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  • Ramesh Doshi
    ... From: kantilal shah To: rcdoshi@hotmail.com CC: jcsc@yahoogroups.com Subject: Fwd: MESSAGE on WTC Attack by GURUDEVJI SHREE CHITRABHANUJI Date: Mon, 01
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      >Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 19:46:18 EDT
      >Messsage by Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji on WTC Attack
      >September 11th, 2001 has been a tragic day, not only for America but also for
      >the whole world because such savage violence diminishes all of mankind. The
      >death of innocent people is a cause for grief and even for anger for some.
      >But this is truly a time for prayer. We often pray for our selfish and greedy
      >needs. But such prayers are never fulfilled because our greed tends to be
      >endless and satisfaction always eludes us. True prayers always are selfless
      >in essence, and it is time for such prayer at this moment.
      >We need to pray first and foremost for the peace and comfort of those who are
      > bereaved and overcome by loss. But we also need to pray for calm and
      >tranquility within. It is such calm that can bring clarity and take us beyond
      >our present confusion. We need clarity if we are to go beyond numbness, shock
      >and even senseless anger that tempts us to revenge and retribution.
      >We need prayer. Prayer brings introspection. And we need to introspect over
      >the violence that begets violence. How do we break the senseless cycle of
      >destruction that we are caught in? Are we capable of restraint? Can we check
      >the triumphalist rhetoric that satisfies our ego and love of power? We need
      >to reflect and do so deeply on the causes that provoke such anger and lead to
      >such unspeakable tragedy. Have we of the civilized world fuelled the hatred
      >that has caused such catastrophes? Is resentment bred by insensitivity and
      >thoughtlessness? Can we only demonize some"Other?" Are the demons of our own
      >making? If so, we need to confront the demons within and conquer them. Only
      >such self-conquest can make for abiding peace.
      >America has held as sacred the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of
      >happiness. The events of September 11th represent an attack on these rights.
      >The best guarantee of these rights would be to ensure them globally. We need
      >to pray so that we remain sensitive to Universal Aspirations. It is those
      >who feel anger over denial and discrimination who express themselves with
      >such wanton acts. Let us then pray that we can feel the suffering of the
      >helpless and the poor. Let us pray for the blessing of the less blessed. If
      >this tragedy leads to more distrust and suspicion, we will have ensured the
      >ultimate victory of terrorists. The only answer to distrust and suspicion is
      >understanding. Let us pray for that. Revenge is natural to some but it is
      >inhuman and barbaric. Gandhi rightly warned us, "An eye for an eye makes the
      >whole world blind." Blindness and myopia we need to avoid and pray for
      >understanding and illumination. Let us pray for such understanding and for
      >peace that abides. It is only Ahimsa and Reverence for Life that are an
      >answer to this troubled world.
      >Let us pray that we overcome hatred and malice and bring amity and concord
      >into our lives. Let us start every new day cherishing our blessings. We
      >resolve to see good around us, to hope for a bright future. Let us think of
      >peace; let us feel love; and let us practice compassion. Let us look forward
      >to each day imagining and contemplating in a positive way of health,
      >happiness and harmony.
      >We need to rekindle our natural compassion and overcome our insensitivity.
      >One way of doing that is to be alive to the sufferings of our fellow
      >creatures on this planet. Instead of letting violence beget violence, we
      >should let compassion beget compassion. Reverence for Life brings
      >vibrations of peace and will lead to a sense of well being in us. That
      >feeling is truly a blessing.
      > -- Chitrabhanu from Bombay - September 23, 2001

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