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Jain Center wishes to start Special Cultural Classes

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  • Nikhil Dhami
    Dear JCSC Members, There has been reasonable interest to start the special cultural classes as described below. We have gathered quite a few names and would
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2010
      Dear JCSC Members,

      There has been reasonable interest to start the special cultural classes as described below. We have gathered quite a few names and would like to continue to gather more names. Please let us know if you are interested to start the classes. We will present all these information in upcoming JCSC EC meeting during first week of February for approval to start a pilot program if EC Committee approves it. This is a beautiful opportunity to enhance your skill in different direction. Please email it to Rupaben or myself at:
      Rupa Shah - raspfamily@...
      Jiten Vasa -  jitenvasa1@...

      Thank you,
      Jiten Vasa
      Note: Copied below is the original email regarding the classes.
      Jai Jinendra,

      We are happy to inform you that  Jain center is looking forward to start cultural classes at our center if there is enough interest in the community. Cultural classes will include Dance, Music, Painting etc to enhance the learning experience for all our members. We would like to start classes from beginning of 2010. We are happy to inform you that we have been talking with many dedicated teachers for past few months and they would love to enhance the various form of arts for our members. We would like to start gathering names of the students who may be interested to start the class. It will be on first come first serve basis.

      Teachers will also prepare students for our cultural programs.Teachers can accept only so many students per class. If you are interested please email
      with your contact information including your full name, email address, phone no. & age & name of the class you will be interested in to both emails listed below. These classes will be coordinated by the committee of four members of the Jain Center: Rupa Shah, Jiten Vasa, Hitesh Sheth & Mahendra Shah.

      Following is the details of the classes & tentative guidelines:

      Painting & drawing :

      Darshini Aithal:
      She is a commercial artist & has diploma in commercial art from Sophia college from Bombay.She has won awards for her own artwork.Currently she teaches at Park Montessori, Landell elementary & has her own private classes.watercolors,acrylics,oils,pastels,pencils,inks as well as digital art and photography are various mediums I have experimented and worked with. She was a part of the souvenir committee with design and photography of the souvenir for Pratishtha as well as the Jaina Convention.

      Jagruti Gandhi:
      She received her initial training of Bharat Natyam under the best Gurus- Smt. Elakshi Thakore of M.S. University of Baroda, Padmashri Dr. Kanak Rele, Guru Shri Kadhirvelu and Guru Shri Saundarajan of Nalanda Dance Research Center and received degree in Bharat Natyam from Mumbai University. She is  teaching Bharat Natyam for past 20 years in Southern California. Several students performed their Arangetram under her guidance in her dance school Mudra. She was a choreographer during Pratishtha.
      Punam Kumar:

      Punam Kumar studied Kathak for several years and received Master's degree in this art form from Prayag Sangeet Samiti  Allahbad, India. She has been a solo Kathak performer that includes major music conferences such as Swami Haridas music festival in Mathura and Vrindavan, National TV India, to name a few. Punam has been teaching Kathak in Southern Calif. for past 26 years. Her Kathak school Shivam Arts, currently enrolls close to 100 students.She has taught and choreographed major dance productions of her dance school,:She was a choreographer during Pratishtha.

      Modern Contemporary folk Dance:
      Varsha Parekh:
      She is a founder of Noopur dance academy. She has been teaching for last 15 years. She has got basic training in Bharat Natyam & training folk, semi classical & contemporary style. She teaches at city of Cerritos & La Mirada. She has won numerous awards in Neema dance competition & Boogi Woogi competitions.Her students perform at cultural events, charity show, wedding, multicultural events. She was a choreographer during Pratishtha & JAINA convention.
      Traditional Folk:
      Paulomi Pandit:
      She is founder of Rangashree dance academy. She is teaching at Sanatan temple & Arcadia. She has master in Bharat Natyam & has specialized training in regional folk dances of each state from India. She has wealth of the knowledge in classical Bharat Natyam & folk dances. She has performed & trained at well renowned institute in Southern India. She was a choreographer in Pratishtha.

      Vocal & Harmonium:
      Harshvardhan Thaker:
      He is coming from family of musician. His father is an accomplished Dilruba player & Mother is Harmonium player. He is been teaching in Cerritos for last 10 years. He was trained under his guru Mr.Trivedi. His students perform at various cultural events


      1) Classes will be held 4 sundays of the month
      2) Fee schedule for each class is $ 60 with minimum commitment of 3 months.
      3) Makeup classes will be offered as per teacher's availability & discretion.
      4) Classes are open to children & adults.
      5) Jain Center reserve the right to change or cancel the class with one month notice to teachers & students.
      6) Students will be required to sign the release  of  liability form for JCSC.
      7) Some teachers may require audition.
      8) All teachers are independent and not hired by the Jain Center. In case of any disagreement you will need to contact teachers directly.

      Above mentioned guidelines are tentative guidelines for a pilot program. Detailed individual classes guideline will be decided later on. Please provide your feedback at the earliest.


      Thank you,

      Jain Center of Southern California
      Please visit Jain Center website (www.jaincenter.net) for latest news and updates.
      8032 Commonwealth Avenue
      Post Office
      Box 549
      Buena Park, CA 90621

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