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Fw: Haiti Earthquake Victims

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                  Haiti Earthquake Victims  Jai Jinendra,  JAINA Executive Committee, JAINA Past Presidents, JAINA Board of Directors, JAINA
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                    Haiti Earthquake Victims 
      Jai Jinendra, 
      JAINA Executive Committee,
      JAINA Past Presidents,
      JAINA Board of Directors,
      JAINA Committees
      Jain Center Presidents  
      The quake killed at least 217,000 people, destroyed about 255,000 houses and left one million homeless, as the rainy season is coming to Haiti, it will be extremely important to provide on a priority basis shelters, sanitation and other necessary humanitarian assistance. They need latrines, field tents, and plastic sheets so that people can cover themselves. Heavy rain fell on Match 18th on Thursday in Haiti, forcing many people to scramble for shelter. Homeless quake victims are still sheltering in makeshift camps scattered across the ruined capital. Sanitation is a major problem, with aid workers warning of the threat of disease spreading.
      Please review below you tube link for further details. 
      JAINA in collaboration with Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) is seeking water proof tents. 
      As in many instances in the past, JAINA World Community Service (WCS) always gets involved and provides a helping hand whenever a natural or man made disaster strikes in any corner of the earth. Our volunteers work directly in the affected area to deliver aid keeping in mind Jain traditions. JAINA’s administrative expenses in carrying out any project are limited to 3% of the funds. Please contribute generously in the spirit of Bhagwan Mahavir’s message of compassion - service to the sick and the poor is the true service to our Lord.  
      Please send your tax-deductible contribution (USA) payable to “JAINA” and mail to:
      Prakash Mehta
      2960 Motherwell Ct.
      Oak Hill, VA 20171
      Email: Pmehta@... 
      For further information and suggestions, please contact the following JAINA Representatives: 
      Lata Champsee   Dhiraj Shah M.D.    Prakash Mehta  
      President, JAINA   Chairman, WCS  Co-Chairman, WCS
      416-441-2200   716-830-6599  703-621-5840

      Ashvin Mehta
      43-11 Ithaca Street
      Elmhurst, NY 11373
      718 606-2885

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