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April Fool!

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  • Priscilla Spencer
    Did you all enjoy our April Fool s Day prank yesterday? We posted a press release detailing a series of absurd changes for the Fool Moon graphic novel and
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2011
      Did you all enjoy our April Fool's Day prank yesterday? We posted a
      "press release" detailing a series of absurd changes for the "Fool
      Moon" graphic novel and announcing a new spinoff series: "Li'l Harry
      Adventures." Sharp-eyed fans may have also noticed that the "Ghost
      Story" cover art in the Jim-Butcher.com header was replaced by a photo
      of Nicholas Cage in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and the legend on
      Harry's tombstone was swapped with a "Buffy" reference: "He Saved The
      World A Lot."

      Don't worry, it was all a joke! We have no intention of deviating
      from the source material. The whole Dynamite Entertainment graphic
      novel team remains committed to reproducing Jim's stories as
      faithfully as possible.

      You can read the REAL press release here:

      Issue #1 of "Fool Moon" hits stores this Wednesday, and we're so
      excited for you to see Chase Conley's fabulous art that Dynamite has
      provided a ten-page preview! Find the comics shop nearest you at
      comicshoplocator.com/, or order a copy online through

      We hope you all had a fun and safe April 1st!

      If you missed the joke yesterday, you can still see it here:
      Discuss it here:
      Discuss the REAL press release here:
    • Priscilla Spencer
      April Fool! We hope you enjoyed our little prank yesterday. If you missed it, you can check it out here:
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 2, 2012
        April Fool!

        We hope you enjoyed our little prank yesterday.  If you missed it, you can check it out here: 

        While the trilogy of "Bigfoot as Harry's client" short stories is indeed on the horizon, there is no spinoff paranormal romance series in the pipeline.  Jim is hard at work on COLD DAYS!  It doesn't have a release date yet, but you can be certain, we'll be shouting it from the hilltops as soon as it's been set!

        Take the edge off the wait with the upcoming Bigfoot trio, all of which are available for pre-order at jim-butcher.com/store/

        “I Was A Teenage Bigfoot” — from "Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste," edited by Kevin J. Anderson.
        Takes place circa DEAD BEAT.
        Released 5/29/2012.

        “Bigfoot on Campus” — from "Hex Appeal," edited by P.N. Elrod.
        Takes place between TURN COAT and CHANGES.
        Released 6/05/2012.

        “B is for Bigfoot” — from "Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron," edited by Jonathan Strahan.
        Takes place between FOOL MOON and GRAVE PERIL.
        Released 8/28/2012.

        There is also a Molly POV short story in "Dangerous Women," edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Duzois, but its title and release date haven't been announced yet.  The story is set between GHOST STORY and COLD DAYS.

        What were your favorite April Fool's Day jokes online yesterday?  Share them here: 

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