.c-949-395-0007.

      5. Other regular Religious Programs at JCSC during Oct 2012

      Ongoing programs and events:

      - JCYC &JSG Pathsala/Adult Swadhyay-10:30am-12:00Noon- 11/4,11/18.
      - Chaudus pratikraman-Starts by 6:30 pm- 11/12,11/27(Dev Vandan).
      - Monthly Navkar Mantra Jaap & Snatra Puja-11/14 New Year.
      - Monthly Bhavna Bhakti from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, on Nov 30th, Fri, 2012.
      There will be Prabhavna at Bhavna-Bhakti. Please Contact
      Dr Mahendra Shah at 714-369-8701 or
      E-mail @ mahendra.shah@... If anybody wants to sponsor for prabhavna or those who wants to sing.
      -Weekly evening swadhyay-every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:30pm to 10 pm.
      -Tithi program (includes annual& life time)-daily Asthprakari puja at 7:30am to 9:30 am,
      Arti-Mangal Divo at 8:15 pm on week days and 7:30 pm on Sat/Sun/holidays.
      -Chundadi-daily in puja clothes, in the morning with receipt only.

      Upcoming Events:

      Diwali Program-11/11 to 11/13,New Year-11/14,Gyan Panchmi-11/18,Pat darshan-11/28.

      Annual Tithi:

      11/11-Shah Sachin & Sejal - To celebrate birthday of Moksh.
      11/20-Dhariwal Nitin & Sapna- To celebrate birthday of Dhanya.

      Life Time Tithi:

      11/02-Shah Jagrut & Darshna To celebrate birthday of Mahika Shah.
      11/11-Shah Vijay & Neeta To honor Babulal's tithi & Lilaben.
      11/16-Shah Nilesh & Krina To honor Nanalal Chimanlal' tithi.
      11/18-Shah Dr Anila Guruji To honor Dinesh Guruji's tithi.
      11/28-Mehta Manibhai & Savitaben To honor Champaben Davanlal's tithi.

      Dignitary visits:

      11/6-11/10 - Tarlaben Doshi-Swadhyay on-Samyak Parakram&

      Uttaradhyan sutra's 29th adhayan.
      11/19-11/25 - Dhirajlal Panditji.

      Details will follow.


      Narendra Jain
      on Behalf of the Office of the Public Relations


      Jain Center of Southern California
      White Marble Zone is Quiet Zone. 
      Why be quiet?
      Jaylin and Stavan:
      "So God can hear us when we pray"
      For Latest news/updates please visit www.jaincenter.net
      8032 Commonwealth Avenue
      Buena Park, CA 90621

      714-523-5246 (JAIN)
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