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AtmaDharma.com - Latest Updates - 23 September 2004

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    AtmaDharma.com- Latest Updates, Issue 6 - 23 September 2004 Jai Jinendra, Here are the latest updates to www.AtmaDharma.com You are receiving this e-mail as
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004
      AtmaDharma.com- Latest Updates, Issue 6 - 23 September 2004

      Jai Jinendra,   Here are the latest updates to www.AtmaDharma.com
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      It has been nearly a year since our last newsletter of October 2003 and we have been very busy .....  Read on for events since the last newsletter ........

      Shastra Donations
      As, many existing, and potential donors know, we were unable to accept new donations throughout 2003 and much of 2004. This was because the shastras donated (with full payment to the supplier) in 2002 had not yet been delivered. Under those circumstances, we could not allow further donations to be paid to the supplier.  This effectively stopped AtmaDharma.com's growth. The donated shastras have, finally, all been delivered. The longest delay was to Pravachan Navneet-Part 2 (supplier paid - July 2002, delivered to AtmaDharma.com - May 2004).
      As the money was paid to the suppliers by donors because of the trust placed in AtmaDharma.com, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that donated shastras are delivered within a reasonable timescale. We apologise to all the donors and potential donors for the unfortunate situation that arose.
      However, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining! The good news is that we have found a solution and the donations programme is now re-starting - with a new supplier. We have reviewed and improved the manufacturing and delivery processes. The result is that, the typical delay between a donation being paid to the supplier and its appearance on AtmaDharma.com will be about 2 weeks. If there are any unforeseen difficulties - we believe the maximum delay will be 2 months - but this should be unusual - the typical delay should be 2 weeks.
      To ensure that there are no further disappointments, we are going to start the new programme slowly.  Please check www.AtmaDharma.com/donate from December 2004 to see which shastras are available for donation.
      We thank our previous supplier for the shastras produced and look forward to adding more shastras with our new supplier. To see examples of the quality of the work done by the new supplier see our latest additions at:
      Latest Additions
      33 complete shastras added since the last newsletter
      - In terms of audio, we have added:-
       a) a number of MP3 bhaktis - many more will be available shortly
       b) a link to a new resource - Shree Lalchandbhai Amarchand Modi's Lectures on selected topics on CD
      - See "Whats New" for a full log of events since October 2003
      Remember - all the material on AtmaDharma.com is freely downloadable and can be freely copied provided it is not modified.
      Jain Calendar for 2004-2005 
      We hope to have the 2004-2005 Jain calendar available by the end of December 2004 (when the current calendar runs out). 
      Invitation to the PanchKalyanak in Shikohabad
      You are warmly invited to a big celebration of Bhagwan Neminath's PanchKalyanak which is taking place from 26 November to 2 December 2004 in Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.  After the Panchkalyanak, a tour of religious sites (jatra/yatra) in the nearby area is also planned.  If you would like to attend the Panchkalyanak (and also join the tour - if your schedule allows), please contact:-
      1) Neelumben: +91 (0)5676 238436 or
      2) Amitaben: +91 (0)22  35146737 ( amitamanek@... )
      Support AtmaDharma.com
      If you would like to support AtmaDharma.com's objectives, we need your help in ensuring that the existing shastras are completely error-free.  To do this we would like individuals (or groups) to proof read the existing on-line shastras and report errors to us so that we can remove them.  This support is just as valuable to us as donations of shastras. To support us by proof-reading the existing shastras, please contact us on rajesh@....
      We also have the English version of Moksh Marg Prakashak in electronic format which needs to be checked against the paper version before it can be uploaded.  If you have (or can obtain the paper copy) and are able and willing to help by proof-reading the electronic copy, then please contact us on rajesh@....  At present, we have only got the first 2 chapters on-line (as they have been checked for accuracy), this work needs to be completed.
      And, finally, if you find any part of the website not working, please tell us on rajesh@....  
      Jai Jinendra, wishing you a successful Dus Lakshani Parva in achieving Bhed Gnaan from the AtmaDharma.com team:
      Veena, Manish, Ramita, Jyoti & Rajesh
      www.AtmaDharma.com - the Essence of Jainism
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