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Bitten By Books Q&A today and a slew of kudos!

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  • Priscilla Spencer
    We have a lot of exciting things to report today! The past few days have seen a flurry of praise and recognition for Jim and his friends, and Jim will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2011
      We have a lot of exciting things to report today!  The past few days have seen a flurry of praise and recognition for Jim and his friends, and Jim will be answering YOUR questions at the BittenByBooks blog this afternoon!

      1.  BittenByBooks.com Q&A today
      2.  Vote for Codex Alera
      3.  Ghost Story tops NYT
      4.  DFRPG sweeps Ennie Awards


      Missed the signing tour?  You still have a chance to ask Jim a question!  BittenByBooks.com is hosting a special online Q&A event TODAY, August 8th!  Come by between noon and 6pm Central and ask Jim questions on the Bitten By Books blog, and he'll do his best to answer them.  They'll also be giving away copies of GHOST STORY to three lucky fans!

      Get all the contest details and RSVP for the event here: http://www.bittenbybooks.com/45089/author-jim-butcher-guest-appearance-qa-and-contest-88-rsvp-here/
      Spread the word and the link on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ so your friends can RSVP too!

      Discuss this event on the forum: http://www.jimbutcheronline.com/bb/index.php/topic,28099.0.html


      + The CODEX ALERA made the Top 100 list in NPR's search for the Best 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels!  (The Dresden Files do not seem to have been eligible, as NPR appears to be lumping Urban Fantasy in with Paranormal Romance, which will get its own competition.)  There are a lot of fantastic books and series nominated, and if you feel Alera deserves to be in your Top 10, we'd love to have your vote!  Voting ends August 11th!
      Vote for your 10 favorite books/series: http://www.npr.org/2011/08/02/138894873/vote-for-top-100-science-fiction-fantasy-titles?sc=fb&cc=fp 
      Discuss your picks here: http://www.jimbutcheronline.com/bb/index.php?topic=28149.0


      + Publisher's Weekly is reporting that Jim has done it again: GHOST STORY is the third Dresden book in a row to hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list! 
      Squee on the forum here: http://www.jimbutcheronline.com/bb/index.php/topic,28098.0.html


      + The DRESDEN FILES RPG swept the Ennies, taking home awards in all six categories they were nominated in.  They won Silver in "Best Production Values" and "Product of the Year," plus Gold in "Best Writing," "Best Rules," "Best New Game," and "Best Game." 
      Offer your congratulations here: http://www.jimbutcheronline.com/bb/index.php/topic,28112.0.html
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