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Consolidated E Mails from Jain Center

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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2011
      Jain Jinendra:
      This is our first attempt to consolidate various E mails for distribution to you all. We humbly request to bear with us  as we improv the process as we get more experience in consolidation process. Hopefully this process will minimize the number of E mails coming into electronic mail box.
      There are six different communications from the Jain Center as follows (not in order of importance):
      1. Planned programs at the Jain Center for the month of December 2011
      2. Invitation to attend Pratistha Mahotsav at Koba in February 2012
      3. Welcome to incoming EC and BOD members for 2012-2013 term and thanks to those whose term will expire at the end of 2011
      4. Invitation by San Diego Jain Sangh to visit their new Jain Center
      5. Jain 21 convention in April 2012 in Los Angeles
      6. Children Yoga Classes at the Sanatan Temple
      December 2011 Program at the Jain Center 
      1. JCYC & JSG Pathsala/Adult Swadhyay/Kathanuyog-- Dec 4 & 11
      2. Chaudus Pratikraman ( Start at 6:30 PM )------------ Dec 9 & 23
      3. Monthly Snatrapuja/Navkar Mantra Jaap/Bhathu----- Dec 31
      4. Monthly Bhavna from 7:30 PM (Last Friday of each Month )-Dec 30
      5. Evening Swadhyay-Every Monday & Thursday from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM.
      6. Tithi Program : Daily Asthprakari Puja (7:30 AM -9:30 AM)
      7. Aarti-Mangal Divo (8:20 PM weekdays,7:30 PM Sat/Sun/Holidays)
      8. Chundadi:Daily in morning,in puja clothes,with receipt only.
      9. JCSC will celebrate Parswanath Janm & Diksha Kalyanaks on 24th December,Saturday, in following order.
        • 09:00 AM                  Snatrapuja (Nakro $ 101)
        • 10-12:30 PM                  Parwanath Kalyanak Puja(Nakro for each puja $ 51)
        • 12:30-1:00 PM                  Aarti,Mangal Divo,Shanti-Kalash(Gheeboli
        • 01:00-2:00 PM                  Ekasana (Sponsorrship- full-$ 501,partial or multiple family participation welcome)
      Invitation to attend Pratistha Mahostav at Koba, India in February 2012-SAVE THE DATE
      The Pratishtha Mahotsav is planned during Feb 12-13, 2012 in Koba, India. Koba is midway between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. All JCSC members are cordially invited to attend the Pratistha Mahotsav. Lodging and boarding will be provided to all attendees. Attached is a "Save the Date" advanced information for planning. Detailed invitation will be forwarded to you once JCSC receives it shortly.
      The invitation from the Koba is attached. 
      Welcome to incoming EC and BOD members for 2012-2013 term and thanks to those whose term will expire at the end of 2011

      As announced during the JCSC General Body on Sunday, November 13th2011, the following team for the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors has been elected uncontested for the term 2012-2013:

      Executive Committee

      1. President Dr. Jayesh Shah

      2. Vice President Hemendra Doshi

      3. Secretary Pramod Shah

      4. Treasurer Kishor Shah

      5. Public Relations Officer Rajen Dhami


      1. Amrit Bhandari

      2. Bhavin Modi

      3. Kalpesh Jhaveri

      4. Kinal Mody

      5. Dr. Mahendra Shah

      6. Mitul Shah

      7. Pinkal Jogani

      8. Sanjay Shah

      9. Savita Mehta

      10. Vijay Shah

      Board of Directors

      1. Dr. Jayesh Shah
      2. Hemendra Doshi
      3. Pramod Shah
      4. Kishor Shah
      5. Rajen Dhami
      6. Dr. Manilal Mehta
      7. Mahesh Wadher
      8. Prafulla Shah
      9. Kantilal Shah
      10. Dr. Jaswant Modi
      11. Yogesh Shah

      JCSC community members and its EC and BOD congratulate and welcome the incoming EC members and BOD. The community members thank them for volunteering to serve the Jain Cente r and its members. We wish them a great success in all their endeavors while serving the community.

      The community members, JCSC EV and BOD  thank the following outgoing EC members and the BODs for their dedication, hard work, personal and family life sacrifices, and unselfish service for the Jain Center and its members:

      Executive Committee

      1. Vipin Vadecha
      2. Gordhanbhai Patel
      3. Nilesh Shah
      4. Nirav Shah

      Board of Directors

      1. Dinesh Shah

      Invitation by San Diego Jain Sangh to visit their new Jain Center


      The EC and TC of Jain Society of San Diego invite JCSC members to visit their new Jain Center. A copy of the invitation with the layout of new Jain Center is attached. All JCSC members are encouraged to visit JSSD's new Jain Center.


      Jain21 convention in April 2012 in Los Angeles

      Jain Center is planning to hold the next Jain21 convention at a LA area hotel in April 2012. The concept is to bring all Jain Single Adults, age 21 years and above, under one roof and provide them with opportunities to meet each other, make friends, network together, and possibly find a lifelong partner. We are planning to expand programming to include employment opportunities/coordination, business networking and entrepreneurship.

      We will have a meeting on Sunday,  December 11, 2011 at 1 PM in room next to the office in the Cultural Building. We want to form a committee of young adults to take leadership role. Please attend this important meeting if you are interested in being part of the committee.

      Please email or call any one of the followings if you are planning attend the meeting. Please also let us know if you want to be part of the committee but cannot attend this meeting.

      If you have any queries, please contact:
      Vipin Vadecha, Secretary on vipin.vadecha@... or 909-861-2677
      Rashmi Shah on krushmi@... or 310-753-8990
      Narendra Jain on narendra.jain@... or 310-320-5570
      Children Yoga Classes at the Sanatan Temple
      We (VYASA-LA) are very excited to announce the yoga class for kids in Sanathan Dharma temple. The attached flyer has the information about the location, time etc. Please feel free to pass this flyer to your family and friends. The flyer is attached.
      We thank you for your time and patience to read all of the above consoldated communications.
      Rajen Dhami
      Jain Center of Southern California
      The White Marble Zone is the Quiet Zone at Jain Center.
      Silence helps to feel the vibes of this Sacred Shrine
      Please visit Jain Center website (www.jaincenter.net) for latest news and updates.
      8032 Commonwealth Avenue
      Post Office Box 549
      Buena Park, CA 90621


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