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  • JainCenter JCSC
    Jun 15, 2014

    A happy father’s day to all the fathers of world, present, past & future…………………………
    ‘Mother’s day is appropriately in May because it is the most beautiful month. Father’s day is appropriately in June because about then he usually recovered from April income tax sufficiently to pay for his own gifts that the children charge to him.’
    ‘A father is a banker provided by nature.’
    ‘A father’s biggest difficulty at Christmas-time is convincing the children that he is Santa Claus, and his wife that he isn’t.’
    ‘Father should not discouraged if their sons reject their advice. It will not be wasted; years later sons will offer it to their own offspring.’
    ‘When a father helps a son, both laugh; when a son helps his father, both cry.’
    A father’s love, what can compare with it? Of all the things on earth it comes nearest to the divine love of Heaven. A father’s love is life’s devotion, with one thought, one hope and one feeling that his children will grow up healthy and strong. His sole wish is that they may do their part like men and women, avoiding dangers and pitfalls so that if dark hours come they may have strength, patience, and courage to surmount their problems. Happy is the father whose heart’s wish is answered, and happy are his sons and daughters when they can feel that they have contributed to his noble purpose and, in some measure, have repaid his unceasing love.
    My father taught me the alphabet-the word-the sentence-the chapter-and finally, the book. But in the midst of learning his influence taught me a finer thing-its meaning.
    What do I owe my father? Everything. He is my best friend-a parent- but also a preacher of a joyous faith, who teaches by example. He is a diplomat, who knows exactly when to be patient, and when to be firm.
    A father is the only person in the world who can divide all his love among all his children, and still have a lot left over for mother.
    The word ‘FATHER’ has many words. It is calm and it is quietness. It is delight and it is brightness. It is comfort and it is warmth. It is caring and it is guidance. The word ‘FATHER’ has many words, but each is an expression of love.
    No man can tell but he that loves his children, how many delicious accents make a man’s heart dance-their innocence, their imperfections, their necessities: each are so many little emotions of joy and comfort to him that delights in their persons and society.
    ‘When a parade passes by, a father has broad shoulders to sit on: and his strong hands are for playfully tossing his children into the air.’
    See the lake-light shining, feel its breeze blowing; see children smiling, feel their laughter growing; see a happy, father feel his love flowing.
    With thanks & life time of gratitude from all the sons and daughter of the Jain Center……………

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