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93Storm Front graphic novel Vol. 1 hits stores today!

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  • Priscilla Spencer
    Jun 2, 2009
      The first hardcover compilation of the "Storm Front" graphic novel
      hits stores today! The Dresden Files: Storm Front: Vol. 1—The
      Gathering Storm is published by Del Rey and the Dabel Brothers and
      includes issues 1-4 of the eight-issue series. Look for it everywhere
      books or comics are sold.

      Purchase it from the Jim-Butcher.com store here:

      To find a comic store near you, visit comicshoplocator.com.

      Alternately, this new graphic novel is also available in an exclusive
      limited edition through the Random House Signed Editions Program. This
      edition is a first printing of the first edition of the book, signed
      by Jim Butcher, and comes with a letter authenticating the purchase.
      Check it out here: